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UPDATED 9/4/2020



PREFACE (not as important but appreciated if read):

This document will be a compilation of the offensive content within the popular mobile game Identity V (aka. IDV), at best done unknowingly by the ignorant devs and at worst done with malicious intent for shock value in the character's backstories, that they in turn monetize and profit off of.

This is simply a broad summary, but not all-encompassing of every problem in the game. There are bound to be some things we’ve missed and there are simply things that it’s not our place to speak on. We ask you to do your own research and listen to the voices of affected people in areas that are out of bounds for us. 

NetEase is a MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR COMPANY. They do not care and never will care about the offensive nature of the contents of their game, since it doesn’t affect them. They will continue to profit off of it no matter how many strongly worded emails and messages you send them. These are not criticisms intended for NetEase to hear, but for the community that supports Identity V, as their views can be changed unlike a MULTI-BILLION-FUCKING-DOLLAR CORPORATION.  

The people behind this document, due to sheer popularity of this game, felt pressured to get into it, without knowing of all the awful things in this game that all other fans seem to casually ignore, as if it isn't such a big deal, but we immediately stepped back after finding about this stuff, and decided that it was not okay. 

We aren't cis, we aren't neurotypical, only one of us is white (they didn’t write the racism sections), stop asking. In addition, the photos of the wiki were used predominantly for information such as diary deductions (which are source checked and factual) as well as for summaries of videos that may be difficult to get screenshots from (as not every part is subtitled in the game). We also watched the videos ourselves multiple times to ensure that the information is accurate. The reason why we did not rip the diary deductions out of the game is that it’d make the quality even worse, considering how small the writing for the deductions in the games are.

We know that the document is incredibly lengthy, which should be concerning enough as is, but we ask you (if possible) to take a moment’s time out of your day to read through this if you are actively engaging in Identity V content or with others who do so. We are working under the assumption that you, as the reader, happen to be unaware of the offensive content in the game and came here to educate yourself out of an intent to look at the piece of media with a critical eye.

Keep in mind, it is not the job or obligation of minorities to educate others on their own mistreatment and oppression. All it takes is common sense to highlight and criticize content that is repulsive and offensive, even if it does not personally affect you as a person. 

However, if there’s anything we’ve missed or something you personally feel we could’ve done better talking about, we encourage you to go out on your own and do what we could not (as long as it’s in the realm of your comfort)

In the end, this was written by an anonymous group of people who’d prefer to not disclose their identities. There are better sources out there than us, and we’d prefer if you prioritize those first. This was made to give you a rough idea of what issues to focus on in regards to the game. 


We'd like to start this section with a small disclaimer: even if you're gonna skip through everything, make sure to at least read throughout the racism section. With the amount of instances there are in this game (being whitewashing, blackface, anti-blackness, etc) it is probably one of the most important parts in this document. This disclaimer is not to make any other issues in the game "lesser", but to bring it into attention of the readers.


One of the characters in IDV, The Enchantress/Patricia Dorval, is an awfully written character that's in essence just a racist concept.

[Image description: A screenshot of the Enchantress' wiki page, specifically her background section. It says: “Patricia Dorval was born on a slave ship where her mother drew her last breath. Little Patrica reached New Orleans alive, the shipowner left her on the street. She thus found a new “mother”. Patricia followed her “mother”, learning herbs, healing and cursing, and when she reached adulthood she decided to go back to her foreign homeland to look for her origin. Patricia never thought that the curse hidden in her blood would gradually emerge at the moment she stepped onto the land. After running away for a decade, she finally arrived at Oletus Manor with the curse.” End description.]

This is her backstory, that is surface level stuff, very easy to find. You notice a curse is repeatedly mentioned in the background, what exactly is this curse? Well, it basically refers to her being a mixed-race bastard.

[Image description: An excerpt from the wiki. It says: “‘Cursed’: They call me a bastard. Now I know why the seed of sin is the product of violence. The other half came from an invader who destroyed her homeland.” End description.]

CW Noncon (Start)

This part shows that the Enchantress’s mother was likely r//ped by a white slave owner, which ””””” cursed ”””” her with the fact that she is a bastard who possesses the blood of a colonialist. While this is definitely something that occurred in real life, coming from the fact that this is a story made by NetEase; it’s not a story that should be told by them. By creating a backstory like this for the sake of making money, NetEase is profiting off the suffering of black people. The fact that Enchantress is also the only mixed race person in the entire game, and she is considered to be literally cursed, a bastard, and the product of a non-consensual ’’relationship’’ also is rather offensive to real life people who are of mixed race. Even if some people in real life do consider themselves to be ‘cursed’, this isn’t something that should be profited off of. Mixed race people also exist independent of situations like this, and considering this is the only example of a character in the game, it’s hurtful nonetheless. In addition, there’s another piece of evidence. This time in the Enchantress’s birthday letter.

[Image description: An excerpt from the wiki. It says: “‘Well things didn’t go as planned. In fact, things were bad. I’m the evidence of a horrific crime, a shameful bastard, an impure bloodline. As for my mother, a devout follower of Jacques I, her rage is reasonable. Am I surprised? Not at all. There are numerous mixed bloods on the street in New Orleans every day. Am I saddened by this? Maybe a little. Yet I still have a terrific foster mom who loves me equally and selflessly. Although, this did lead to a certain consequence.” End description.]


CW Noncon (End)

For context, Enchantress is speaking about meeting her mother’s spirit and how her mother was angry at her for contacting her. Hence the “things were bad”. But there is a strong emphasis on ‘purity’, similar to how a common rhetoric against mixed people can be seen as impure. Enchantress also expresses a negative outlook on other people of mixed race; while it can be inferred that their origins are similar to the Enchantress’ birth, these remain as the only examples of mixed race people. Cursed bastards who are seen as disgusting and shameful, even to the Enchantress herself.

[Image description: An excerpt from the trivia section of her wiki page, it says: "Her traits are conservative, firm, mean and arrogant." End description.]

This is also a harmful antiblack stereotype of making the African-American character be seen as “aggressive” and mean, when such negative connotations lead to African-American people in real life being seen as “dangerous” and more aggressive than they actually are. Keep in mind, she is one of two people of African descent in the game, the other being a sports player (another stereotype).

[Image description: Another screenshot from the trivia section, it says: "(The Enchantress) is based on Marie Laveau, a renowned Louisianian voodoo practitioner from the 19th century." End description.]

