I am 22 years old. I am done with my life. Is quitting the solution?

“Your past does not equal your future.” – Tony Robbins

When I was 21, I got married without the approval of our families. My wife’s parents were against our relationship because I was poor. Don’t wait for your family’s approval. If they can not accept you for what you are, they can never accept you even in the future. Just do not invite them to your marriage. 😉

You are just in your early 20’s. This is the time for you to learn new skills. Earning money is not tough. Earning the required skills in tough. So, work on the basics first.

If you can devote all your time and energy into something for at least 1 year, you can easily increase your earnings from 20k to 1L. It’s not rocket science. I can give you a job offer right now but the real question is, do you have the required skills? How well do you know your craft? It’s the knowledge and skills that counts. Recommended reading: Millionaire Fastlane by MJ DeMarco

Here’s my personal story…

  • As a child, I never had a video game, carom board, or a football. My dad preferred to spend the money on his alcohol and gambling instead.
  • Till I was 15, my pocket money was ZERO.
  • When I turned 16 (class 10 boards!), my pocket money was Rs. 600.
  • At 17, I flunked in class 11 because I started working online. The company I worked for, never paid a single penny. They scammed me. I lost a year.
  • At 18, I took a loan and went to college. I started working as a freelance writer and managed to earn around Rs. 4000 per month. I slept on the floor of a 10×10 room and used to have plain rice with salt for dinner.
  • At 20, I was rejected from 2 BPO jobs because of my poor language skills. I built an IT consulting company and paid off my student loan.
  • At 21, I got married to my high school sweetheart.
  • At 22, I lost around 1.5 crores in a start-up. I lost everything I had. I literally became a beggar once again. My earnings came down to Rs 8,000 per month once again.
  • At 23, I dropped out of my MBA (no time, no money!). This year, I wrote my first book.
  • At 24, My book became an international bestseller. I semi-retired after consulting over 1000 clients. I also built and sold several websites.
  • At 25, I have already written 8 bestselling books & taught over 13,000 students via online courses.
  • At 26, I built a book publishing company. It did well for a while, earned enough cash to buy a debt-free home but I hit a plateau in life. There were some unforseable problems in business. The coloring books business failed miserably. I needed to end this and work towards automation where I could see tremendious growth.
  • At 27 (now), re-building my book publishing empire with the help of automation. Working 15 hours daily.

** updated as of Nov 2019 –

  • At 27, I did build my book publishing empire but later it was getting difficult for me to scale up due to lack of time. Meanwhile, I heard about cryptocurrency from someone in internet marketing. I invested in PIVX which doubled overnight. I was amazed. I read some more and decided to invest in Bitcoin when it was trading at $850 and sold at $17k within 6 months. This experience got me hooked in the field of investing and trading.
  • By 28, I figured out that I need to find a business, that can be scaled up easily. There should be no customer, no employees, full automation, no GST, tax-friendly and extremely simple to start. That’s how I came across investing and trading. I studied for an entire year on investing and trading from morning till midnight.
  • By 29, I spent most of my time trading different strategies (mostly intraday on volatile smallcap stocks). I was profitable for a few months but I didn’t like the fact that the “probability of profit” was so low with intraday trading, So, I decided to solely focus on Options selling (writing) It’s working great so far.
  • I will turn 30 next month. I want to remain an options seller and build a successful investing and trading career. I think I have found a career that I can do for the rest of my life.

What’s one thing that has helped me throughout my ups and downs?

I enjoy every moment of my life as if it’s a video game. Don’t be too serious about life. It’s nothing but a fun game. You either need to practice really hard or you need a few cheat codes (books!).

I have probably read over 500+ books by now. I have learned from the greatest minds to have ever walked this planet. Do learn some speed reading techniques. It’s one of the best skills one can acquire.

Life is never easy my friend. It’s not tough either. It’s just a puzzle waiting for you to solve. Meanwhile, be brave and make some solid, hardcore decisions in life. Don’t quit. “Mere Dost, Picture Abhi Baki Hai” 😉

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