How do I become a model if I don't have a residency in Europe?

What a strange question! You don’t need residency in Europe, (or I’m guessing what you meant to say, the European Union) to become a model.

First become a freelancer model where you are. Once you have gained the skills you need and have proved your ability in your own country, then apply by email to agencies whose criteria match yours.

If you are able to work through an agency, regardless of where that agency is in the world, and you are engaged to take on a job in a country where you don’t have right of residency, or need a work visa to go there, then the agency and the employer will arrange the necessary documentation.

Please don’t consider being a model as a means to circumvent immigration laws, regardless of where that might be in the world. It won’t win you any friends and you have no right to expect such work to lead to an open door to another country. The rules apply to you just the same as anyone else.

I know a Lithuanian model who lives in the UK, (and arrived here with her parents before Lithuania joined the EU), now has joint nationality - because she has earned it and applied through the correct channels - who is registered with a Hungarian agency and works worldwide. Residential location is no bar to working in this industry if you are good enough.

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