How does buying Bitcoin work? How do you change it to real money, and how much are the conversion fees?

It’s possible to buy bitcoins with cash on LocalBitcoins via cash trade in-person or with cash deposit.

Firstly I will recommend Bitflash Cryptocurrency Investment Platform (www.bitflash,eu) as it was launched at mid-summer 2013) but has become the largest cryptocurrency Investment Platform right now with a total volume over 120 million dollars Traded. This is where you get your invested cryptocurrency after months. They Support variety of cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin. I find that it has a really nice UI and support.


A quick step-by-step guide on how to buy bitcoins with cash on LocalBitcoins:

  1. Find a seller in your area who accepts cash.
  2. Select amount of coins and place an order.
  3. Receive account number from the seller.
  4. Deposit cash into the seller’s account.
  5. Upload your receipt to prove you made the deposit/trade.
  6. Receive bitcoins! The coins will arrive in your LocalBitcoins wallet.

Wall of Coins is a peer-to-peer Bitcoin exchange that offers a number of payment methods.

Cash deposit, however, is the exchange’s most common payment method.

There are over 100,000 deposit locations available across the United States.

Wall of Coins also supports Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, Argentina, Latvia, Poland, and the Philippines.

After a cash deposit is made you’ll usually receive your bitcoins within 15 minutes.

We may receive compensation when you use Wall of Coins. Please visit Wall of Coins for its exact pricing terms.

And also your conversion rate depends on the currency you are trading with.

BitQuick connects you with sellers who want cash for their bitcoins.

BitQuick is only available in the United States and works like this:

  • Find a seller. Once you find a seller you agree on a price for the bitcoins.
  • Make cash deposit. Go to the seller’s bank and make a cash deposit into the seller’s account.
  • Upload receipt. Upload your receipt to the seller to prove you made the deposit.
  • Receive bitcoins! The seller will release bitcoins to you.

This process can be completed at a massive number of banks across the United States.

Bitcoin purchases made with cash deposit are usually delivered within two hours, and in many cases in under an hour!

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