She was also, according to the wiki, seemingly based on Marie Laveau, a slave owner, which is a problem in itself, but happens to be incredibly more distasteful since The Enchantress was born to slaves. [Image description: An excerpt from Marie Laveau's Wikipedia page. It says: "Marie Laveau is confirmed to have owned at least seven slaves during her lifetime." End description.]

Not to mention the obvious racist choice to have one of the characters of color in the game practice "dark spiritual arts" and have her battle system also be based around it. This is not to mention the various real life stereotypes and harmful ideas surrounding the practice of Vodou, which is a real life spiritual practice that is already heavily misunderstood and misrepresented by mainstream media. Her item to perform this magic is also an ape skull, which is self explanatory in the implicit racism of that design choice. West African Vodun has practices that do involve ape skulls, but it is a different religion than Haitian Vodou. However it is not our place to talk too much about this topic as though these happen to be closed religions, but people seem to own misunderstandings with her portrayal. 

Source we were given about West African Vodun: 


[Image description: A character from Identity V. She has pure black eyes, black hair in a slightly undone shimada and pale skin, she is wearing a red traditional Japanese kimono and holds a red paper fan in her hands. The character behind her is depicted with the face of a traditional Japanese Oni with slightly purple tinted skin, and has a red paper fan in her mouth. Her kimono is green and ripped on the sleeves and ends of the outfit. End description.]

Another example of Identity V’s anti-interacial marriage narrative is via the backstory of one of the hunters in the game: Geisha. Geisha’s backstory is centered around her hate-crime based murder prior to her marriage to an European man. While this would normally not be a red flag on it’s own, as it’s painted as a tragic event worthy of sympathy, Enchantress’s curse puts this aspect of Geisha’s backstory into question.

Identity V has only two instances of characters with issues that revolve around mixed-race people (Enchantress being mixed race herself, and Geisha being engaged to a man of a different race), however it is never in an entirely positive and healthy light. At best, this shows NetEase’s willingness to utilize real life issues for shock value without caring for the potential ramifications in the real world. 

At worst, NetEase actively do believe that people of mixed race, and interracial couples can never be happy or outright wish they did not exist which is an actively racist mindset that is beyond damaging to real life people who are in a mixed race couple, or are the children of mixed race couples.

[Image description: A screenshot from Geisha’s wiki page, it says: “Grow: One day you will meet someone who brings you laughter and tears. [page break] A photograph: A young geisha wearing a red kimono dances at a banquet. A young man with a tall nose and deep eyes enjoys the dance.” End description.]

[Image description: A screenshot from Geisha’s wiki page, it says: “Haze: He wants to go on a long journey. We left a group photo. [page break] A photograph: A young girl in a kimono stands with her husband behind a gloomy old man. There is something written on the back. ‘Unpleasant woman.’ [page break] Chill: The human heart cannot be changed by others. [page break] A telegram: Your wife has run away. Return quickly. Father. [page break] Love: The heart wanders, the mind lingers. [page break] A photograph: A haggard young man posting a missing person notice on the street. There is a pale, shy face on it..” End description.]

[Image description: A screenshot from Geisha’s wiki page, it says: “Grudge: Unrequited love, endless complaints. [page break] A diary: He really doesn't know anything? No, that hatpin… he must know. He has to know. [page break] Growth: Letting go is easier said than done. Getting rid of the ghosts in one's heart will result in the cessation of existence. [page break] But before it disappears, where should the body go?.” End description.]



[Image description: A character from Identity V. He has sky blue eyes, pale white skin with staples on the edges of his mouth, and his hair is obscured by his army green-colored hoodie. The hoodie is ripped at the sleeves and the ends, and the green gradients into brown from top to bottom. He wears brown arm braces with black fingerless gloves, tattered jeans that have been sewn back together, and black combat boots. End description.]

The Mercenary is a Nepalese Gurkha, as stated in his deductions.

[Image description: A screenshot from Mercenary’s wiki page, it says: “New Recruits: That’s both the beginning and the end [page break] A photo: a woman in a traditional Nepalese dress with the young mercenary at a recruiting office. The word “mum” is written in the lower left corner.” End description.]

[Image description: A screenshot from Mercenary’s wiki page, it says: “Pragmatist: We only need to focus on the task. As to how to accomplish that, well, that’s your problem. [page break] Gurkha soldier’s wages are much lower than that of the British, but it’d be a different story if they become mercenaries.” End description.]


People have brought to our attention that despite being Nepalese, the Mercenary looks borderline Caucasian especially considering his blue eyes. We have attempted to discover if he's mixed, but we have discovered nothing in his deductions that support this. However we would like to add that there are pale Nepalese people, even if they do not naturally have blue eyes unless they are mixed-race to some extent. Thus the results are inconclusive at the moment, however we wish to add this as it’s very potentially one of the many instances of whitewashing in the game.

Outside of that, there’s the issue that the Mercenary is stated to have been working for the British, as seen in the earlier quote. While the game comments about the racism between the wages, there’s a significant number of issues that come from the British army: in particular the East India Company the Gurkhas are working for. In particular, the large amounts of colonialism that the East India Company did. 

NetEase conveniently ignores this detail and glosses over the massive amounts of destruction and turmoil that the East India Company caused. Most of all, being colonized much of Asia and oppressing the people. Making the Mercenary an ex-Gurkha soldier, and the only major issue they appear to have with the company itself is the fact that they lowered the wages is barely scraping the barrel of the atrocities that the British committed. 

There is another case of Identity V glorifying British colonizers (First Officer) and we included him below in other examples. To avoid this becoming a history lesson about the East India Company, we have included a link below so you can read more about the East India Company. But the bottom line is colonialism is a horrible thing to glorify, market, and make money off of.

Source/Further Reading: 


There are multiple skins for the white characters in the game that have them dress up in bastardizations of clothing worn by different native nations, and also including a blackface skin for another white character.

[Image description: A screenshot from the game, depicting the Lawyer as a dark-skinned FBI agent with a mustache, in contrast to his default clean-shaven white skin. End description.]

[Image description: A skin called “Ancient Ballad”. It’s description says: "The song has left with the stars and into the clouds, leaving behind endless yellow sands of yesteryear." End description.]

[Image description: A skin called “Fading”. It’s description says: "Calls from the wilderness fade away in the tides of civilization." End description.]

