How much would $100 return in Bitcoin?

Barry Adrian Francis says:

“You buy $100 worth of Bitcoin. You make money if the value of Bitcoin goes up. If the price of Bitcoin goes up by 20%, your $100 worth of Bitcoin would be worth $120”

Here’s what Barry Adrian Francis does NOT say:

Because cryptocurrencies are not backed by any government or any tangible asset, they are actually worthless. If you buy $100 worth of Bitcoin today, you could have $0 worth of Bitcoin tomorrow. Or the next day. All cryptocurrencies are a pure gamble. You hope it goes up and you can sell it, but it can just as easily go down, leaving you with little or nothing to sell.

As long as Barry Adrian Francis (or anyone else) has skin in the game, he does not want anybody to discover how bad a risk cryptocurrencies are until after he sells what he has and makes a bundle. If he makes a bundle.

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