IDV update 19/6/2020

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Axe Boy:

External Traits 1: 

  • Corrupt area: Over time, the Peaceful Pine seedlings will grow and expand its roots to form a Corrupt Area. As the seedlings grow, two Resentful Souls will converge unconsciously in the area. When many Peaceful Pine roots connect with each other, it will create a corrupt area where a Restful Road will connect two Peaceful Pine

  • Resentful Soul: They usually circle around the Peaceful Pine, but when active survivors leave the Corrupt Area, the Resentful Souls within the Corrupt Area will fly towards the survivor and circle around him for 30s before the souls disappear, only at most 2 Resentful souls can surround a survivor

  • Restful Road: The roots of the Peaceful Pine forms a road. On the road Robbie has increased movement and interaction speed. However, if a Peaceful Pine on either end of the Road is taken down, the Restful Road will disappear

External traits 2: 

  • Endless Growth: At the beginning of each game, several Peaceful Pine seedlings will grow in the map, and a maximum of 6 Peaceful Pines can be present in one game. Survivors can destroy mature Peaceful Pines to remove the Corrupt Area and Resentful Souls and also receive a chance to remove the Resentful Souls near them or remove all the Resentful Souls currently on them. However, destroying the Peaceful Pine will provide the Hunter with an indication of the Survivor's location. Destroyed Peaceful Pines will leave a branch for Robbie. Robbie can also obtain a branch from a Peaceful Pine that has matured for a while to plant a new Peaceful Pine.

  • Tier 0 skill Dispel Souls: Robbie is able to control the Resentful Souls in the Corrupt Area to move them quickly to him in order to absorb them and gain a temporary acceleration effect. During this process, if the Resentful Soul comes in contact with Survivors, it will deal damage equal to one normal attack to Survivors and disappear. The Resentful Soul will reappear in the vicinity of the Peaceful Pine after 30 seconds.

  • Tier 0 skill Resurge: When Robbie has a Peaceful Pine branch, he can use it to make new Peaceful Pines. Once the number of Peaceful Pines in the area reaches the maximum of 6, the newly planted Peaceful Pine will replace the earliest planted Peaceful Pine.

  • Tier 1 skill Restful Road: Robbie summons the Peaceful Pine and the roots start growing rapidly forward under his feet. Robbie can also use a branch( long press and swipe around to use) to make a Restful Road grow towards where the branch is pointed. When the Restful Road has arrived at its end point, a Peaceful Pine will grow there. If a Peaceful Pine is unable to grow at the end point, it will return to a branch.

  • Tier 2 skill Corrupt Growth: When active survivors leave the corrupt area, they will be affected by the corrupt air and will have a large decrease in movement speed for 3s

Axe boy data:

  • Decreased the range of the Resentful Soul that can be chosen from 50m to 32m

  • Increased the time taken for the Resentful Soul to reappear from 20s to 30s

  • Decreased the flight speed of the chosen Resentful Soul from 20m/s to 16m/s

  • Increased the width of the Restful Road from 2m to 3.4m and will be displayed consistently with the special effects

  • Decreased the cooldown time for the Tier 1 skill- Restful Road from 25s to 18s

  • When a Restful Road form automatically between two Peaceful Pines, the increased movement speed is not as big as the Tier 1 skill- Restful Road (1.5 times and 2 times increase respectively)


Axe boy lacks control of the creation and the location of the Peaceful Pine, thus his field control skills were not satisfactory. WIth regards to chasing, his chase outside of the corrupt area lacks power and lacks a way to end long kites : in the corrupt area, the Resentful Souls’ movement and his controls produced an uncertainty. Later on when the Tier 2 skill is unlocked, this greatly increases his chair camping ability and makes it easier for him to kill a survivor quickly, which provides a bad experience for survivors. Therefore this update will hopefully increase the stability of his chasing ability and the field control area : so that he can quickly move to and fro between Peaceful Pines to pursue and control Resentful Souls. This will limit the survivors’ movement around the corrupt area and give him the ability to counter “marathons” while also optimising some rules and judgement systems to give both sides a good battling experience. An Axe boy after this update will be able to use the Resentful Souls even more efficiently since the range of the Dispel Souls skill is bigger than the fear radius. As for survivors with Resentful Souls on them which will provide a bad “sneak attack” experience: that is why as a counter we have adjusted the radius where he can choose a soul to use, the flight speed of the soul, and the time needed for the soul to reappear.