[Image description: A skin called “Misfortune”. It’s description says: "The Priestess took out the dusty cards from the book case and arranged them in an ominous pattern." End description.]

[Image description: A skin called “Call of the Wild”. It’s description says: "A warm, magnificent texture and a fusion of savagery and graces. An ordinary life needs a bit of passion every once in a while." End description.]

[Image description: A skin called “Bobolink”. It’s description says: "The seemingly boundless forest and humid weather drove us into slumber. Yet “4” is indeed my lucky number, for we saw the natives for the first time. We couldn’t communicate with them, not for lack of trying, but I forgive them. After all, if the captain was telling the truth, this would be the last treasure hunt before I enjoy my retirement." End description.]

[Image description: A skin called “Brave”. End description.]

  • other similarly racist skins, depicting bastardizations of Mexican, Arabic, and more Native cultures:

[Image description: Two skins called “Blue Aladdin” and “Platinum Aladdin”, respectively. Blue Aladdin’s description says: "Stories in One Thousand and One Nights are the inspiration for many fantastic tricks. Will this exotic type of music, the blues bring me luck this time?" The description for Platinum Aladdin says: “Stories in One Thousand and One Nights contain one thousand and one deductions. Platinum Aladdin is just one of the interesting derivatives among them. End description.]

[Image description: A skin called “Serpent”. It’s description says: "My child, perhaps at the moment your ancestors made their wish, you should have known that the deity wouldn’t tolerate even the slightest of deception." End description.]

[Image description: A skin called “The Viper”. End description.]

[Image description: A skin called “Guide”. It’s description says: “It was my mother who forced this forsaken destiny upon me. But whom was it that first guided her “destiny” from this cursed forest?” End description.]

[Image description: Official art depicting the “The Viper”, “Serpent”, and “Guide” skins for the Prisoner, Yidhra, and Enchantress respectively in a promotional scene. End description.]

Even if there isn't a specific culture this skin is targeting, and is speculated to at least be an Indigenous Latinamerican, specifically Aztec, they're still trying to make the skin look native inspired.

The speculations gather more ground as though Yidhra's skin, Serpent, resembles popular depictions of Quetzalcóatl, aside from her design being that she is part snake, there's also the amount of feathers used in the design and the color choices, which by extension affect The Viper skin. Let's not also forget how her follower's weapon in this skin is a macuahuitl.

[Image description: A skin called “Singer”. It’s description says: "There is nothing quite like a song from the savage lands of South America to add a bit of joy and laughter during a long ocean voyage." End description.]

Here is also an example of Identity V whitewashing one of their dark-skinned characters, the Forward:

                                     original design:                     his costumes: 


[Image description: Two screenshots from the IDV wiki of skins for the Forward. On the left, there’s two skins called “Original” and “Worn Clothes.” In these two skins, the Forward has dark skin and is dressed up like a football player. On the right, there’s two skins called “Rash Youngster” and “Lucky Youngster”. In these two skins, the Forward has lighter/white skin and is dressed like a typical storybook prince. End description. ]

There is also an example of actual in-game racism, as the Magician refers to the Forward as an “uncivilized guy”, while speaking to the Mercenary to request to get rid of him. There is little to explain, as it’s clearly a bad stereotype that people of African descent are seen as “uncivilized” and “barbaric”. There was no need to include this racist remark in the game, and NetEase made the conscious decision to add it when referring to a character who is already the stereotype of a black athlete.

[Image description: The Mercenary facing the Magician, his head downwards as the two appear to be in deep discussion. The quotation on the bottom of the screen reads, “The uncivilized guy… (Mercenary: I know)” End description.]


[Image description: A screenshot from the Forward’s diary wiki page, which is an excerpt from the end card of Diary Two. It says: “Uncivilized Barbarian [page break] It must be talking about me. [page break] I wonder what he’ll do [page break] After all [page break] This person could kill his teacher.” End description.]


Another notable example of racism in Identity V is shown through the character of the Cowboy, specifically his backstory involving spending time with unspecified “Natives” during his time in America to learn his lasso skills. It is never specified if the Cowboy is Native American (it’s almost outright stated that he isn’t, but because there’s no outright confirmation we wish to disclaim this), but simply that he befriended one when he was younger, thus leading onto some racial stereotypes about the matter. 

[Image description: The Cowboy’s backstory. “A cowboy from the North America who befriended a young girl from an native American tribe when he was younger and learned how to use the lasso. Many years later, he was saved by the native Americans when he suffered misfortune and the passionate Kevin Alonso remained with the tribe. But good things never last and the tribe died out. He didn't want to stay, so he decided to roam the European continent.” End description. ]


Finally there’s the First Officer, as his backstory is being part of the Imperial Queen’s navy. This makes him a colonialist, and he is noted to be “heroic” and “powerful”. The reason why he is there is stated to be related to the retrieval of a Chinese parasol, in order to “restore their family’s honor”. The fact that he is written in an exceptionally sympathetic and positive light for being part of the Imperial navy, one who travels to other places and conquers them is unsympathetic towards the real life issue where people would lose everything during the age of Colonialism.

[Image description: A screenshot of the Identity V’s wiki page featuring The First Officer’s backstory. It says “José Baden was once famous as the First Officer of the fleet that escorted the British Queen's Imperial Navy, along with his father, the Captain. [page break] The Baden's were rich, heroic, powerful and very punctual. Whether it was protecting British ships or carrying the Queen's treasures, they never failed and were never late. [page break] Legend said that the secret behind the punctuality of the Baden family was related to a pocket watch blessed by the sea god. The tides and waves would always obey him and never delay his journey. Because of this, the family was highly valued by the British Queen, but they were also closely watched by the Queen. [page break] One day things began to be filled with gloom. Jose had an emergency in Liverpool, and so didn't board the ship with his father. Deciding to wait for his father at the port on the day he was supposed to return, but by sunset the ship part of the Queen's fleet did not arrive. In fact, his father, the crew, and the ship had vanished mysteriously into the sea after they left. [page break] The Queen was furious and thought that the Baden family had stolen her treasures, and gave the command to strip the Badens of all their wealth and titles. Because of this, Jose fell into depression. [page break] Some time later, José received news about his father's ship. From a list of items that had been on the missing ship, there was an ancient umbrella from China which was about to be delivered to a place called Oletus Manor. [page break] He had to step onto the cursed land, to find his father, and restore their family's honor. Or at the very least, to reclaim what was theirs.” End description.]


