how to enable themes in roblox studio


STEP 1: Make sure ALL ROBLOX Studio windows are closed.

STEP 2: Where ever your ROBLOX Studio is placed (likely on your desktop), right click it and click Open File Location.

STEP 3: Find this file in your ROBLOX Studio Folder:

STEP 4: Right click that file, and click Edit.(Notepad++ is recommended for this step as Notepad/Wordpad is not optimal for XML editing.)

STEP 5: Hold down CTRL and F.

STEP 6: Type in “themeoptions” in the box, and click Find Next. (The look may be different on other versions of Windows like 7 / 8 or 8.1 / 10.)

STEP 7: Close the Find window and look for this:

STEP 8: Set the circled text to true.

STEP 9: Click FILE.

STEP 10: Click SAVE. NOT SAVE AS.  (or hold down CTRL+S on your keyboard to save)

STEP 11: Close the window, and you are finished!

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