How will cryptocurrency help day to day lives?

Grocery shopping is a necessary evil. It’s something we do every day, or every week, and it’s an important part of being a human. For years, we’ve gone to the shops, brought the food we need, paid by cash or card, and gone on our merry way.

But now things might be changing. In Safeway and Albertsons stores in California, Texas, and Washington, customers can now use in-house Coinstar kiosks to buy Bitcoin, all whilst doing their weekly grocery shop.

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It’s not like other Coinstar machines, where you plug in coins and it adds them to your bank account or changes them up into other denominations. Instead, if you use one of the kiosks, you’re essentially buying into digital currency. When you input your cash, you get a code that you can redeem in the form of Bitcoin on Coinme’s website.

ATMs Are Evolving

It’s not just Coinstar that’s helping people turn cash into Bitcoin. There are actually more than 4,000 bitcoin ATMs around the world, with Coinme ranking 9th amongst these cryptocurrency ATM operators thanks to having kiosks in 54 locations. Genesis Coin and General Bytes take the top spots, with more than 1,000 ATMs each.

When you think about it, drawing money out at an ATM is an inherent part of everyday life. Everyone – young and old – regularly pops to their nearest machine to get cold hard cash delivered direct to their hands.

It makes sense that these are the places that Bitcoin is creeping into first. Rather than solely benefitting only the tech-savvy population, Bitcoin is becoming a part of life for the Average Joe (or Josephine), too. It’s just a start, but could this set the precedent for the future?

The Future of Currency

While we’re on the topic of the future, what’s in store for cryptocurrency and normal life? For many people, cryptocurrency will become the standard currency around the world, eliminating exchange rate fees and other costs that come with changing up money.

But this is probably just a pipe dream.

In order for cryptocurrency to become an integrated part of everyone’s daily life, it needs to be easy for everyone to participate. To do this, there needs to be more education on what exactly Bitcoin and its digitized currency counterparts are and how they can benefit general daily tasks.

As soon as people from all corners of the globe are able to realize the pros of cryptocurrency and are happy to take advantage of them, we’re likely to start seeing new businesses flourish in this arena.

Instead of paying hefty bank-enforced transaction fees, even the smallest of companies will be able to save money and carry out quicker transactions with the technology surrounding cryptocurrency.

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