There is one last part we wish to address, that being of the official Identity V stage play. In it, Mikako Otowa plays the Enchantress which is both a notable example of blackface (as Mikako is Japanese), and whitewashing as the Enchantress’s skin is visibly lighter even with the darkening of Mikako’s skin to play the role. While we are aware that NetEase didn’t create the stage play themselves, it is still endorsed by them. They have yet to condemn this in their own officially licensed stage play, which considering the fact they gave out the title to begin with: it’s still something they have influence over. In particular, with threatening to remove the “official” title, as it’s still associated with the Identity V label. As of early September 2020, NetEase has failed to comment on this. However given the company’s consistent track record of whitewashing their characters, it is likely they do not care.

[Image description: A photo of Mikako Otowa, the actress who plays the Enchantress. She is of Japanese descent, and has fair skin. End description. ]


[Image description: A photo of the screenplay version of the Enchantress. Note how Mikako’s skin is visibly darker than her natural skin tone, yet still significantly lighter than the Enchantress’s actual skin tone. End description. ]



As a note, we have received multiple asks/seen multiple mentions about IDV having Anti-Semitism all over it. We have discussed this among ourselves, and we decided that it’s ultimately not our place to speak about this issue. Thus we decided to link/display the people who have brought up this on Twitter and in our Inboxes as for something of further discussion/explanation, as it’d be disingenuous to leave it out completely.

Most importantly, these people are not affiliated with us in any way shape or form. You may take issue with these statements, but please do not harass them over it. You can send an ask to us if you have an issue, but we don’t wish to have these people be involved by way of hate-mail and the like. Additionally, if you are the anons/the person who wrote about this and feel uncomfortable with your statements being on this official doc, please send an ask and we will remove it, no questions asked.

[Image description: A screenshot of an Anonymous ask from our inbox. It says “I sent something about Luchino earlier but if none of you working on it are Jewish I understand discomfort at adding it in. If you’d like more info he talks about his greed frequently in his deductions, says he’s doing this for himself etc. but he really is the blatant evil lizard person troupe.” End description. ]

[Image description: A screenshot of a Twitter user (kiwi @bettenou) talking about a positive and negative opinion on Luchino. It says “positive: he is perfect as a character. love him mwah [page break] negative: I hate that his lore is connected to yidhara because that means being related to Lovecraft’s lore and subsequently his lizard appearance being one of the “lizard people” Lovecraft depicted as anti-Semitic caricature”  End description. ]


Further Reading: 

[Image description: A screenshot of a Twitter thread started by average jose enjoyer @circuitcontrol. It says “can we talk about how freddy riley is an antisemitic caricature i’m dying to talk about how freddy riley is an antisemetic caricature” A second person, Luka | BLM @Prestige_Neeko says “Say it LOUDER”. average jose enjoyer says “SORRY FOR TEXT LIMIT i took picture but i can explain more if needed!” [page break] Attached is an image which says “i wanna preface this with saying i’m not jewish myself but one of my best friends is and he’s told me about it. freddy is the poster boy for the Jewish Lawyer stereotype, which depicts said jewish lawyers as “clever, greedy, exploitative, dishonest” and practicing excessive legalism. which, is freddys personality summed up to a T” End description. ]


[Image description: A screenshot of a continuation of the earlier Twitter thread. Twitter user average jose enjoyer @circuitcontrol says “OH DEFINITELY. the rat jokes are boring as fuck anyway but it’s especially viscous when they’re aimed at freddy. it’s even more disheartening that not a lot of people even recognize the antisemitism surrounding his character and go straight for “FEDDY RILEY IS A GREEDY RAT” End description. ]




[Image description: Official reference art of the Sculptor. She is a woman sitting in a wheelchair with an IV hooked up to her. She wears a metal contraption on her head, and her feet are wrapped together. There are multiple straps along the length of her white dress. End description.]

Here we have a clear representation of ableism in the game, to an abhorrent degree. At first glance Sculptor is clearly supposed to be a harmful stereotype of a mental institution patient: the straightjacket, the electroshock band wrapped around her head, the fact she does not appear to be wearing shoes, etc. However, this doesn’t end there. It’s portrayed with an exceptional amount of disrespect. 

[Image description: A gif of the Sculptor’s idle animation. In the gif, she is shocked by her electroshock band when she tries to use her chisel on the stone that’s placed in front of her. End description.]

Her backstory, in short, is that she grew exceptionally obsessed with her sculptures to the point where her parents checked her into a mental hospital, in which she then proceeded to sculpt compulsively and murder a nurse before escaping.

This is directly stated within in the video linked below with imagery of the crime scene afterwards as well as the sculptor explaining on why she got admitted into a hospital.

Her introductory video, which includes this backstory can be found here: 

This is an exceptionally harmful stereotype that all people with mental illnesses are unstable and dangerous, who are prone to killing people, and it’s insensitive to people who were genuinely tortured by the inhuman practices of mental hospitals for the sake of “shock value”. 

This fact is worsened by the creator’s choice to make her canonically an adult with dwarfism. Further infantilizing neurodivergents (and people with dwarfism) while simultaneously villainizing them. 

[Image description: A tweet by Twitter user IDV Art References @ciphermachinep. The tweet says: “‘The overall concept of the Sculptor is a Dwarfism patient on a wheelchair, a petite ‘young girl’ body hides a mature soul of madness’ – IDV’s Weibo [page break] Welp, she’s an adult with dwarfism.” End description.]


Everything about the sculptor’s backstory is crafted to be shocking, as they believe it to be a marketable aspect. More than that, she is considered to be the only major hunter who is unsympathetic: They made her appear “naive yet insane” by making her younger-looking. 

Considering everything else above, this is insensitive at best and extremely ableist at worst. Her paranoia and her mental illnesses make her irredeemable and mad, and her dwarfism is a tool to make her look “innocent”. A plethora of ableist stereotypes and stigmas are stuffed into the Sculptor.

[Image description: The translated post that was made on the official Identity V Weibo account, it says: "As many would know, previous hunters are mostly carrying a vicious, powerful stance and a sad background worth pitying over. But this time we switched things around with this character. She looks like she couldn't hurt a fly, but on the inside she's the complete opposite. 

