How does one find work as a freelance illustrator?

It depends. I would start with an online search for “jobs for freelance illustrators” and then skip the sites where you bid on jobs such as Fiverr , Upwork and Freelancer. They’re a waste of time and money. Look for in-house and remote jobs on sites like Ziprecruiter, Indeed, Glassdoor and Linkedin. Also drill down to a specific niche for your search terms — children’s book illustrator, fashion illustrator, technical illustrator, medical illustrator, etc.

And there’s always the old fashioned way — Call local ad agencies, graphic design studios, book publishers and newspapers, and arrange a meeting to show your portfolio and meet the art director in person.

Find postings for illustration jobs and note the requirements they’re looking for in a candidate. Consider taking classes on Udemy to continually add to your skills.

The hardest part of being a freelance illustrator is keeping a steady flow of projects coming in. Working on your own projects in between jobs is a good practice and you can build up a portfolio of your work on Behance or Illustration Source.

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