How much will I make with the $600 stimulus check if I buy Bitcoin cryptocurrency?

It’s a math puzzle for you to solve.

Are you able to look at a BTC-USD chart and do work “What If?” math puzzle with $600 of BTC purchased at a low point with a 1 day interval chart?

I can very easily with the help of Excel.

CoinbasePro at least does the math for you.

Let me show you what $600 buys you with a CoinbasePro limit order (cheaper than a market order and you can name a price) if you select a date on the chart. I selected a low BTC-USD value in a 1 day interval chart view. The USD value per BTC appeared in form. I typed numbers in BTC box until I got $600 at total. At the date I selected, $600 could buy 0.026018 BTC. The Limit Price is $23037.76 (December 19, 2020 at 18:00 CST)

Now let’s select when it reaches a peak and then starts down again with red drops in price. On January 7th at 18:00 CST the price reached $42,312.82 the best I could do moving my mouse over chart at peak pivot point.

Now are you able to work out how much the USD profit was between December 19th and January 7th?

Hint: What’s $42312.82 * 0.026018 BTC?

Another Hint: What’s $23037.76 * 0.026018 BTC?

For a present month purchase of BTC, you missed low pivot point on March 16th. Quite a few people in the US (myself included) have received some extra money in March. (I got my state tax refund along with $1400.)

Once you earn then you hare more to buy more at next low point.

Or you shop for other low point cryptocurrency and work with that.

I am in with new MATIC-USD as of today with funds deposit from recurring deposits. (DAI, USDC and Tezos)

Scalable and instant blockchain transactions

“Your beloved Matic is becoming Polygon”

Who does not want faster blockchain?

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