Idle Champions - How to use my first Timegate pieces?

What should be my first Time Gate?

For some general ideas for new players you might want to take a look here:

Alternative Guides from way more experience persons can be found on the pins in #time_gates on the Discord server

I'm not claiming that my way is the only one, these are just my thoughts on which champions to get in your first TimeGates. 

One of the biggest buffs in the game are the Modron Cores. You will be able to unlock the first core once you have 2 champions for each seat. The second core needs 3 champions in each seat. So that should be your first goal as a new player.  

Goal: Get two Champions in each seat ASAP

To get there you need to make 2 decisions:

  1. Which are the best first picks for Champions in their seat?

  2. How will I be able to fill all Seats ASAP?

PART I: Top tier picks ( April 2021) 


Free Picks

Power Picks


























Reya (very late)









Hitch (gifted)



Hew Maan



Drizzt (very early)




Ulkoria (late mid)






Dragonbait (mid)




Azaka (early)





When picking a champion you need to decide if you’re going for power or speed. 

Power champions are just really good in what they are doing, and will help you make longer runs before hitting your wall. The best practice is to have many support champions buffing one DPS champion, so many power champions are support champions.

Speed champions speed up your runs. The faster the runs are, the more you can do in any given time.

It's up to you to decide what is more worth it to you: faster runs (Speed) or deeper runs/higher levels (Power). Most Players I have been talking to prefer Speed Champions first, I personally picked power champions first.

I chose one Champion for each seat and tried to create a tier list of usefulness for new players. (Important note: these tiers are only meant for new Player usefulness, like Briv is absolutely a S-Tier Champ, but imo he is not that useful for starters then other Champions).

S -Tier: When in doubt and you don't have a 2nd Champion in that seat, pick them. Avren and Baeloth are the two best buffers in game AND they are on Seats which don't have well usable champions for long term use. Some reason belongs to Freely. He offers are really a great mix of buffs, favor gain and debuffs and Minsc in Seat 7 is not that useful in the long run.

Deekin and Shandie are great plug and play Speed Champions that don't need high gear to be useful. They are rated S-Tier here because they are simple to use and have an immediate effect.

A- Tier: Really good to have, great benefit. Orkira is the strongest debuffer in game right now and she also helps to complete Asharras potpourri bond earlier, thus increasing your damage more.

Hew Maan is a top speed champion, but needs gear to shine. Therefore only A-Rating.

B-Tier: These Champions are easily better then the starter champions. Krull is an armorshredding powerhouse support. The only reason he is only B-Tier is that he takes the seat of Asharrra, the best DPS in game. Aila is a great debuffer and tank. Sentry and Melf help speeding up the game, weaker then Hewmaan and also need gear. Donaar is simply stronger in most areas then Celeste plus he helps with Asharra.

C-Tier: Briv is one of the best champions in the game. But he is only C-Tier for beginners because he needs lots of gear to be great and some more ingame stuff to become really awesome. He still is a great Champion and awesome tank. Havilar is a speed champion, but only when fiends are involved, so rather situational. She is also one of the best buffing tanks in game. Omin is a good allround Champion. His main strength lies in the fact that he completes Asharras 2nd bond for Half-Bloods with Avren and Briv. Beadle&Grimm are a unique couple that can push your wall quite some if used correctly. They are only rated C because Hewmaan is such a good pick and with Hitch you already have 3 Champions in Seat 8.

D-Tier: Zorbu takes this place because he needs some work and favor to work well. He is the 2nd best DPS in game and you will need him for sure. He is just not that useful for starters, being in seat 12 and Asharra being the best DPS in the game right now.

Of course, there are tons of other good and useful champions and not being on this list does not mean the Champion is not good or you can’t use them. Those in this list are just my top tier picks for the start.

PART II: Plan for free Champions

At the start of the game you will have many open seats with only one champion. If you want to optimize, you can make a plan for free Champions, thus getting the core faster.

So when you’re looking for your first timegate, you want to fill those seats you can′t fill anytime soon.

I) Newsletter 

Subscribe to the newsletter Seat 8 is solved, you will get Hitch for free. → DO THAT!

II) Plan for Events and Free Timegates

About every 3 weeks there will be an event which offers the possibility to unlock 3 champions; in between you will be offered a free Time Gate with limited choices (pick one out of three champions). 

Example: Your event was Greengrass Y4, giving you Aila (Seat 9), Melf (Seat 12) and Orkira (Seat 1). You have Hitch in Seat 8 and let's say the free TG gave you someone from Seat 11. 

So you want to aim for Seats 2 -7 and 10. 

Looking at the event after the next one can help, too. So you might consider not getting the champions of the next two or three events. A great site for checking next events and tons of more stuff is:

Example continued: After Greengrass, The Running will happen. In Y4 there will be Spurt (Seat 3), Krydle (Seat 2) and Shaka (Seat 9). So you might want to wait with Seat 2 or 3 for later. 

So you look at the list for seats 4 -7 and 10. Looking at the Tier List Baeloth will be a great pick. If you prefer Speed then Shandie is your pick.

III) Free Champions

You will gain access to some free champions during the campaigns in Seats 9-12 (and Seat 6 but that’s very late in the game). So those seats could be filled for free, but that takes some time.

IV) Lower seats first

Lastly, a minor thing to consider is that it will take some time and favor gains until you can use higher seats because they have higher gold requirements during your runs. So you might want to consider starting with lower seats. Getting Avren (Seat 11), the best buffer in game is useless if you can't use him in game because you don't get enough gold to even unlock Seat 11. Once you have gained enough favor to unlock every seat during your runs this becomes irrelevant.

PART III) For the new Epic players May 2021:

With Spurt, Krull, Black Viper, Hew Maan and Nova you got a really nice start. So Slots 3, 6, 7, 8 and 11 are already filled. Hopefully you got Krydle during the event too, so 2 is set. It will take some time to get the core, so it's fair to assume that you will need longer than the next event, which will give slots 4 and 5 plus one unknown. This only leaves Slots 1, 9, 10 and 12. 

The Jumpstart should make it possible to unlock Drizzt in Slot 9 very fast. So its only 1, 10 and 12 left. Look for those slots first. Considering you got Krull with good gear, Zorbu in Slot 12 might be a much better pick then I rated him. 

The other, maybe even better option would be Deekin, being a Kobold he fits to Spurt and completes an Asharra Shortfolk Bond together with Hewmaan, who is also well geared.

tldr: go for 

  1. Deekin, then Zorbu and lastly Havilar

  2. Zorbu, then Orkira and lastly Havilar

Thanks for reading all this, I hope it was helpful. 🙂

A few words about me, DaTeech: 

I started the game end of 2020 and at May 2021 im at 60 champs, have about 90% of all variants done and most Patrons perks also done (Zariel still a bit missing). My current walls are around z650 to 700, going a bit further with my first tries of clickdebuff.

Special thanks to:

pjones for editing; 

Ran_Dom, Deatho0ne, kyōdō, Sspifffyman, shine and minidarra for their advice

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