How much do you earn via your Android app [paid or free]?

I recently got into Android in 2016. I was making games for ios since 2014. I am not a developer by any way. I am an artist and I would hire freelancers all the time. I have about 15 games on Android and I make about $1000 a day just from android. I am obviously anonymous for this reason as I don’t want people to know who I am and what kind of games I make.

People say oh developers can never make money. I say it’s BS. If you know what you’re doing you can do it. I have seen a lot of indie devs on forums and everywhere mostly complaining how poor they are and can’t make money from games. It’s annoying because if you know what you are doing and know how to make good games you can never not make money. I am heavily obsessed with ganes and extremely focused at what I do. I spend 15 hours a day at work and I love it. I am doing this since 2014. I started off with just 20 cents a day now I am doing 2000 a day if I add ios revenue. I have started my company and I have hired people now as well. But yeah it’s a struggle like any other but if you know what you’re doing and you’re focused I think you can achieve anything in life. One day maybe I can write a book on this. Maybe I will. Hope this helps.

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