How do people manage their time when they work from home?

Hi Charles…enough and more people have given their detailed time schedule and break up. The way I typically structure my day is to do things in chunks.

???? I always strive to be organized in whatever work I do and the beginning of this happens right at the beginning of the day. 1st 2 hours go in managing self – yoga, pranayama, walking, drinking hot water with a squeeze of lemon, and writing my daily gratitude diary.

???? I keep 3 major tasks for the day and they start right from the beginning of the day. Although not everything goes as per plan however it always helps to align things and move in that direction.

???? Having a task-led checklist helps since it helps me to orient myself on what’s ahead in the day.

???? I focus on doing one thing at a time though distractions keep coming however keeping the phone in silent mode is quite helpful.

???? Every day I make it a point to unsubscribe things that I do not want. It makes life easier.

???? I make it a point not to say ‘YES’ to everything for a magical day to achieve the desired objective.

Thus, to summarise – my working happens between 10–12 hours since around 1 hour goes in talking on the phone [always in chunks and never together]

Around 2 hours in total go in addressing emails and that I do beyond the 3 tasks that I have planned for the day.

Hope this helps…


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