For a paranoid perfectionist, their ultimate goals are usually to perfect themselves, just like a sculptor that uses their own body as their piece. 

But destiny is cruel, and such a goal became far fetched in her lengthy life, just like a decently skilled sculptor who, no matter how many times they practiced sculpting the pretty and ugly, the good and evil, they will always be a Pygmalion who can only sculpt imperfect statues and only results in a Galatea who will never receive a warming soul." End description.]

[First image description: A translated post made on the official Identity V Weibo account describing the creation of the Sculptor, it says: "Once she learned this, hatred and madness consumed, making her accept a deal, and awoken the most dangerous demon inside her heart. [page break] A hunter on a wheelchair. A petite statue carries a soul of madness. [page break] The overall concept of the Sculptor is a Dwarfism patient on a wheelchair, a petite ‘young girl’ body hides a mature soul of madness. [page break] First draft: When creating the first drafts, we tried to design an appearance that shows a soulless, ill girl on a wheelchair. Overall her face should not be instructed heavily, and to add a more sickly look, and sculpting elements." End description.] 

[Second image description: A translated post made on the official Identity V Weibo account describing the creation of the Sculptor, it says: "Second draft: On the second draft, we added a madness vibe to the character, and made the wheelchair looked more run down, plus unknown skin stitched into the wheel chair and a sculpture that resembles the survivor’s head, in order to make the character more unsettling. [page break] But she looked a bit too old. [page break] Final draft: On the final version we made the Sculptor appear even younger, giving her a naive yet insane feel." End description.] 


^ The designers of IDV explaining the process behind creating the Sculptor. Notable lines in the screenshots included are:

  • “On the final version we made the Sculptor appear even younger, giving her a naive yet insane feel.”

  • “The overall concept of the Sculptor is a Dwarfism patient on a wheelchair, a petite “young girl” body hides a mature soul of madness.”


[Image description: A character from Identity V. She has on black-rimmed glasses and carries a black cane. She’s wearing a blue hat, skirt and scarf with a beige jacket over a white shirt; her dark brown hair is tied up in a bun low on her head. End description.]

The Mind’s Eye, aka Helen Adams, is a fictional rendition of the real life Helen Adams Keller. Helen Keller was a blind and deaf woman who became the first to obtain a bachelor's degree through the help of a tutor who taught her how to perceive the world. 

The Mind’s Eye’s backstory is that she was in truth only blind, and her deafness was a result of disability-faking because her tutor harassed her into it. 

This diminishes the accomplishment of the real Helen Keller, intentional or not. It also implies that people who are blind and deaf are ultimately unable to achieve anything, as they use the quote to refer to it as “a miracle that will never again be replicated.”

[Image description: A screenshot from The Mind’s Eye’s wiki page, it says: “An Obedient Child: Helena, control your actions. [page break] A photo: A young female teacher is standing behind Helena with her hands on the girl's shoulders. [page break] Hope: Some people are unable to get up after a fall and some garner strength from it. [page break] Father's diary 2: Hiring a tutor was the right decision. I never thought that a special child like her would be able to get this far. My little Helena has become a little poet. [page break] Uncontrollable: To become an unprecedented hero, you have to take on many roles which you will only perform once. [page break] Father's diary 3: Helena has good ears. I don't know why she would say that.” End description.]

[Image description: A screenshot from The Mind’s Eye’s wiki page, it says: “Seize the Moment: Weakness can also be turned into a weapon. [page break] I will turn you into a miracle, Helena. A miracle that will never again be replicated.” End description.]



[Image description: A character from Identity V. He has really pale skin, with really light blond hair and slightly tinted red eyes; his long bangs manage to cover his right eye. He's wearing a long black coat with a small cloak draped over his shoulders, a belt around his waist and a greenish fabric tied around his neck, purple flowers on his chest and a cross necklace, with matching black dress shoes. He is holding a shovel covered in old bandages on his left hand and a sand clock on his right one. End description.]

Yet another example of disabled characters being both villainized and depicted as pitiful comes from one of the newer survivors who’s backstory was just released: Gravekeeper. At the most surface level of Gravekeeper’s backstory, he is already depicted as being seen as a ‘monster’ because of his albinism. 

In addition, the creators appear to be under the impression that people w/albinism cannot go out into the sun at all, when they merely require extra precautions before doing so. (It is also to note that the only medical condition the Gravekeeper canonically has is albinism, rather than any other condition that could affect him not being able to go out in the sun at all.) This indicates a lack of research on the subject matter, showing they merely wished to utilize it for the shock value.

[Image description: A screenshot from The Gravekeepers' wiki page, the heading is titled "Background". It says "For Andrew, gossip is more terrifying than illnesses. Such malloe separates him and all that's good and warm in this world like an intangible wall. He used to look out the window, longing to live under the sun like other youths, to be able to enjoy all the joy, love and hope in this world, instead of being called the 'white-haired monster'. [page break] Looking for salvation, Andrew came to the Laz Church Cemetery, known as the 'Temple' by the world. He became a grave keeper in the company of cold epitaphs and the silent dead. It wasn't until he received the invitation from the Manor where the words in the letter moved him that he felt understood for the first time…" End description.]

Gravekeeper’s deductions however, not only show him as being literally demonized for his albinism (a common trend among IDV characters, to be blamed and ostracized for something they cannot control), he also eventually defaces the coffins and corpses he was supposed to take care of. 

Even though the game attempts to justify this as him lashing out because of the church being bribed, it’s still an exceptionally horrifying depiction. In particular, it shows a repeating pattern of characters who aren’t 100% abled being shown as ‘demons’ in their backstories, which often leads to them doing atrocious acts.

[Image description: A screenshot from The Gravekeepers' wiki page. It says: “Evening Bell: As the evening bell tolls, the entire world belongs to the darkness and me. [page break] A diagnostic note: Unknown cause of illness. Symptoms include abnormally off-white hair, and a fear of sunlight…Perhaps prayers and penance may be more effective than treatment for this congenital illness. [page break] Rumor: More terrifying than illnesses… [page break] A moving notice: Mrs. Kreiss, I‘m sorry to inform you that having considered the neighbors’ comments, we can’t let you and your child live here. Please vacate the premises in 3 days…Perhaps you should consider abandoning the cursed child. Landlord Marshall." End description.]

