How do you earn enough money to travel the world?

I recently took a grown up gap year and spent my savings traveling Europe, Asia, Australia and South Africa. I personally didn’t work during this time, but I met people every day who were traveling with jobs. Most fell into these categories.

1. Teaching English overseas. In many countries, English speakers can get hired to teach English to children OR adults without teaching experience. Many need only TEFL certification. I met the author of the book below in Bangkok. She was on holiday from her teaching job in Oman at the time. She said she enjoyed living in Oman, and she had a lot of time to travel during school breaks.

A Guide to Landing an English Teaching Job Abroad: Nicole Brewer: 9781520731575: Books

2. Freelancer. If you do something that can be done from anywhere, like writing, coding, photography, graphic design, consulting etc. A lot of the world has fast and inexpensive internet that allows people to live like digital nomads. If you have a skill that could be done remotely, consider trying or to get started with your first few clients. I actually hired a person on Fiverr just to take pictures of herself using my product (a cell phone case) so I could turn them into ads / social media posts. That’s her full-time job!

iPhone & iPod Cases by Vaycarious

3. Remote employees. Also taking advantage of internet access, some people still work for their employer, but work from home, wherever they chose that to be. If an employer doesn’t already offer a path to remote work / telecommuting, WorkOptions has a package of proposals and templates and scripts to help people get approval from their respective employers to work remotely. They’re proven to help you get a “Yes” to your flexible work request.

Here’s the Fastest Way to Get Telecommuting Approved – Work Options

4. Work in the travel / tourism industry. I know several people who have worked on cruise ships before. You could travel all over the world, but whether you get to actually SEE a lot of it depends on your job. Some people are off during the time the boat’s in dock, and get to sightsee just like the ship’s passengers. Others have to stay on board. This guide breaks down cruise ship jobs. The best part though is that your room and board are covered, so your pay is all yours. How To Get A Job On Board Cruise Ships eBook: Derek Baron, Liz Aceves: Kindle Store

5. If I knew then what I know now, I’d have gotten certified as a massage therapist. They get hired by resorts to work anywhere. Or they can work for themselves and just advertise wherever they go setting their own hours. I also met an eyebrow technician who traveled like that.

I quit my job to travel. I used my savings to travel Europe, Asia and Australia for 1 year. I work as a hospital pharmacy technician, so it was easy to get a job when I came back. But while I was gone I volunteered in exchange for room and board through . There are all types of volunteer assignments all over the world on WorkAway from nanny to farm help to yoga teacher to social media consultant.

And I save money on accommodation by pet sitting while I travel through Trusted Housesitters. . I stay in people’s homes and care for their pets while they’re away. This way I don’t have to pay for a place to stay when I travel.

Join TrustedHousesitters – Friends get 20% off

Good luck with your travels!

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