Bloody Queen:

  • Slightly decreased the Bloody Queen’s base movement speed (unspecified)

  • Decreased the duration of her mirror and her mirror image from 16s to 13s

  • Increased the cooldown of the Bloody Queen’s mirror image from 12s to 15s


Bloody Queen is a very commonly banned character from low tier to high tier. How BQ’s mirror image ignores terrain collision and its long duration  has made her a common hunter pick . This update will require more precision from players using her skills and decrease the difficulty of countering her.

 Dream Witch:

  • As the Dream Witch leeches 1/2/3/4 survivors, the time taken to remove the leech will decrease by 0s/5s/10s/15s 

  • When the number of survivors eliminated is 1/2/3/4, the time taken for survivors to remove the leech will be adjusted to 35/30/20/15s


Dream Witch is a field control type hunter, the controls and character requires a high level of skill. In the beginning if a survivor is quickly leeched the game will be in favor of the Dream Witch, survivors will have a hard time defeating her ‘snowball effect’ like field control ability. Therefore we have given the dream Witch’s leech system an opportunity for survivors to counter where if there are either many followers or there are many survivors eliminated, the time taken to remove the leech will decrease which raises the survivor’ ability to counter her.

Hell Ember:

  • Hell ember will start with one infernal soul at the beginning of the game

  • Hell ember’s movement will ignore collision with Phantoms

  • Increased the Hell Ember’s normal attack judgement time range, shortened the normal attack’s backswing (unspecified)

  • Optimised AI for Phantoms and puppets, now the Phantoms and puppets will not pause before attacking (does not affect the control for quickly tapping to dismantle the puppet). The phantoms and puppets will also no longer stop in place for 5s when they do not land an attack 

  • Increased the movement speed of Hell Ember and the speed at which he recollects his puppet (unspecified)

  • Optimised the control for long throwing the puppet


We noticed in the beginning that Hell Ember lacks chasing ability for the latest version, but with enough infernal soul and skills unlocked he can totally control the field, therefore we focused on adjustments on everything else except for his chase ability


  • For every time the Doctor uses her syringe her fear decreases by 25% instead of 50%. The time taken for every heal has decreased by 50%.


As compared to other support characters, Doctor’s support ability is not outstanding, healing small injuries is not effective in majority of matches, in addition her self-protecting abilities are not strong. This leads to Doctors being mostly in a benched status. Therefore this update will increase the Doctor’s innate self-protecting abilities in hopes of increasing the chance of Doctors appearing in mid and high tiers. Her character’s role will also be leaning  towards a kiting character.


  • The mechanic’s doll will always spawn behind her

  • The mechanic and her doll will have individual viewpoints, so that when the mechanic switches to her doll, her perspective will not be forced into the same direction


The last update decreased the doll’s usage time  and under circumstances where decoding ability is decreased, we hope that there will be a more stable advantage of having the mechanic placing her doll down. In addition, we optimised the experience of switching to and from the doll by making them have different perspectives.

The Mind's Eye:

  • The Mind's eye new skill: when she strikes the ground with her cane, it will put out a sound of a specific frequency to disturb nearby hunters. Hunters affected will lose their balance and retreat a certain distance(unspecified). The nearer the hunter is from the centre of the sound wave, the more he will retreat. The cooldown is 45s.

  • Adjusted her skill Echo so that she can move while using the skill.

  • Adjusted her skill Mind’s Eye so now her increased decoding speed is decreased from +30% to +20%

  • Adjusted her view performance so that she is able to monitor her surroundings more clearly

  • Adjusted her perspective after getting hit. Now after TME gets hit, her sight will return to the sight of a normal survivor where she will see the same surroundings and character model


TME as a visually limited, weak character with no self protection skills, has always been a very weak character for the longest time. Therefore this time we have added a skill for self protection and adjusted her sight to make it easier for her to counter the latest version of the game. In consideration of her new skill where she will be able to protect herself better, we have appropriately balanced her by decreasing her increased decoding speed.


