How much of your salary are you actually saving/investing and spending? In percent of your salary and approximate actual amount.

I am 27 years old and my wife is 26 year old. We both have very good jobs (senior software consultant and marketing specialist) and sometimes do freelance work to supplement our income. I currently am working on a startup that should have it’s first customers in the next month or so as well.

We own a home with a mortgage, have over $60K in student loans, 2 used (newer than 2010) cars with loans, and live a life we are both pleased with (going out to dinner a few times a month, golf membership, etc).

What we put in savings each month: 15%

What we invest each month: 21%

How do we do it? Well it starts with advancing your career as quickly as possible (and being in the right fields). Next it takes self-control to follow a budget. It’s also important to automate your financials as much as possible (our savings and investments are automatically withdrawn so we never see that money).

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