How much does healthcare cost the individual in countries with a universal healthcare system? Would you change it for the “American system”?

I’m French and I’m a freelancer, which means that contrary to every employee, I don’t have an employer paying for part of my contributions. I pay for it all by myself. And I pay exactly 9.10% of my turnover and some of it is deductible from taxes. As for my health, I have a chronic condition, ulcerative colitis which, like most chronic conditions in France is completely taken care of by our healthcare system, I never pay for anything related to it, MRIs, ER trips, medications. I also have migraines for which I receive medical treatment as well, but it’s not 100% taken care of so I have additional insurance for about $25 a month. I am 38, and throughout my life, I’ve had several procedures for which I paid nothing, my wisdom teeth were removed for nothing, I get the pill for nothing, all my meds, blood tests, X-rays, MRIs, Scans, etc. My dad had a triple bypass and chose his surgeon, a renowned cardio-thoracic surgeon in Paris, though we live 50 km from the city. He also had colon cancer, got surgery, chemo at home with a nurse coming every day for 0 euros. So no, no one in France would exchange what we have for the American system where people die because they’ve been rationing their insulin. In France, diabetes is one of those chronic conditions that are 100% taken care of. No one dies because they can’t afford to go to the doctor’s or to the hospital. And no one dies because they can’t afford medications. Even when you don’t work, life-threatening conditions are take care of, you will get surgery, you will get meds, even if you can’t pay for anything.

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