  • Postman’s new skill Bite: When the post dog is in the act  of delivering mail, tapping the skill will direct the dog to the current screen where it will charge and bite, long pressing will allow you to change the direction of the charge and bite; Hunters bitten will have a 35% speed decrease for 6s; if the post dog in the process of charging did not bite the hunter, it will go back to the postman after reaching the maximum  distance or hitting a obstacle. The post dog can bite the hunter when going back to the postman. Every time the post dog bites a hunter, the bite skill will undergo a cooldown of 45s, if the post dog doesn’t bite the hunter, the skill will undergo a cooldown of 10s

  • Adjusted the Postman’s external trait Mail: The postman’s 6 types of letters (Urgent, Farewell, Tranquility, Bravery, Inspiring, Hope) will change to 3 types (Urgent, Tranquility, Hope) and are no longer random. This means that every time the postman opens his mail he will only have these three letters. The cooldown has been increased from 55s to 65s

  • Adjusted external trait Post Dog: Its description will include that of the bite skill; adjusted the process where now the Postman will select his target, the dog will find its way over and will appear near the target in 4s while still finding its way, this means that the time taken for the Dog to send a letter will be stable from 10-15s. Adjusted the setting where the dog can be hit by the hunter, now the post dog cannot be hit by the hunter.


Postman is a character with low self-preservation skills and unstable advantages of the letter delivering to other survivors, he has always been on the weaker side for a very long time. Therefore in this update, we gave the postman a skill for self-protection and stabilised the advantages you can get from his letter delivery. In consideration of the advantages of the letters and his new skill, we appropriately increased the letter’s cooldown.

Female Dancer:

  • Female dancer’s slow music box (decrease movement speed, decrease interaction speed) will now only affect hunters. Female dancer’s fast music boxes (increase movement and interaction speed) will only affect survivors.

  • The slow music box will change  from every tier decrease moving speed by 20%/30%/40%, decrease action speed by 30%/40%/50%, decrease interaction speed by 8%/12%/16% to every tier decrease movement speed by 15%/25%/35%, decrease action speed by 25%/35%/45%, decrease interaction speed by 6%/9%/12%

  • The fast music box will change from increasing movement speed by 20%/30%/40%, increasing action speed by 30%/40%/50%, increasing interaction speed by 8%/12%/16% to increase movement speed by 15%/25%/35%, increase action rate by 25%/35%/45%, increase interaction rate by 6%/9%/12% (including decoding)

  • Because of the skill adjustment, the dancer’s trait Dancer is removed.


The usage of the Dancer’s fast box has always been low as its significance has always been awkward as players usually use the slow music box to kite the hunter. When she faces hunter types like Jack The Ripper, the three slow music boxes can cause headaches to the hunter but it is hard to counter hunters like Bloody Queen. Therefore in this update, we removed the fast music box’s effect on the hunter so that in the beginning the dancer will have more options on where she can place her music boxes, does she use a slow box to kite a hunter that emphasizes on chasing or does she use a fast box to counter hunters that utilises long-range attacks and make up for decoding. At the same time, we removed the effect of the slow music box on other survivors, this makes Dancer a more viable support character. In addition, to balance her, we decreased the speed increase for her fast music box..


  • Priestess’s long portal cannot be opened and accepted on the slide at Moonlit River park

  • Priestess cannot open a portal that goes from the second level to the basement.

  • The Priestess’s normal portal will now have a time limit of 70s


In this update, we limited the portals that are opened in a place where hunters are restricted or has no countermeasures. In addition, if the hunter does not chase the priestess at the start of the match, she might through placing portals everywhere on the map disrupt the chasing process and make it harder for hunters, therefore a time limit was given to her normal straight portals.

Arm’s Factory:

  • The window in the middle of the factory will be changed into a big door

  • A pallet will be added to the inside outside of the factory 

  • A crap shack area will be added to the empty space between the factory gate and the shack area

  • Adjust the placement of ciphers


The three window combo at the Arm’s factory combined with the pallet area outside the windows has always been a hard terrain for containment type hunters (Jack the Ripper, Clown, Ann, etc) to chase. To rectify the situation, we have decreased the strength of the factory and at the same time add a kitable area between the shack and the exit gate. There are many combinations of ciphers on the map and thus provides very little opportunities for a turnover for the hunter. This update will change the position of one of the cipher and also add a cipher to the new crap shack area. This will make the new cipher locations more balanced.

