How much does a graphic designer charge?

Charging for graphic design services depends on many things. I charge by project. It saves them money and they know going in how much something will cost. I also always add a provision to include a note that any additional work that goes beyond that estimate/quote is charged by the hour (insert your hourly rate) and that you would notify them as soon as you get to that point before sending any surprise invoices. They don’t like that. But the rate you use to figure how much you would charge per project is based on your hourly rate. If you estimate it will take you 10 hours to do a project from start to finish and your hourly rate is $50 (that’s low for a pro and freelance) then your rate could be $450 total + any additional work that goes beyond the scope of the project. They are getting a “deal” doing it as a project. I never give them a number when someone asks how much I charge per hour…because that’s not how I work my fees. I tell them I charge by project because it gives them a better rate and they know going in how much it’ll cost. You have to be specific when you give the quote. Include how many revisions and timelines. You should stick to your timeline but know that they won’t necessarily stick to theirs. Keep that in mind. AND…if they have a deadline that you are trying to meet, if they take too long to get you changes (based on the timeline you created) then that also changes when the project can be done. You can’t add time to a clock. Be very clear about what and how you will deliver. This is all based on your experience. Don’t charge pro prices if you don’t know what you’re doing. Over promise. Under deliver. If you are new to design, do some research and see what other newbies are charging. Be better. Better service. Better goods. Listen. As you do projects you’ll gain a better perspective on what to charge. You’ll lose on some initially. Heck, it even happens as you get more experienced sometimes (if you like the people). Just don’t get sucked in to them adding to the project beyond the scope. Always be professional. Test the waters. Have fun. Work hard. ALWAYS be learning more. Rock on.

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