How much would a website like cost to build?

The cost to build a website nowadays is irrelevant. There’re hundreds of templates like that style which exist on sites such as Theme Forest, Template Monster, and other various venues. The right question to ask is how much would it cost to run such a website. I regress, and will go over the actual question.

  1. The template itself could cost anywhere from $40 if you find a similar design, all the way up to $3,000 if you’re going full custom. Ballparked, but close. If you’re looking for something extremely custom, you’re going to see designs jump into 5 figures despite the simplistic design. This all comes down to how much designers are charging, and how much you’re willing to invest.
  2. There’s likely lot more underneath the surface. Comments functionality (very basic), currency exchange charts (you’re looking at a lot of API work), membership functions, social media tools for visitors, multi-user / team management. There’re likely behind-the-scenes functions which aren’t even visible such as scheduled tasks (e.g. scheduled posts and updates), inactive member pruning, calendar scheduler, etc,. All of these functions take time and money to build. Whether the tools you need are already made and cheap (such as if you went with WordPress / Drupal and there was a premade script that does it), you’re looking at an investment regardless. If it’s a free script, then you likely do need some work since free stuff tends to be very generic and not user specific. Overall development could come as cheap as $500, or as much as 5 figures from a very good developer.
  3. Then, there’s the cost of running it. This comes down to how much content you’re looking to push out, how you’re going to promote it, and how to retain business you’ve gained (if any).

There’s not going to be a single valid answer to this question. It might be best to ask several questions to break everything up into parts. You might be better off looking at freelancer / work for hire websites to see what projects developers have done and at what rates in the past.

If you’re willing to put a little bit of elbow grease into something like this, you could get by just spending $50 on a template and using free modules / plugins. Or, you could end up spending nothing and go with a free theme as well. Cost is almost entirely up to you. Is your idea worth nothing, or is it worth a large investment? Your choice, your future.

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