How do I make over $1,000 weekly?


In this article, find out how to make $1000 a week online in 2021. We will look at 22 different ways to achieve your goal regardless of your skill level.

For many, generating $1000 every week by doing work online is the start of being financially independent and can provide financial freedom. It’s incredible that there are things you can do online to generate that type of money from basically anywhere in the world and for obvious reasons, this is something many are interested in.

Whatever your reasons are for wanting to earn this type of income, I will warn you that it will take a lot of work in order to see this type of results. For this reason, many don’t believe you can generate $1000 every week from work online, but that’s just because they did not put in the requisite work to make it happen.

I’m here to tell you it’s very much possible, and with so many more possibilities opening up, it’s even more so now than it ever was before! You just need to put in the work. Are you willing to put in the work?

If so, then let’s get started. Here are 22 Ways to make $1000 a week online in 2021.

How to make $1000 a week online with NO experience

To start things off, we’re going to look at the best ways to make $1000 online without any experience needed. These money-making ideas are perfect for anyone looking to start a side hustle to get out of their day job or to make some extra cash over weekends.

Many of these are fun ways to earn an extra income or to generate a full-time income, so find out what you enjoy the most and start making money.

1. Blogging

Blogging is so diverse in the number of things you can do with one. You can start a blog as a side hustle to supplement your current income. You can use your blog to earn a full-time income to quit your day job. If you are already self-employed, your blog can be used to generate free traffic to your services or products.

If you have a business of any size, a blog can be used to reach your target audience for free, every single day. You can also simply use a blog as a means of expressing yourself or improving your writing ability.

A blog can be used for many things, you can even use a blog to make $1000 every week online. Blogging poses a very low barrier to entry as you do not need any experience at all to get started and a professional blog can cost as little as $3.95 per month.

There are a number of ways to earn $1000 every week with your blog, some being:

  • Ads
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Coaching
  • Patreon
  • Services
  • Products
  • Courses
  • eBooks
  • Sponsored posts

My favorite method is affiliate marketing, here you have basically no risk, with an extremely high reward, as many great affiliate products offer a great percentage of the price (some as high as 50%).

This means you don’t have to invest the time in creating a product or a course and can spend that time on growing your blog and generating more income.

Does starting a blog sound good to you? If so, I’ve put together an article that will take you step-by-step through the process below.

How To Start a Blog Successfully For Beginners (August 2021)
The exact steps you need to take to start a blog successfully for beginners in 2021, and how to then start making money blogging (Beginners step-by-step guide).

2. YouTube

If you enjoy making videos or think you might enjoy making videos, YouTube can be a great way to earn over $1000 per week online. The great thing about YouTube is that you can get started right away with the device in your pocket, your smartphone.

The camera on most modern smartphones is of such great quality, it can be very difficult to differentiate between them and some more expensive mirrorless cameras.

Regardless of what type of videos you may want to make, it’s very easy to get started as you don’t even need to know anything about video editing. When you start out, you don’t need to know anything about YouTube Optimization, monetization, or creating videos, all of this you can learn along the way as you go.

To give you a head start though, here are some useful resources to help you reach $1000 a week on YouTube fast:

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3. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is someone that assists with small-medium difficulty tasks remotely. Generally, these administrative tasks require no previous experience as you’ll receive instructions from the client on what exactly needs to be done.

These tasks won’t involve any decision making, meaning they’re quite easy to accomplish, but can take some time which is why businesses and entrepreneurs often outsource these tasks.

These tasks can include things like general assistant tasks like scheduling appointments, making travel arrangements, answering and forwarding emails, managing an appointment calendar, data entry, etc.

Some virtual assistants focus on a specific niche and also offer services like managing social media, doing some graphic work, or even bookkeeping.

Virtual assistants can earn anywhere between $20-$40 per hour, and most that earn over $1000/week manage multiple clients.

4. Voice artist

Do you have a voice made for radio? Or do you happen to have a unique accent? As a voice artist, you can leverage your voice to earn over $1000 per week online.

Voice artists are needed by many companies all over the world and by having a differentiating factor, you can stand out from the rest and make big bucks using the sound of your voice.

As a voice artist, you primarily read off a script delivered by the client in your unique style (whilst adjusting to whatever needs the client may have). This means you don’t need any previous experience as you can learn on the job and raise your rates as you start becoming more in demand.

In the current digital world, companies need their ads targeted to specific audiences, and by using voice artists with that specific dialect/accent, they become more relatable to the listener, increasing their conversions, and making you as a voice artist very valuable.

If you want to get started as a voice artist, then it would be best to invest in a good microphone and a sound absorption box like this one.

5. Language Teacher

If you enjoy teaching and happen to be good with languages, then maybe you should consider teaching your native language to people who want to learn it. This can be a great way to earn $1000 every week as you can meet people from different cultures.

As an online language teacher, you don’t need to know any other languages. If you enjoy travel, this job can be also be done remotely or in-person, meaning depending on your preference, you can dive deeper into the culture of the locals in a way that you normally wouldn’t be able to as a regular tourist.

While many language teaching websites require you to hold some form of degree in language, there are companies that require no degree.

6. Flipping

Flipping stuff, or buying to sell, is a great way of making money online with sites like eBay, Facebook marketplace, craigslist, and so on. On these sites, you can find bargains, snap them up for cheap, and then sell them on the same site for a profit!

