How do I write my own original content?

Creating original content comes down to a few basic steps – and keeping at it every day.

Here’s what I do:

Understanding and targeting your audience


Many brands are progressing to produce significant content that resonates with customers. For brands, empathy is accomplished by creating client personas, which may help targeting. In terms of selling, however, ask what consumers really value instead of what’s going to sell. And by making content that evokes empathy, customers are more likely to take action – distributing, responding, and even prompting change among their own communities.

Buyer Persona

Essentially, inbound marketing is adapting the content to the “buyer persona,” customers who came naturally and voluntarily to your company. That’s why, during this context, the definition of the “buyer persona” plays a central role, since if it’s not understood correctly, the complete advertising strategy can collapse.

People generally open emails with titles that capture their interest. They click on on a link that also leads them to a page containing data that they deem helpful. If the mail’s content is not custom-made to the “buyer persona” and it does not resonate with him/her, he/she can unsubscribe from the newsletter. And his/her confidence within the company’s ability to meet his/her needs stops at this point. Therefore, in inbound marketing, the recipients of a mailing campaign should be identified correctly. Also, the content should be tailored to them for your email campaign to succeed.

Coming up with ideas

Read important blogs

Examine your competitors’ blogs and related blogs to your industry. By doing this, you can explore opportunities that they have missed. Typically, within the post or in the comments, you may find additional queries. It may fascinate you to answer questions the post may have left out. There are often things like, “we won’t cover that during this post.” This is often a great chance to write a post about that piece they missed.

Borrow a brain

Is your brain tired? Borrow somebody else’s. Who does one look up to in your industry? Who your readers may as well be interested in? Drop them an email and ask if you’ll be able to do an interview. Your only challenge is to come up with some fascinating queries which will get your interviewee talking. After that, they are doing all the labor of generating fantastic content on your behalf.

But remember: Interview quality is everything.

Write the correct introduction to your subject instead of asking them to do it for you. Do your analysis and ask them something important. That’s where the magic comes from.

Researching topics


As you research, it is necessary to maintain notes. Keep track of key ideas and potential titles. And, keep a running record to trace competition analysis, keyword goals and doable backlinks for your post.


Once you have selected a blog topic, begin asking yourself questions. Use your curiosity and see what others have said. Check out however they have framed the queries before you. Their thoughts can spark yours. Along with this method, challenge yourself. Confront your assumptions. Return to the planning stage and make new queries. Then, hunt for an honest answer. Poking around in an exceedingly systematic method keeps analysis fun.

To learn more about my process, check out this article.

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If you have any questions, please reach out. I’m here to help.

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