[Image description: A screenshot from The Gravekeepers' wiki page. It says “Exposed: That damn light illuminated the secret of sin. [page break] A confidential investigation report: Many skeletal remains went missing from Laz Cemetery. The coffins all show signs of forced entry. The lid of one of the coffins in the east corner has several nail scratches on the inside…The grave keeper, Andrew Kreiss and the night patroller are missing." End description.]


[Image description: An Identity V character. She is a slender, tall woman with grey skin, black scleras, and a dark liquid leaking from these. She is wearing a nun outfit that is ripped at the bottom to reveal her legs, and has bandages on her left thigh and neck; she is wielding a wooden sword covered in bandages with her left hand and holds a black cat with her right arm. End description.]

Another notable example of disabled characters being villainized is shown in the hunter Disciple. In the Disciple’s backstory, it is explained how after being disfigured (this disease causing her scleras to become black) by an unknown disease she is then ostracized from her peers into believing that her disfigurement was the cause for the epidemic surrounding her town. 

[Image description: A screenshot of the Identity V wiki. The heading is labelled “Backstory”. It says “A strange disease struck Ann’s eyes and made them look different from the eyes of ordinary people and, unfortunately, with these changes, the plague came to the city. [page break] The epidemic took the life of her parents and there were rumors that she was the eye of the devil, and it was Ann who spread the plague. Many angry people began to advocate her execution. [page break] Ann began to live in fear, and the ever-present threat of death shook her strong nerves. Ever so slowly, she too began to believe what the people around her were saying. [page break] On a moonless night, Ann could not sleep for a long time and wanted to go to the Church in search of inner peace, but when she arrived there, her heart was pierced by a wooden stake. [page break] Before she died, she felt that unusual eyes were watching her, but her fading consciousness made it impossible for her to know whether this was a miraculous escape or the inspiration of true evil.” End description.]

To have a character’s disability villainized to the point where that specific disability is implied to be linked to the devil is extremely ableist for people who have to deal with those specific disabilities on a regular basis. 

Even if the backstory could be interpreted as a criticism of those ignorant viewpoints, it does not help the fact that every single disabled/neurodivergent character in Identity V has either been a villain/done horrible crimes or been infantilized.


[Image description: An Identity V character. He has dark grey hair tied up in a small ponytail on the back of his head, black eyes, and a white facemask with a sewn pattern in black at the top. He is wearing a dark grey coat with matching dark grey pants, small black boots and has white gloves on. He is holding an antique medical box in front of him with his right hand. End description.]

Another, exhaustive example of a neurodivergent/disabled character being villainized in Identity V is shown through the character of the Embalmer. Who is canonically stated to be autistic or to have another mental disorder (or in the deduction’s case, “some other problems.”) from the game’s deductions. 

[Image description: A screenshot from the wiki. It says: “Maybe, I… – I think that he really needs a doctor… [page break] A school withdrawal letter: Aesop may have autism, or some other problems. Either way, I’m very sorry, Sir. We regret to inform you that he is unable to study here." End description.]

The villainization of his neurodivergence can be seen similarly with the Sculptor in where both of the character’s “obsessions” regarding a specific subject are taken to the extreme with them murdering another person in the name of their interest. 

This is harmful to actual autistic people who have special interests, as this gives a negative perspective on those interests to be perceived as anything other than damaging not only to the others around that autistic person, but themselves as well.

It has been brought to our attention that the Embalmer was in fact not willingly a participant in the various murders committed, but rather coerced and abused by his legal guardian. It is shown that he has willingly killed one person, but the last part of his backstory implies a continuation of these willing murders for his embalming passion.

That being said, autistic people don’t have autism in the real world for any reason. So to put it in a character’s backstory (for which we remind you, is a very scarce backstory) as one of the few pieces of information for a character, who is, willingly or not, a serial murderer, paints a picture of how the developers view neurodivergent people. 

With the evidence of two other characters who experience autistic/ADHD symptoms being the Sculptor (who’s ableism has already been stated above), and the “Prisoner;” who’s “obsession” with his interest got him permanent brain damage. 

To spell it out for you, characters can be neurodivergent and still be morally grey, we are not arguing that, but for all of a media’s neurodivergent/disabled characters being either villainized or infantilized, it shows the developer’s perceptions on those specific groups of people. 

[Image description: A screenshot from the wiki. It says: “Steps – Calm, accurate, decisive. [page break] A step-by-step guide: Try to convince them, and if that still doesn’t work, go ahead and inject them with some bromide hydrate…” End description.]

[Image description: Graduation – His face was solemn and serene in the coffin. I believe he will be satisfied with my answer. [page break] “A diary: I can feel waves of bromide flowing through his veins. I know I will become him, and he will become what he himself would despise.” [page break] Keep an Appointment – I can’t refuse the invitation. There are too many lost people out there. [page break] “A diary entry: I can finally understand the joy he experiences every time he guides lost people from darkness. I also understand why he was eager to keep his appointment. End description.]


Also a notable ableist skin of the mechanic depicting her in a straightjacket, as well as wearing an electroshock helmet:

[Image description: Official reference art of one of the costumes for the Mechanic. She is depicted as wearing a stained straightjacket with many straps across her arms, legs, and stomach. There is an electroshock device on her head. End description.]

[Image description: A screenshot from the Identity V wiki. It says: “Symptom: Uncontrollable Expressions [page break] Note: Loss of expression control due to trauma from frequent electric chair treatments. Shows a twitching smile when stimulated, and can be regarded as the patient’s expression of ‘resistance’ – Admirable, but futile.” End description.]

Source/further reading:

The Ripper is a hunter based off the real life serial murders of Jack the Ripper, who in Identity V’s rendition of him, is a terribly ableist depiction of Dissociative Identity Disorder. Even looking at the backstory introduction, it notes “The boundary between his two identities began to fade”. 

There are a myriad of this specific trope of DID where there’s only two alters: the ‘normal’ alter and the ‘evil’ alter. Thus, explaining why it’s exceptionally harmful to real life people with DID as well as extremely inaccurate is redundant.

[Image description: A screenshot of the Identity V wiki, focusing on The Ripper’s backstory. It says: “Before becoming ‘The Ripper’, he was a student of James Whistler, a renowned artist influenced by Edgar Degas. Who would guess that a well-dressed gentleman during the day will, when darkness falls, walk into an alley and stalk poor women? As ‘The Ripper’ gained infamy, the boundary between his two identities began to fade. Of course, before you see his true face, ‘The Ripper’ is still happy to take a walk at night.” End description.]

