How much money can you earn from freelancing, and is it sufficient for living?

Till now from march 20, 2019 i hadn’t been selected as an employee for an employer. 2 employer chat with me and they said that they will give u d work. When mar 31 came, i thought that i must check my message on freelancer and the employer who told me to join from apr 1 had closed his project earlier. I felt very bad.

Next employer came n he ask me to show my portfolio of article writing n i give my article n at last he says that our team will give u work after i master in SEO writing bcz i didnt have much knowledge about that. But after that no reply came n he didn’t get me work.

This was my freelance story n now i dont even check the email, i just deleted it. It is very difficult to get work there as per my experience.

Thanks for reading. Reply me if u get some kind of answer about ur ques n if u want to give any suggestions about reusing freelancer.

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