How I would design the concept of a Psion in D&D

First off we need to make it more tasty for a fantasy setting, as many often feel that Psionics is better suited for Sci Fi, and rightfully so I might add.        

To repackage it, I'd try to go the more spiritual approach, where psionics is much like ki powers monks have (if not almost the same for rule purposes), only instead of being Kung-Fu warriors they channel this energy through their minds, which is why it is mechanically Psychic powers.         

My suggestion on how to design the class would be something like this;           

At first level you gain access to three new exclusive skills to psions; telepathy, telekinesis and egotism (or something similar). These three skills allow you to perform certain skill checks a bit differently, using your mental score for grappling or climbing, surviving extreme temperatures even when almost naked, being able to perceive or guess things from a different angle etc…       

These three skills are based on the old 3.5 psion, where I want to capture the ability to manipulate reality (telekinesis), minds (telepathy) and body (Egotism).

These skills are the psions "cantrips" in a way, only they are few but with a wide array of uses (though it might be simpler to just make em level 0 powers, but we will see down the line).
Later levels, when choosing a Discipline, you gain access to features which expands on one or more of these skills as well as grant extra benefits, like elocation which helps you move people around the battlefield, Psychic warrior which grants you either soul knife or physical augmentation powers, or maybe a Wilder who overcharge their psychic powers which devastates both the enemy and themselves.          
With the Discipline you will also start gaining psi points, which is what you use to unlock certain abilities which are exclusive to your specialty, like here is where we find the telepaths mind control or madness effects, teleportation powers, and telekinetic blasts to name a few.             

This is the bare bones ideas I currently have for the class, before adding more stuff. I kinda have this idea where each Psionic skill is bound to Int, Wis and Cha, so when you build your Psion, you will be more directed towards that playstyle while creating a natural balance by making you less effective with the other skills unless you min max. But with that said, that is only my first draft.

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