Iaijutsu, 5e feat

Iaijutsu, 5e feat


You have become a skilled practitioner of Iaijutsu, or the art of the quick-draw. As such you are always ready to strike swiftly and true.

  • You add your proficiency bonus to Initiative checks. 

  • You gain access to a special attack called a Quick-Draw. This attack can only be performed with a worn, sheathed melee weapon with the light or versatile property while having two free hands to perform the attack. 

  • When you make the attack action, you can perform a Quick-Draw on your first attack if you meet the Quick-Draw requirements. When you perform a Quick-Draw, you can either double your proficiency bonus for the attack roll, or add your proficiency bonus to the damage roll on a hit. You cannot perform a Quick-Draw more than once on your turn. 

  • If you meet the Quick-Draw requirements, creatures that you can see provoke an Attack of Opportunity if they enter your reach. However, an Attack of Opportunity made in this way does not gain the benefits of a Quick-Draw. 

  • At the end of an Attack action or immediately after a Quick-Draw Attack of Opportunity, you may choose to sheath your weapon.  

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