How much does a digital marketing freelancer charge for a project, specifically for SMO, SMM, SEM? How many days it will take to complete it?

It totally depends on the quality of work you are expecting and your marketing objectives.

  • Digital marketing comes in package. Different entities – SEO, SMM, SMO, SME being the major. Different departments – research and analysis, Content creation, design, campaign set up & optimization, reporting.
  • A novice digital marketing executive will charge you much lesser than an experienced consultant.
  • But, you will have to compromise on the work quality.
  • I personally suggest you to go for an experienced consultant who can offer the complete expertise. Some one who can handle Research & analysis, content creation, design part, campaign set up and optimization, reporting.
  • You can count on these experienced consultants, expect your marketing objectives to be met in time and the same can’t be expected from the beginners.
  • To give you an estimated figure, a Digital Marketing expert will charge anywhere between 18k to 25k/month for full package.

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