How much do you earn?

I work in retail store ghaziabad my income source job = 8500+500 incentive making membership card ,15$ = 1,147.54 monthly from internet freelancing i am not expert even i learn this from youtube, 2000 from tuition 3 students from art streem class 11 and 12 , total earn = 12147 ,

my expenses

2500 rent + electricity

i live in menial area so rent is cheap room is quit good peoples are using abusive word but good form heart

i use 2nd hand cycle for transportation and mobile recharge , = 200 ( i take yearly plan no worry 1 year it is around 2200 )

2000 Ration I know cooking thanks to my mother

i have ration cards so i get in cheap price

500 rs pulses , 100 = rice and wheat 10kg and 10kg 500= oil, masala, gas (i use big gas cylender cost almost 600 with subsides and fill after 4 month) ,650 Fruits and Vegetables,( tea i get in store where i do job so i never make it in my home ) 250= soap, detergent, toothpaste etc. daily need things

500 cloth i save every month and shop during festive month

400 delhi tour i use Dtc. bus pass cheap and good , Akshardham Temple, Chandni Chowk, Qutub Minar, Nehru Planetarium etc every week new destination this time i can’t afford beautiful hills or goa tour and evening i go gurudwara and temples where i serve and get mental peace

500 for needy and poor people food

500 emergency fund for worst situation

total expenses 6600 aprox savings ,12147 -6600 = 5547 per month

i miss my village and himacal so much Shehar To Majboori Hai ! Dil To Apna, Pahadon Mein Hi Basta Hai. this is before lock down and covid 19

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