How do Upwork agencies keep their employees from leaving them?

Your question has an unusual answer.

To me the question is less about leaving Upwork to earn more and more about security and comfort.

People who stay with Upwork while working full time on Upwork realize they can make time for both and have job security.

Income Revenue Mindset

Imagine if you have a weekly guaranteed income of ‘X’. You then add to that weekly income by freelancing on the side.

Yes you earn more freelancing but the work you get isn’t as consistent as your daily job.

Would you give up your reliable income? I did but only after I built up a client roll, income cushion, and mastered multiple skills so I could always find work.

Thoughts On Freelancing Full Time

Freelancing full time is a dream for a lot of freelancers. Most of them never make the leap even though they could.


Simple. Freelancers don’t realize the security they desire is something they can create. In my blog I cover how to replace your income freelancing, double your revenue, and build a successful business.

What All of My Posts Boil Down To

All of my posts can be boiled down to three points.

1)Be consistent:Showing up every day is half the battle.

2)Always adapt:The market doesn’t remain the same. Expecting it to will ruin you. Adapt as it adapts.

3)Always Be Learning:If you keep educating yourself you will never be left behind.

Final Thought

Successful freelancers continue their employment with Upwork because it provides a level of security they need.

Want to create a level of security that gives you the freedom to live the life you want?

Want to double your revenue using a few simple tactics you can apply right away?

Check out my blog to learn more!

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