How do I start a business as a mechanical engineer?

Everybody here talking about so many business opportunities for mechanical engineers, but how many of you actually implement these business ideas?

The Primary resource that needs to start these businesses and run them successfully is an initial monetary investment. I think you have a better idea why this money is important to start any mechanical company or manufacturing plant.

And Yes all these come with higher risk. So you need a better plan to survive if it gets down.

I work as a freelance 3D CAD product designer in a Fiverr and what I am seeing is there are so many opportunities for mechanical engineers to earn with their 3D modeling skills and start their own business.

Just have a look and see what suits you.

1.3D CAD Modeling

Creating a 3D model using computer-aided design software has a huge demand in the market. That was a time when only big design industry implements this 3D modeling, however, today with the boost of 3D Printing, Augmented reality and Virtual Reality people relying on customized 3D parts for their personal use.

So they move to the Freelance 3D Designers to get their work done in less time as they don’t want to hire anyone for the single task.

2.2D AutoCAD Drawing
When it comes to 2D drawing, AutoCAD has all
the tools to create any design in the form of a line drawing or we can say drafting. I have seen many people have a 3D design but they don’t get a 2D drawing from the designer.

They search for the person who can convert that design into two dimensions.2D drawing also extensively used in the patent filing and some government approval work. So there is a good scope of AutoCAD drawing expert as a freelancer.

3.3D Package Design
Many people think that Packaging Design is
the work of graphic designers only.

The reason Mechanical engineers don’t know now about the power of these Top Freelancing skills is that of graphics which are used in creating labels for the package. Let me tell you, you don’t have to get intimidated because many clients that come for freelance package design already have their logo and label.

This happen to me much time, I just have to make a package structure in software in 3D and update it with labels provided by clients. So these skills are in huge demand for working as a freelancer.

4.Mockup Design for Amazon
Did you know many products that are on Amazon are not actually real but they are Realistic Mock-up of
the actual product? The reason why they use is they want a visually appealing graphic of their product which cannot be attended by the DSLR.

Making use of High-quality 3D mock-ups, they get stunning visual and also motion graphics easily. If you can think E-commerce industry is the future then this is the future skills for freelancing.

5.Product Sketching
When someone wants to design
a product he first starts to create through a sketch of that design but what I know as a product designer, many clients only have an idea about how their product will function they don’t brainstorm about the aesthetics and ergonomics of their product.

For that, a product designer who is good in initial product sketching or I can say wireframing are in huge demand not only on the freelance website for also in open job markets.

6. Freehand Modeling
This is same as 3D modeling but here you only have
a picture of the product you need to do reverse engineering it by creating the exact and properly scaled 3D model. This skills also aligned with the Product Mock-up creation in some cases.

You need to guess the sizes of the product from the different angles with your sharp eyes and by proper assumption 3D model can be generated.I have seen many people have the actual physical product but for representation purpose, they need it in 3D format.

7.Stress Analysis and Simulation
This Stream has open another vertical in
the world of Freelancing. From Colleg grads to creative product design startups, all are serious about the importance of Mechanical Analysis and simulation to predict the failure of the product and make it better for the people.

They Always look for the freelancer who can analyze their product with software such as Ansys, Hypermesh, Nastran, Solidworks simulation and on some more analysis software. Also, the cost of per Product Simulation and analysis may vary from 50$ to 200$ for less complex product and starting from 300$ for complex products.

8.Full Product Design
a full product from scratch are most likely consist of initial brainstorming, sketching, 3D designing, Redesigning and Analysis. This are some big projects although they come in a less frequency on the freelance sites, their budget is huge like for example, someone needs full product design of the new Smartphone design with high-quality pleasing aesthetics.

This kind of project might range from 1000$ to 2400$ according to Fiverr. So if you know all the above-mentioned skills of design then you might get the single but high grossing shot.

9.3D file Conversions
Have you ever converted MS word file into Pdf? This skill is very adjacent to converting
the 3D file into STL for 3D printing purpose or Converting from STL into IGES (Initial Graphics Exchange Specification) or into STEP (Standard for the Exchange of Product model data).

From my experience on Fiverr people who are in urgent need of this file conversion are intensively searching for the quick freelancer to this kind of work. So it better to be there for the people and collect the payment as quickly as possible. The average cost of this conversion is 7$ per part and 20$ per complex part.

For the wrap-up, just don’t think to procrastinate, learn these skills and get the edge on your freelancing career and show your true expertise.

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