How useful is hope?

I haven’t told this before but earlier this year I lost my high-paying writing job due to COVID. Sometime in May. It wasn’t rosy at all. I can still see the faces of my parents as I told them the news after trying to hide it for a couple of days.

I wasn’t devastated. I have built a solid writing CV and knew that when the time would be right, I’d get another job, a better one.

Yes, like any middle-class Indian guy, losing that big monthly cheque was something, but we all know the situation of the job market right now and I know guys who have had it worse, who have families to take care of and children to feed— so instead I took it in stride and decided to work on my craft since I was at home.

I started writing my third novel. And then some time later, I accidentally lost it as it got erased while I was moving stuff from my laptop.

This one hit home. Hurt the hardest. I’ll admit, I cried once too. 80,000 words. 50-days of hard-work was just swept away.

It’s the hard times, when anyone tells you to keep hope, and you want to bash their heads with bricks.

It sucks.

Pain sucks.

Hope gets shattered easily.

I have a tendency to completely block the source of pain instead of addressing it. So… for a while, I stopped writing.

Something, which I haven’t done for years now.

I finally started feeling the 2020 pangs by August this year, and then later that month, the ball dropped.

I got Corona and spent a week in hospital.

It was mild. Not life-threatening. And yet it changed my perspective about certain things.

If you’re down, the only way to get back up is by giving your 200% to the thing which can pull you out of it.

It might be studies for you, or working on yourself, or improving communication skills or working on your startup or your craft.

For me it was simple— my writing.

  • I decided to not start writing another novel. Instead, I started studying some of the best scripts in the world and started to enhance my screenwriting skills.
  • I wasn’t cribbing every day about the lost job or the lost novel or anything else.
  • These things happened.
  • I accepted.
  • And I moved on to work towards better things.

Then two-months ago I landed up my first web-series project. In the coming days few more amazing things happened.

There are certain things in play as I write this and if the result turns out to be favourable, it’ll be really, really big.

I’m working as a freelancer right now, so I’m not bound by a corporation and can take on multiple writing projects. Surprisingly enough, this is paying me almost 1.5x of that job that I had lost.

I also released a compilation of my short-stories earlier this month called Viral Stories I Wrote on the Internet and Other Strange Shorts, and within days it was #1 Horror Bestseller and #1 in Short-stories on Amazon India.

I started working on my craft sincerely, religiously, blurring all kinds of distractions and focussing on a singular goal. And things changed instantly for me.

2020 has truly been a year of highs & lows for me, but the highs have been such that the lows have been worth them. Yes, you should keep up hope.

You’ve been reading my stories so far— on Quora, and my books. Soon you’ll be seeing them on OTT platforms.

Things get better. And hope is the magic which keeps you surfing through the tough times.

All you can do is smile and ride out the lows 🙂

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