Leo’s Memory:

  • Adjusted the position of the staircase in the factory, significantly shortened the length of the stairs

  • Add a pallet at one of the side doors of the factory


Leo’s memory is a very strong map for survivors. The staircase inside the factory, window and pallet placements allow you to contain a hunter for very long. At the same time the long staircase and single entrance  creates an opportunity to kite the hunter for a while allowing other  survivors time to open the exit gates. This update will decrease the kiting potential of the second level of the factory and to balance it a pallet will be added.

Moonlit River Park:

  • Added a cipher at third stop

  • Adjusted cipher combinations 

  • Adjusted survivor’s spawn points at a certain part of the map(unspecified)


Moonlit River Park is a larger map compared to others in rank, the ciphers are placed quite far from each other. In a specific part of the map the combination of the placement of the ciphers has caused the win rate of survivors there to be fairly low. Therefore this update will decrease the likelihood of the hunter running into 2 or even 3 survivors. The cipher locations will decrease the decoding of the survivors. The exact locations can be checked through custom mode map information.

Other extreme spawn points adjustments:

  • Sacred Heart Hospital: Adjusted the positions of survivors that spawn near the shack area

  • Lakeside Village: Adjusted the positions of survivors that spawn near the beach and small boat area

  • Leo’s memory: Adjusted the positions of survivors that spawn t the corner of the factory


This update will slightly adjust the relatively weak kiting areas, how some survivors spawn too close to each other and characters that are unable to rotate at the beginning. The actual position can be checked through map information in custom mode.

Joystick control:

  • Now when survivors are injured, the action of using their hand held item will not be cut off by releasing and re-operating the joystick

  • Now the survivors’ hit animation will not be cut off by releasing and re-operating the joystick


The current game has a problem: survivors that when injured can move and use their hand held item and survivors that can move and trigger an attack, these two groups can, in a short amount of time, use the releasing and re-operating of the joystick to interrupt the item usage or attack animation, and immediately interact with windows/pallets or save.( For example, when enchantress uses her stun, after she uses it she cannot interact with anything until after the stun wears off the hunter. Basically by doing the releasing and re-operating of the joystick, this ‘stun’ can be interrupted and removed. This applies to survivors that do encounter this type of stun. Therefore, now this exploit has been removed as this is too much of an advantage for survivors), this doesn’t mean that the stun has any restrictive effect on character behavior and it wasn’t in the original designs; in regards to the rescuing animation, we have adjusted it so that the stress of rescuing decreases.

Saving mechanics:

  • All survivors that are hit will not be stunned and can immediately continue rescuing their teammate on chair.


Camping is the most important tactic in the match, but the current version of the game has many camping hunters that can cause a lot of damage in a short amount of time, this has caused many survivors that lack ways to tank hits and control which results in them unable to rescue from the chair and instead die nearby. We hope that this change will decrease the stress players have from rescuing teammates.

Quick message:

  • When survivors are in the basement or are nearby in a certain radius, “The dungeon is here!” “Run! I’m going to the cellar!” these two messages will change to “The basement is here!” “Run! Stay away from the basement!”, when you leave until a certain distance from the basement the message will return to normal. If the basement is near the dungeon, the message featuring the dungeon will be prioritized.


In mid and high tiers, survivors use the dungeon messages to let their teammates know where the basement is. With this update we hope, we hope that survivors can accurately communicate where the basement is and decrease the difficulty of understanding the messages. At the same time, to prevent survivors that are kiting from telling their teammates where the basement is, we have limited the distance from the basement where the message can be changed.

Eversleeping Town Tram:

  • Survivors knocked down by the tram will no longer be incapacitated and will instead be stunned for 5s

  • Hunters hit by the tram will be stunned for 5s instead of 8s

  • Survivors that gets on the tram can no longer get down


When Eversleeping entered rank, we have noticed that survivors suffer more when knocked down by the tram, as once you are incapacitated, this could turnover a very good game. The following changes will adjust the negative impacts of the tram and at the same time remove the setting where survivors can get down the tram to guarantee balance.


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