You don’t need any previous experience to start flipping, but you will need some capital to make your first purchase… Although, if you’re willing to pick things up in person, then you can even get started for free by picking up products people are giving away on the previously mentioned websites.

To get the best results by flipping, you should focus on a specific niche, one that fits your budget, and one that you are passionate about, as you’ll enjoy the process far more.

Having a specific niche, also allows you to watch the market and recognize a great deal far more easily. If you happen to live in an area with regular garage sales, or thrift shops, it can also really pay off to visit these places in person as the best deals can often be found in these places that are unique to you (as they’re not online, you’ll have far less competition, meaning the best deals could just be waiting for you).

7. Podcasting

Podcasting may be relatively new compared to blogging and YouTube, but it has taken off in a massive way and allows creators to earn over $1000 per week with their podcast.

Like the previous two examples mentioned, for podcasting, you need little to no experience to get started and you can generate a good amount of income once you start building up an audience.

The great thing about podcasts, as they are still relatively new, is that guests you wouldn’t be able to land on your YouTube channel or to interview in a blog post, maybe more willing to appear for a few minutes on your podcast when your niches align right and you pose some great questions.

This can skyrocket your listeners, who by the way, could be listening whilst they’re working in the garden or on a walk, things you can’t do whilst watching a YouTube video or reading an article.

Some ways you can generate over $1000 per week with your podcast are:

  • Podcast sponsorships
  • Audiobooks
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Coaching
  • Services and products
  • Donations/crowdsourcing

How to make $1000 a week online with SOME experience

If you have some experience in a specific field, it can really help you reach your income goals more quickly. Here are a few things you can do to earn over $1000 a week online that will require some experience to earn a good income.

8. Digital Marketing Consultant

A digital marketing consultant can be a lot of things and can earn far more than $1000 per week depending on the services they provide and the value that they bring to their clients.

When you’re starting out though, a digital marketing consultant can be thought of as an executive virtual assistant.

As a digital marketing consultant, your job is to solve the digital problems of your clients, this could be very specialized, like SEO consulting, where you would analyze the client’s website and provide solutions to improve their SEO performance.

It could also be very much a jack of all trades service you provide where you analyze the digital performance across all channels and provide solutions to achieve whatever the goal was that was agreed upon by you and the client.

9. Dropshipping

To get started with Dropshipping, you don’t need much or any experience at all, but to be successful with your Dropshipping business, then some form of experience or expertise will be incredibly beneficial.

With Dropshipping, you sell products on your website, but you don’t actually ship the products yourself. When someone orders a product, the manufacturer (or warehouse), ships the product directly to the customer.

This reduces your upfront costs as you only pay for products that have already been ordered. The downside here in comparison to a regular online shop is that your profit margins are mostly much smaller as you cannot leverage a discount as you are purchasing in bulk.

Here’s a great guide by Shopify on how to start a Dropshipping business.

10. Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA stands for “Fulfillment By Amazon”. With this type of business, you list your products on the Amazon marketplace and ship your inventory to an Amazon fulfillment center. When someone then makes a purchase, Amazon takes care of the packaging and shipment, reducing your workload.

For this type of business, it’s best to have some knowledge in purchasing and selling products, as well as Amazon optimization to make sure your products have the best chance of selling.

11. Freelance Writing

Unlike blogging, as a freelance writer, you’re being paid for the words that you deliver, so the businesses and clients you work with will generally want to see some previous work that you’ve done. This is why I’ve included this in the “some experience needed” category.

Freelance writers can be paid on a per word basis, per article, per project, or even paid on a monthly or weekly retainer. Once you have established yourself as a reliable freelance writer, you can receive upwards of $500 per article of 1000-2000 words, meaning you can easily earn over $1000 per week by writing.

There are many freelance writing sites and Facebook groups, but one of the easiest ways to get started and to build up a portfolio of work is to use Upwork. Once you have some articles as a reference, you can pitch large companies in similar niches with your services and find steady and recurring streams of income that pay very well.

12. Affiliate Marketing

I’ve already mentioned affiliate marketing with blogging, but you can also start affiliate marketing without a blog, or start a blog solely with the intention of it being an affiliate income source.

The key to being a successful affiliate marketer is to find great products that solve a problem, and then to promote the product in an authentic way across the channels where the audience that needs it the most is residing. For example, a baking equipment review site may be best suited to being on YouTube. This is because baking equipment like mixers, cake airbrush tools, etc. are very much products you want to see the results with “live”, making them perfect for a video search engine like YouTube.

Affiliate marketing YouTube channels, blogs, Pinterest accounts, etc. all have the advantage that because their primary goal is conversions, the visitors and viewers are often more ready to make a purchase as you often look for a review or comparison when you’re already in the market to make a purchase.

Comparing this with a normal blog, or YouTube channel, where you have multiple sources of income and the primary objective is to provide your viewers with value, viewers may not be as ready to buy (although this is not always the case, as you can also do reviews, comparisons, etc. on a regular blog).

13. Stock Photography

If you love photography and have a high-resolution camera, or a hard drive full of high-quality images, you may be able to turn those pictures into profit by joining a stock photography website.

These websites generally are looking for all sorts of stock photography and can pay a good amount when you have the right photos or a large collection of quality pictures.

Websites like Shutterstock, Alamy,

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