How much money have you made online and how?

I Earned around 110k US Dollars in a year from foreign countries.

To know how, keep reading further.

There are a lot of software engineers in india but 85 percent of IT engineers are either Jobless, and those who employed are not happy with the salary they are being paid (Underpayment)

I learnt that in foreign richest countries like United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Singapore where people willing to start Tech-startups don’t get IT professionals at affordable cost.

Interesting thing about the Arabic countries is that they are having good number of natural resources like Oil and Gas but the population of these countries is way more less as compared to india, thus having less of IT professionals.

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So these emerging businessmen go for freelancing in the search of well qualified IT professionals all across the world to get their technical work done but, here the problem is that they don’t have much of time, and having trust Issues hiring unknown freelancers on freelancing sites.

Because the 5 star ratings on freelancing sites are deceptive, means can be obtained Illicitly.

Now the world is full of online, you can complete work staying at any corner of the world.

So here, looking at their this inconvenience, just a year back I started an small startup named Fresh Gravity in pune and spent a few thousand dollars for marketing.

At the beginning, Me and my employees gave absolutely free services and built client trust.

We provide services like Website making, Webpage designing, Logo making, Software development.

We mostly don’t deal with indian client but foreign.

Now I am making good amount of money from these foreign countries as well, making India more Rich and Prosperous.

Right I am having 15 such IT professionals working under me, paying handsome fixed salary to them.

Now Planning to expand this business in upcoming years.

I am sumit kumar from Mumbai. I educate people how to earn and invest money wisely, follow me for more such answers

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