How do I earn at least ?1 lac a month in content writing?

That's a tough task to take on.

believe me, when I say, content writing is not what it used to be before. Nowadays people will write for so much cheaper, that it would take them years to earn 1 lakh rupees.


but that doesn't mean that it can't be done. But if you are asking a question like that I have to assume that you are new in this content writing field. So let begin with how can you earn more.


Just like any job, you need to have experience writing content. you can’t just shoot an email to the Forbes and ask them to publish your article or send a proposal in Upwork to get some work. you need to show them first that you are a capable and experienced content writer.

if you are just starting and not getting any work then write for free. yes, you need to write for free and ask them to give you credit and website link where your article is being published. when you get enough credit and link on your name, then ask people to give you work based on that.


Always remember, Quality comes before quantity. I have seen people on the internet bragging about their typing speed, it's not going to work. it doesn't matter that you can write 10000 words per day, what matter how good you write.

those people who ask you to write an article for them will publish those article on their website. if people would read that appreciate it than your client will come back to you. you need to write not as good as the next guy but better than that.


This might sting a little bit for people like me. to get a project that pays well you need a strong educational background. now I am not judging but they will. those people who pay you need some insurance that you are a well-educated person and will produce good content.

also, your education background will help you secure work as well. Suppose you have graduated with masters in science, now you can approach to those who publish an article on that subject. people who have studied commerce, MBA, CA or any financial branch earn good money.


it matters the most when you start writing. a unique style of the article which attracts website traffic is paid really well. take the example of Quora, there some people here who write an answer in their unique style and people love that, no matter the subject or type of question, they are going to read it.

try to create a new style of your own. your own unique signature of writing that provides information and entertain as well.

Hard work

the first month of my freelance content writing, I earn 1000rs. the second month 5000 and from third, I was paying rent to my PG, sending money home, watching movies in multiplex and eating pizza on Sunday. now ask me how much I had to work? every single day for more than 18 hours. I worked whole night and sleep for a few hours. I get used to working for straight 48 hours without sleeping and I continued that for many months and yet my earning never passed 20k mark.

you see, I was at the crossroad like you are right now, asking my self how to earn enough money to pay my rent? so I started to get work on very cheap rates, for that, I have to write more, put more hours into it, to reach the deadline I have to be awake for 2 days, but my pay is still less.

for me, it was about setting my foot into that door, make a connection, write for free to gain their trust. I have to write hundreds of article and haven't heard from any of them. I have sent hundreds of messages and sometimes they reply after months. so that's when the last point came in..


your goal of earning 1 lakh per month is like Sistine chapel, it would take a long time to achieve it. you need to wait and work as hard as you can. I always advise the newbie that if you want to make content writing you only profession, make sure you have enough money to sustain for the next 6 month.

start small and make your way up to the top. there are many amazing writers out there who earn 1 lakh per single article, yes you heard it right, for a single article. most of the well paid Indian writer would earn around 5000 to 15000rs per article. if they are not that lucky, even after that they get paid 1000 to 2000rs per article. even I know some people who get paid around that. but for that, they have to work for years and years. to write a single article, they would take weeks.

So, I know, you were excited to start a new career in the content writing field. people have told you that you could earn 1 lakh per month easily, but soon reality hit you hard. I hope this answer is not discouraging but you need to know the truth. truth is there are thousands and thousands of content writer out there, if you want to be better than that, you need to work harder than them.

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