How does a business person outsource a good developer/programmer/engineer on eLance or oDesk? I don't understand nor can I differentiate all the latest programming languages. What skill sets should I be looking for?

As a leader of Odesk and Elance development team I woud have to disagree with claims that there is a problem hiring a good team on freelance job portals.

My main suggestions are:

- Look for the team that doesn't float on tech terms as that is easy and copy paste job suggestion
- Do interview with more then 1 team
- Pick the team willing to prove themselves
- Look for the team that writes unique and honest proposal (no generic stuff)
- Make sure you provide proper documentation / input
on the job details
- Do not pick teams that say "We can do anything" before they even know
what your job is about.
- Make sure team understands the task before they begin working
on it
- Make sure you get support for 2 months after job
is done
- Make sure team you are about to work with has dedicated account manager
- Check if the team can speak english or your local language fluently
- All jobs should be set in stages infront of freelancers in order to be able to track progress
- Pay in milestones according to stages.

Ivica Horvat
Account manager

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