How do I Get order on Fiverr in First Week?

It really depends on what type of gig you are offering to the customers, including the cost, description about the gig and how you market your gig is really important.

I started my freelance career way back in 2017 since I really envy those who working af home and still got a lot of cash at the end of the month. Since I didn’t have anyone telling me about freelance stuff before and also didn’t know what to offer to the customer, so I decided to research how to make money online and I found Fiverr as a good place to start.

I started my career as a Pinterest manager. Maybe some people would question “how do you make money with Pinterest?” , “is that even worth your time?” or the worst “how you gonna pay your bills with your monthly earning?”. Well I didn’t took it personally because I knew that there are many people looking for Pinterest management service. All I have to do is the right strategy and how to market myself. Luckily it’s been three years since I started my career as a freelancer and I started offering another gigs since last year.

So what did I do to make my first sell? Here’s the secret.

  1. Master or improve your skill/ - I might said that I’m not really good at Pinterest management at first. But how I do I become a Pinterest manager? Guess my hobbies turns into something great and most importantly, it does makes money! I spent my time on Pinterest than on FB and Insta. There are just so many interesting stuffs on Pinterest. But of course, to become a good Pinterest manager, I did put a lot of effort to learn anything related to Pinterest by attending webinar, online lessons and doing my own try and error.
  2. Choose the right platform to start - It’s good to know that there are many freelance platform to start with. But I choose Fiverr among the platforms. I just find that Fiverr is so easy to sell my service and I can start offering as low as $5.
  3. Choose less competitive gig - Maybe you have many skills but I would advice you to start with the least competitive gig so you can increase the chance to get appeared when someone looking for that particular service. And make sure to have a good title of your gig. If you know what SEO is, then it’s good to use it while making your own gig. It does really works!
  4. Share your service to social media platform or other - It’s never too late to start. Well you can share your gig to linkedln, FB, Instagram, twitter and so on. Don’t just wait and see who’ll contact you. A little bit more effort will help! You can even write a blog about what services you’re offering to them.
  5. Make a good introduction about your services - It doesn’t to be long. Introduce yourself, what kind of services you are offering, why they should choose you and what benefit they will get. Do a little bit research on how other people (same services) decribe their gig. You could get ideas from there.
  6. Maintain the response rate - I really didn’t know about others but what I have noticed here is, the faster you response to a message, the more people connect with you. Maintain the response rate between 90% - 100%.

I get my first order within 48 hours! Guess all the research that I’ve made before starting out really does matter and helps me a lot.

Being a freelance is not that easy but as long as you have the will and effort, the money will come to you. I’ve been doing this for 3 years and I’m still with Fiverr.

Good luck and have a good day.

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