I am a freelancer and I have completed a work but the milestone payment created by employer is not released yet, whereas I have completed the work and employer does not reply me on messages also. work in progress still showing his profile So in this situation what should I do?

For future work, consider tools such as Elance dot com. You can specify a project as fixed-bid or time-based. With the fixed-bid option you can break out the scope of work into milestones and *attach dollar amounts* to each of these milestones.

Before you start any work, request for the milestone(s) you’re planning to work on to be funded by the client. The monies paid by the client towards these milestones doesn’t go to you yet, they are held in Elance’s escrow account. This confirms the client’s willingness to commit the monies and pay.

Only then do you do the work. Don’t accept any excuses for not funding the escrow. If the client doesn’t fund the escrow account, you don’t do the work, it’s as easy as that.

Once you’ve completed the work, you request for the funds to be released from escrow (and paid out to you). If at this point the client wants to argue about releasing the funds, then you might have to get Elance involved for arbitration.

On a time-based project you use an Elance-provided stop-watch to record your time spent on the project. Elance will randomly take a screenshot of your screen (so you don’t charge the client for reading the CNN website).

As long as you stay within the client-agreed number of hours per week, and send out your timesheet over the weekend, payment for the hours worked will be made.

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