Source/further reading: 

Further proof that this is intended to be (an inaccurate example of) DID is found in the deductions.

[Image description: A screenshot of the The Ripper’s wiki page. It says “Curiosity: Have you ever thought about what lies beneath? [page break] Diary: I used to have a treasured doll. "He" urged me to cut open his belly and have a look. There was nothing in there and the doll couldn't be fixed. [page break] Calmness: Art is objectless benevolence. [page break] Diary: "He" is only really quiet when he paints. I should carry on.” End description.]

[Image description: A screenshot of the The Ripper’s wiki page. It says “Identity: Everyone needs an identity, or rather, it's preferable to have only one. [page break] Diary: I have begun to fear falling asleep. That is most likely only a joke, but…I wake up to the smell of rust every morning. How can I be free of ‘him’?” End description.]

[Image description: A screenshot of the The Ripper’s wiki page. It says “From Hell: Darkness can still be pierced by light, but as for a mist, you can only wait for it to disappear. [page break] Diary: Stop me. If you can, that is.” End description.]

[Image description: A screenshot from the Identity V wiki. It says: “Pursuit: Causing a bit of minor trouble is an easy way to destroy order. [page break] Do you know the benefit of chaos? It can turn into peace. The bald half? Hold on, does he still exist?” End description.]

Source/further reading: 

The last example will be from the character titled Soul Weaver, another disabled hunter who this time is based off of a real life disabled woman named Aloisia “Violetta” Wagner, who had tetra-amelia syndrome.


[Image description: On the left is a greyscale photograph of Aloisia Wagner, a woman with no legs or arms. She wears three pearl necklaces and a simple shirt. On the right is the Soul Weaver, a spider-like character with multiple metal blades in lieu of limbs and a ripped cloth draped over the center of her body. End description.]

While the backstories for both the character and the real person align in the sense that they are both freak show performers, the difference lies in Soul Weaver’s spider-like prosthetics. As this is historically inaccurate for the time period IDV resides in, it goes to show that Soul Weaver’s disability was merely a plot device used to up the horror factor on this Hunter. Without any regard for research for the actual subject of disability in those times. 

To the common argument that this specific example is null in the grand scheme of the document. Due to the fact that a character’s abilities do not have to be historically accurate/realistic because of the game being part of the fiction genre. Tell us this, why is the depiction of horrific ableist and racist rhetoric used in the various character’s backstories historically accurate; while when it is time to actually accomodate for a character’s disability, the developers go the route of fictional prosthetics instead of historical research?


Another character, Lucky Guy, has a costume where he dresses up in a maid dress. It is totally alright to have male characters dress up in a gender non-conforming fashion, but the way they portray him is weird/fetishistic and transmisogynistic and falls on the “man in a dress” trope by having him be uncomfortable in his clothes and being played as a joke.

[Image description: One of the survivors, Lucky Guy, has a costume with a maid dress. His official art depicts a blushing, sweating, and obviously displeased/embarrassed Lucky Guy lifting up his maid dress up on a stage in front of a crowd of hunters. The camera is angled to show the stocking garters of the outfit. End description.]

Instead of simply being a male character dressing in a gender non-conforming fashion, this is clearly fetishistic and portrayed as a joke as no other male character has been shown with a gender non-conforming costume, nor is any of it seen in a positive manner, which happens to be directly harmful to trans women who have to deal with such transmisogynistic jokes. As well as the clearly uncomfortable (blushing + sweating) expression shown in the official art and character model.

This might be a different situation if the fanbase acknowledged this as harmful but, on the contrary, we have personally seen multiple drawings and other fan creations that play into this “joke”/deem it “sexy”, instead of rightfully criticizing it as being transmisogynistic.


[Image description: An Identity V character. She has green eyes, brown hair, pale skin and freckles on her cheeks. She wears a worn straw hat, a white button-up shirt with its sleeves rolled up slightly over her elbows, white gloves, worn jeans and black boots. Over this she’s wearing a green apon, and a belt with pockets where she stores different gardening tools. End description.]

Finally we have the face of the game, the Gardener also known as Emma Woods. She is intended to be coded as a lesbian, as her Diary entries revolve around her obsession with another woman of the game: Emily Dyer, the Doctor.

She fawns over the Doctor as the beginning of half of the diary entries is dedicated to referring to the Doctor as her “Angel”, the fact that it’s repeated twice shows an obsession with the Doctor. 

[Image description: A screenshot from the wiki page of Emma Woods’ Diaries, it says: “Diary 2: July 9th – Emma Woods [page break] Emily… [page break] My angel. [page break] I feel at peace when I look into her eyes [page break] Is this the beauty of friendship? [page break] I think I’ll go chat with her again today. I want to get to know her better.” End description.]

[Image description: A screenshot from the wiki page of Emma Woods’ Diaries, it says: “Diary 3: July 11th – Emma Woods [page break] Emily… [page break] My angel. [page break] I feel at peace when I look into her eyes [page break] Is this the beauty of friendship? [page break] I think I’ll go chat with her again today. I want to get to know her better.” End description.]


Which once again, would not normally be a source of concern. In fact, people could argue that she isn’t intended to be coded as a lesbian and having affections for the Doctor, despite the dairy entries starting with Gardener calling Emily her angel.

However in Gardener’s Diary Entry 4, one of the first lines after the opening is “As for my angel, Emily. We will share the fruits of my labor, and never be apart."  (There are no subtitles for this section, however you can watch the video and see it shows up pretty early on) She also says this at the end, both parts which cement Emma’s intended feelings to be read as romantic.

“I hope you can see the pyre, Emily. I’ll be here, waiting for you. Don’t disappoint me.”

[Image description: The Gardener watching a burning scarecrow. The quotation on the bottom of the screen reads, “I Hope you can see the pyre, Emily.” End description.]

[Image description: The Gardener facing away from the camera, walking towards a forest. The quotation on the bottom of the screen reads, “I’ll be here waiting for you.” End description.]

[Image description: The Gardener facing away from a burning scarecrow, her hand on her chest while smiling. The quotation on the bottom of the screen reads, “Don’t dissapoint me” End description.]


