How do I open an approved Upwork account in Nigeria in 2021?

Working an Upwork account can be a daunting task in fact, according to their CEO about 10,000 people try to signup on their platform each day. Having an Upwork account can be one of the most profitable business as a freelancer.

But only about 2% of applicants actually get approved on the platform on this article I would tell you how you can successfully open an Upwork account and be in the 2%. I would share the secrets professionals won’t tell you.

What is Upwork

Upwork is a global freelancing platform like Fiverr, 99designs, TopTal where businesses or individuals connect to conduct business. We can say it is a place where people render services for cash. Services like Web, Mobile & Software Dev, Design Creative, Writing, Sales & Marketing, Admin Support, Customer Service, Data Service & analytics, Engineering & Architecture. etc

As of March 2020, it reported over 20 million users in 180 countries with $1 billion in annual freelancer billings.

The Upwork platform

Over three million jobs are posted annually, worth a total of US$1 billion, making it the largest freelancer marketplace in the world. It tells you that having the ability to freelance on Upwork is an exclusive club.

How does Upwork Work?

This part would give you an overview of just how to get started on Upwork. The marketplace involves three main key players: The Clients, The Platform (Upwork), and Freelancers/agencies.

How does Upwork work

The platform allows clients to interview, hire & work with freelancers and agencies through Upwork. The platform includes a real-time chat aimed at reducing the time it takes to find, vet & hire freelancers.

Upwork offers a timesheet application that allows freelancers to track their actual time spent working on projects with verified screenshots.

How it works for Buyers

Why Upwork?

Like other freelancing platforms, you get to find premium clients and have the ability to run and grow your own business. Upwork gives you the freedom to choose your clients and bid on your desired projects. All you have to do is to complete your profile and they would do the rest for you.

Also, you can search for projects yourself and respond to clients’ invitations. Every day hundreds of jobs are posted based on different skill categories, paying high for the ability to deliver quality.

Deliver Quality

In Upwork, more success means more jobs. The more jobs you get the more clients can trust you to handle their jobs.

How do I get hired by clients?

It all starts by creating a great profile and submitting a compelling job proposal. Getting work online is a lot like traditional searching — you submit applications on projects, then impress potential clients before being offered the project.

  • Outstanding Profile

You need to create an outstanding profile to showcase your business to potential clients. The profile would likely include an introduction, resume, and marketing brochure highlighting your: professional skills, experience, and portfolio; education and accomplishments; and online skills test results.

Create an outstanding profile

The profile is one of the few things the clients would see before he/she clicks the hire button so make your profile stand out by making it complete, well-written, error-free, and feature a professional, friendly-looking picture.

  • Send a compelling proposal

In Upwork numerous proposals are sent to the clients, so to make yours stand out and increase your likelihood of getting an interview, you have to make sure it is all of the following: professional, well-written, and error-free; tailor-made for the work you’re seeking; and a true representation of your strengths and skills.

Write a compelling proposal

Always make it short, catchy, and simple. these are examples of some proposals that can help you get started.

How to get an approved Upwork account

Upwork algorithm automatically screens out professionals from nonprofessionals, so the secret is to present yourself as a specialist in your field. i.e if you are a web designer, you have to make your account appear to be talking about web design from your skill, profile description, education, etc.

So let us begin

Go to to begin, then click on the signup button.

Get your free Upwork account

Fix your email address which has not been used on Upwork before to register.

Complete your profile

Put all your details, your first name, last name, password, and then select the option I want to work as a freelancer.

Verify your email

You need to verify your email, Upwork would automatically send a mail to your address they would approve you after that it would take you to the proper registration page.

  1. Select your category

Select your area of expertise

Under this category, you need to tell Upwork the main service you offer, just select one from the box.

2. Select your expertise level

Expertise Level

Select the Intermediate level, this way Upwork knows that you know what you are doing.

3. Select your Education

Note that the school must rhyme with the address you filed. i.e University of Lagos, Lagos should be your address.

Add your education on Upwork

4. Hourly Rate

This is one of the stages that make Upwork to reject your account if not done well. Just select $40.00/hr.

The Hourly rate

Click Next

5. Title and Overview

This part you have to convince the platform that you are up to the task and that you have experience in your field. Here is an example below.

Title and Overview

Select a Pic

What your profile pic must look like

  • Professional-looking
  • Crisp resolution
  • Include only your face
  • Have a neutral background

Lastly, add your Location then your Phone number

Submit your Upwork profile

And it would be successful. You can edit every other thing to suit you later on.

Upwork Congratulations message

So it’s actually a good thing that Upwork is strict because it really creates less way of competition for us.

Freelancer on Upwork

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