How does a freelance web designer build a client profile/model when preparing their marketing plans? One would be for small family owned businesses, another for up and coming bands/musicians. Possibly having 3 price points for each model.

I would advise to do some more research into your business plan. Take the following with a grain of salt because I’m not a marketer — just a freelancer who had to learn things the hard way, sometimes.

  • Price your plans by value — extras are nice, but can you get an MVP done for less and then charge them by value for additions later? For example: A website costs $1k-2k for the basics, but if they want an online store addition it costs another $1k. (Numbers are made up — not sure what you’re looking to charge)
  • Think about your ideal clients — Musicians/bands and small businesses are nice ideas but do they get you paid? Freelancing is about making money to support yourself. You need to think about your client base and who your ideal clients are. You want clients who can afford to pay you what you need (and ideally not cause you headaches).
  • Position yourself appropriatelyPositioning is a really important concept for any business. I have a friend who does freelance marketing consulting, but he found that he started getting more wedding venue clients and that his knowledge base for that particular market was his most in-depth. He now markets himself as a wedding venue marketing consultant exclusively.

Given the right value and position in the market, I think you should be able to find enough work to sustain yourself.

Best of luck to you!

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