How much profit can I get from $100 within a week if I buy Bitcoin?

You’ll have to choose a platform that pays interest or rewards.

Otherwise, all you have done is traded $100 plus fees for whatever Bitcoin was worth at market prices.

If you get a paycheck deposit to your bank to your checking account, do you get any more for it being there and you doing nothing with it? (Some spend money on a hobby or on an interest.)

It is same as if you walked in to a bank and purchased euros. You only make money if you sell your euros if the rate is higher than when you purchased it. Or if you use your euros to make something to sell at a higher cost than materials purchased.

There are Bitcoin IRAs that I have seen listed.

In order for there to be earnings of any kind your deposit must be doing some kind of work such as enough liquidity for lending to be feasible. Please read about “smart contracts” and “staking”. If you want to put your assets to work, first choose an asset that supports and then join the community. They all have a group to join.

Some are where you can vote.

Banks pay you interest if you have a savings account because they are using that money for lending.

Let me see if there are any wallets that pay interest for held BTC.

(I know freebitcoin does pay 4% annual interest on BTC holdings. I have reached 0.00103810 BTC since joining I believe in 2014 or 2015 and I stopped requesting withdrawals. )

I found a list here. Read where interest paid comes from. I’ll leave it to you to work how how much profit $100 gets you per week.

4 Best Bitcoin Savings Account To Earn Interest in 2020
A bitcoin savings account which is similar to a regular savings account, allows you to deposit assets effectively as it becomes the property of third party.

I use $100 recurring DAI and USDC deposits to find lowest priced cryptocurrencies to earn up to $200 per sell order. I plant seeds and hope that one grows and earns me to help me buy more coins. Last year I started with XLM purchased from ETH value rise profits a year ago.

My XLM grew in value to the end of last year.

I finally reached 0.4 in January.

And this morning a 0.69 limit order sale after purchasing at low of 0.436585 3 months ago. I then used that to buy Tezos to add to my “staking” balance.

You can earn more weekly with trading if you learn how. I trained with ApiaryFund a company where you don’t need to buy capital to do trading but use company assets instead in a crowdsource type platform.

BTC is high-priced so hard to get enough volume to work with. I think you would need API software to get most of $100 of BTC per week. Cryptocurrency runs 24/7 and on weekends and globally. It never sleeps.


  • Get financial training.
  • Start a cryptocurrency company.
  • Get hired at a cryptocurrency company. (Some are hiring, I have seen.)
  • Start a cryptocurrency blog or podcast.
  • Start a video channel.
  • Start a website.

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