How do I earn money on Instagram if I have 10k followers?

It’s easy because you already have the most important ingredient (I.e Traffic)

  • First of all check your followers engagement (Add no. of likes of last 10 posts divide it by 10 and then divide it with 10K…Hope you’ll get at least 2–5% engagement)
  • Now create a fiverr account and create a gig E.g: “I’ll promote your brand to my 10K instagram followers”.
  • In description tell visitor your followers engagement, Your niche and if they want to promote their YT video,Fan page,Website, Blog post etc. all are most welcome!
  • Do the same on Upwork, Freelancers , People Per Hour etc.

In start you might get less orders but don’t be disappointed because it’s INTERNET MARKETING!
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Good Luck!

Disclaimer:- I don’t encourage anyone to spam in groups, comments etc. :P))

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