I want to travel around the world. So, how to start working online as a freelance logo & web designer?

This is exciting! I remember when I first made the move and mindset shift to become a full-time digital nomad and start freelancing around the world.

Fast forward 2 years, multiple countries and 6 figures + later I find myself sipping coffee as I write you this from my favorite coffee shop here in Medellin, Colombia.

Yes the coffee is incredible and NO Colombia is nothing like you see in Narcos. It’s an amazing country.

Where do you want to travel first?? I would love to hear your lifestyle & Travel goals.

Right now there is tremendous opportunity for you as the “Freelance Economy” emerges and grows. According
to a recent study done by Upwork nearly 50% of the US workforce will be freelancing in the next 3-5 years.

For you right now I would set up a profile on Upwork, the world’s largest online workplace (formally Elance & Odesk) which is going to be the largest marketplace in the world for freelancers. There are no shortage of freelance websites online which you can explore down the road but to start and get the most traction I would begin here.

Start at the top.

I personally haven’t used People Per Hour like Amy Trumpeter recommended below but that may also be a great starting point as well. I just know like anything you want focus when you first start out. Hone in on 1 platform rather than many.

I’m not sure what your skill level or experience for Logo & Web Design work is but I would continue working on your craft and start to focus on a niche. Specializing within something specific will help you quickly stand out and charge more in less time.

I have found that many freelancers rarely have a “skill” problem but rather a “sales & marketing” problem.

I work with a lot of new freelancers all over the world helping them start and scale successful freelance businesses so I would love to help or add any advice along your journey.

I write a lot about tools, strategies and our story of building our Marketing Agency here: Page on freelancehuslter.com so feel free to connect with us there or join our $100k Freelance Challenge (FREE) which is a series of 66 daily Freelance lessons to take you from zero to having a successful freelance business on your terms.

Look forward to connecting!!

Tyler G

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