I accepted a project on freelancer and that person scammed me. How do I revoke deposit funds on Freelancer?

The situation is:

About an hour ago an account with amas8655 awarded me a project for converting pdf into word. Since i was new to freelancing I agreed to talking this person on whatsapp. He asked me to pay 200 INR for security purposes and said it’ll be refunded after the work is complete. I asked him to accept the milestone but he said first i’ll have to deposit him that money in order to continue the project. Since it was very little amount I agreed to pay him. My freelancer account showed debit amount of 1333 on this project.

He then asked me to pay 1500 INR further. I soon revoked the project. But now my account shows I’ve accepted this project with a debit amount of 1333 INR. The milestone has also not been approved.

Please tell me what to do.

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