How much will $100 worth of bitcoin be worth in 30 days?

1 Bitcoin bought now will always be equal to 1 Bitcoin. That used to be the only certain answer in this space. But even that changed when 1 Bitcoin bought in June was equal to 1 Bitcoin + 1Bitcoin cash + 1 Bitcoin gold etc.,

There is a saying that, “In Technology domain, what is possible in 30 years is easier to explain, than what is possible in 5 years time”. Bitcoin has a huge potential and can impact a number of industries/asset classes like

  1. Replacing gold as a storage of wealth.
  2. World’s reserve currency replacing USD.
  3. Alternative for the SWIFT, the standardised network for interbank transactions.
  4. Payment Network for Remittance and B2B transactions, taking over the market of Western union, Moneygram
  5. Petro Bitcoin instead of PetroDollars as an instrument for Crude Oil trade.

    Even it fulfils 1% of its potential, we are talking 100X price increase from current levels. In short term Bitcoin is affected by minor events and such events or their impact cannot be predicted with great accuracy.

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