How much does a freelance copywriter or scriptwriter charge for TVC scripts?

This is an open question. I would still like to reply.

You need to fix a charge depending on the script’s value in the market.

In the media industry, there is nothing called as the fixed price.

Fluctuations are a part of this industry.

Secondly you need to be very careful with what you quote.

At times, your script will be seen, filed and you will hear nothing for days.

Someone else will walk in with a cheaper price for a script.

If her/his script is liked, it is ok. If it’s not liked, they will make your script available to her/him and you will not even get a wind of it.

It would be better, you go to professionals or to agencies, which don’t feel the need to get into malpractices. They have a clear cut understanding of what they are looking for and what you can offer.

As a starting price, you can always fix something between 30k and 40k, to begin with.

Remember, your script will be just a small part of an elephantine price that the agency will be quoting to the brand, the client or the person looking forward for a TVC.

Secondly what if your script is too good and it has to be shot with a celebrity in it. Now you get the clue.

Go ahead, charge as per your gut feel and make sure, you are the one to walk home happy with a TVC to your credit.

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