How to get a face shields on your face now

How to get a face shield on your face now

(Incomplete collection: in approximate order of fastest, to slowest but larger quantity)

Sheet Protector:

Sheet Protector – Click Here for Instructions – You Tube, Jon Schull

Supplies: sheet protector + shoe string / elastic / anything else + scissors / razor

Tools: Scissors / Knife / Sharp Object


Supplies Needed: Transparency / sheet protector / anything else around you + glasses / goggles + double sided tape / super glue / Gorilla / hot glue

The next step up:

Supplies: Any kind of plastic sheet (PET / Mylar / PETG, PC preferred) + elastic strap / bungee cord / shoestring / anything else

Tools: Scissors / shears + hole punch (standard office) / scissors / razor

3D Printed:

Budmen connects 3D printed shield makers with those in need

Go to website and register as a maker, or as in-need. Design and assy details also available there.

Mass manufacturable, purchase them in large quantities:

Go to the website and order now. Delivery the week of 3/30/20, balance of large orders to follow. Next Advance is a biotechnology development company which has retrofitted it’s space to make face shields. They’re located in Troy NY.

Other options: and many others, please send me more to add into the next revision.


  1. Be creative, look around you and use it. The only limits you should consider now are moral and legal. Elastic can even be found in old clothing.

  2. Those in need are overwhelmed by your generosity, but are receiving too many small donations to handle. Team up with others in your area to deliver larger quantities at a time.

  3. Use at your own risk. There is no guarantee of any kind, but any protection is better than nothing. Try to get a better product as soon as you can.

  4. Any and all designs or methods involved in PPE design or making during the Covid 19 crisis are assumed to be public property, in good faith. If you want to revoke the author’s permission to share, contact the author and sharing your design won’t be shared going forward.


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