Which isn’t inherently bad, even if the writing of the Gardener’s affections for Doctor appears to be written with a slightly creepy undertone. But the Gardener’s story ends with her committing homicide in order to be with and find the Doctor. 

The scene depicted above with the scarecrow lit on fire actually has a person inside it (the Thief), and given she is attempting to make a light so that the Doctor can return to her it shows that NetEase intended to write her as a villainous lesbian, obsessed to the point of committing murder in order to be with the one she loves. 

Which is not only horrible writing, it’s a common recurring trend in media where people write gay and/or lesbian people are depicted as obsessed with their affections to the point of villanry. Considering that the Gardener is the only direct instance of a character written as not straight, it’s exceptionally homophobic to write the Gardener in this manner.

As an extra note, I feel the need to address a common argument. That being the Gardener was not aware of the fact that there was a person inside the scarecrow to begin with. But this is disproven, as before she sets the scarecrow alight she says the following things.

[Image description: The Gardener facing towards the scarecrow. The quotation on the bottom of the screen reads, “Sorry, darlings.” End description.]

[Image description: The Gardener facing towards the scarecrow, smiling and putting her hand on the cheek of the scarecrow. The quotation on the bottom of the screen reads, “Perhaps…” End description.]

[Image description: The Gardener facing towards the scarecrow, smiling and putting her hand on the cheek of the scarecrow. The quotation on the bottom of the screen reads, “What I really need is neither of you.” End description.]


As the Gardener previously refers to the scarecrow as only “Darling”, and single person pronouns, this shows she is aware that there the scarecrow is technically two people; the scarecrow and the person inside it.

CW Abuse, Age gaps (Start)

While we are aware that the Thief is the Gardener’s abuser, and normally we would not find this to be an issue if it was just the Gardener killing someone who preyed upon her and attempted to hurt her multiple times alongside the disgusting age-gap implications considering the Thief also ran the orphanage that the Gardener attended.

The Thief constantly hits on the Gardener then acts aggressive and angry when he’s rejected and treats the Gardener like an object he wishes to collect rather than a person. We 100% agree that the Gardener would normally be in the right for killing her abuser, however it’s the way that the game portrays the reason why she did so to be problematic. 

She isn’t committing murder because she’s killing her abuser over the abuse. She’s specifically stated to be doing so because she’s enamoured with the Doctor.

 She murdered the Thief to bring the Doctor to her, which cements this event as the writing coming off as the obsessive lesbian who is willing to commit horrible crimes out of devotion to their lover. 

Once again, we only find an issue with this because the reason is not that she’s murdering her abuser because of the abuse. In addition, the fact that the Gardener is obsessed with the Doctor is also suspect, considering the Doctor ‘treated’ the Gardener when the Gardener was in the White Sands Street Asylum (which had originally been an orphanage). Which can indicate a large age gap and a significant power gap. 

Since once again, the Gardener is the only person in this game who has concrete evidence of being not straight…this still perpetuates the stereotype of people who aren’t heterosexual being in unhealthy relationships as well as being obsessive and villainous. Thus this is still homophobic.

[Image description:  A screenshot from the wiki’s Emily Dyer Diaries page. It says “July 10th- Emily Dyer [page break] Her mental state has worsened. A combination of unhealthy obsessions with object and hypochondria. I need to further assess whether she has personality dissociation. If only I had been braver back then. Perhaps it would have not ended up like this. [page break] She is still in close contact with Kreacher Pierson. Associating with such a mutable, self-abased, and conceited person will most likely bring her great trouble. I should find a chance tomorrow to warn her again. [page break] Someone wants Kreacher Pierson to disappear. Who could it be? I would be happy to see that happen.” End description.]


[Image description: A screenshot from the wiki’s Emma Woods Diaries page. It says “Diary 4: July 13th – Emma Woods [page break] Kreacher Pierson is missing. [page break] Freddy Riley said that he escaped. [page break] Who knows for sure, but it's a good thing for me. [page break] The owner of the Manor summoned everyone today. [page break] Fortunately, my trunk is big enough to bring Mr. Skelkro. The game has begun. [page break] Kreacher Pierson has gone missing, Freddy Riley thinks that he ran away, but Emma doesn't care since him being away is a good thing. The owner called for everyone to gather to begin the game, and Emma is thankful that her luggage bag is large enough to fit Scarecrow in. As Emma pushes on the luggage, she comments that Scarecrow is heavier than he looks, so heavy that she doesn't know what will become of him in the future. The luggage wiggles and a muffled noise can be heard. Emma then looks towards Emily who is talking with Riley, and thinks that Emily shouldn't be with him, as he is dangerous. [page break] A hunter appears, and Emma tells her darling inside the suitcase to be quiet lest they be discovered. They reach the Minerva Arms Factory, and Emma investigates the surroundings to find Emily's first aid kit with the tranquilizers gone along with some recreated traces of her past. Clearly, Emily and Freddy got to the factory, but she couldn't find them. Emma attempts to make loud noises to lure out the lawyer. [page break] Indeed, Emma carts the suitcase over so that she can set the scarecrow within aflame. She claims that "time's up" and that the scarecrow should be happy that she's doing this for her beloved, as it's a part of her in a way. [page break] Note: the last page of the diary is missing. Maybe I can figure out what happened by looking at another diary. [page break] After all, a talking scarecrow is impossible.” End description.]

CW Abuse, Age gaps (End)



The fanbase surrounding this game has made little to no efforts into warning other users that try to get into this game, or are just curious about it, about the amount of horrible and offensive shit it portrays, nor even acknowledging how all of this could be harmful to people, and there’s definitely no way to consume the content/little amount of lore it has outside of this critically assuming you did read this document.

While the persecution of minorities always has been around, you have to understand that it's still not okay to purposefully go out of your way to incorporate the history of that into fictional media unrelated to real life with no focus or intent to make any commentary on it whatsoever. This isn't an example of NetEase trying to shed light onto these issues, all they're doing is perpetuating the same historical prejudices and trivializing them as plot devices to use in backstories of characters in a heavily monetized mobile game.

Finally, NetEase profits off of all of this and just shrugging this off and continuing to talk about the game and its characters publicly and spreading its influence whilst trying to "ignore" the sheer amount of actively harmful content is still, you guessed it, supporting the company. Even if you are not directly giving the company money, the more people you expose to the game increases the reach and odds of people buying microtransactions or merchandise or any other form of monetization.

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