How does a LinkedIn profile help me in my career?

Total 500+ million members are LinkedIn users. That’s quite a good number, isn’t it?

Over the years, LinkedIn has become THE social media networking site for professionals.

And what’s better than joining an already established platform where you’ll get a lot of professionals sharing their wisdom regularly.

How will you get benefitted by using LinkedIn?

So here are certain direct merits of using LinkedIn as a tool in your professional career.

You can look out for new and better jobs

On LinkedIn, you can apply for job openings.

And guess what! I got my first full-time job earlier this year, via LinkedIn only.

Recruiters and hiring managers all use LinkedIn, so why don’t you?

How about better clients?

Are you a freelancer? or doing something as a side hustle?

Who would deny getting bigger and better clients?

Well, my friend, LinkedIn is the best platform to generate B2B clients. And here you can find your next big corporate client!

You can search for individuals to hire or outsource your work

You can use LinkedIn to establish your company’s online presence, and also apply for job openings. Apart from full-time employees, you can also find part-time or freelance employees for your business.

The LinkedIn search tools allow recruiters to use very specific criteria like years of experience, schooling, languages, skillset, location etc.

Create a network among professional and intellectuals

It’s said that you are the average of five people you spend most of your time with. Or the average of five writers you read. So, choose your network wisely.

To create a professional network, you can easily search for the desired domain’s LinkedIn group and join others in their conversation threads.

Show your domain expertise

When you start posting detailed and in-depth content under your domain area, you start creating your domain expertise. And this holds true for all the social media platforms.

Why do this with LinkedIn?

Because the professionals and intellectuals are the primary LinkedIn audience. Period.

Circulate your online content

LinkedIn gives you the freedom of sharing the blog articles (directly or as links), videos, and text/image based posts.

It’s somewhat similar to Facebook, with these features at least.

Stalk your competition.

But don’t compare. Or feel jealous. Or even indulge in self-righteousness.

Be careful when you stalk your crush or any competition on LinkedIn. They got a notification everytime someone visits their profile.

How to use LinkedIn exactly to generate profits?

Answer your domain brand questions.

Here’s a list of these questions!

Answer what, why, when, how of your brand.

Don’t move forward unless you’re done with this step first.

Write an attractive profile bio and summary

Add keywords to your profile tagline and summary.

Make it short, crispy, engaging, and informative. All at the same time.

Here is how my LinkedIn profile looks like, as of writing this article-

Create content

And create lots of it. Video, text, audio- every format. If you have no idea what sort of content can be created in your domain, simply search your area of expertise on LinkedIn and observe what kind of content is being shared on that platform.

Grow Connections

Add like-minded or similar profile people. Search people with your domain as keyword and LinkedIn users with that keyword in their profile will pop-up in your search results. Send them a connection request.

(Yes, yes, it’s somewhat similar like the Facebook’s friend request feature.)

Like. Comment. Share.


Do this with every good wisdom piece of content you find on LinkedIn.

Your contribution gets noticed by the industry experts. Don’t believe me? Try it yourself.

Create a Personal Brand

We have already covered What is a Personal Brand? and Why do you need a personal brand?

Working on your LinkedIn profile and its content strategy will help you boost the professional touch for your personal brand.

LinkedIn is the ultimate personal branding tool: It is a cornerstone in your online professional presence

Manage Online Brand Reputation of your company’s profile

People must be searching for your company online (if they are not, you seriously need to make them!)

And thus, it’s in heavy demand that you start investing your time, effort, and money on the online brand reputation of your company’s digital footprints.

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