How do I get a part time job as a content writer in India?

There are lots of freelance oppurtunities you can take up online in India.

First is to create a LinkedIn profile and link some published work there. You can also update your preference for freelance content writing jobs in LinkedIn so that you are informed regularly on any new oppurtunity coming up.

Also you can opt for Internshala. They give you tailor-made oppurtunities for your needs so you can get a decent freelancing job there.

There is a Facebook group called Media Jobs Daily (India), which regularly posts for freelance/full time content writing jobs for you to take up.

Till now I found these platforms the most reliable. Consultancies for some reason didn't work that well for me because most of them give a bulk of work for daily delivery and are paying meagre Rs.100-200 for each 500 words article.

I hope it comes to your aid.

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