I’m a 19-year-old student, and I don’t feel comfortable that my parents are willingly paying my expenses. How can I earn online? What should I do?

Wow! I can’t believe these people in all the other answers actually want you to do a so-called “Real job” when you have already mentioned “online” in the question!

Anyway, I was a kid with zero talent. Like, actually zero talent and knowledge.

I can’t say that I am a master of everything now but I know much more than the “Lakshya of 2017” and I earn more than him too. (My earning in 2017 was zero… lol)

I started working online as an intern for a blogger. I just had to create content and upload it on the CMS (WordPress). The boss was amazing. The earning was fine. Like, you can’t buy an iPhone from the stipend but you definitely can pay for your personal expenses.

After 3 months, the internship was over. I was afraid that what if the next boss of mine will not be that cool?

But I got an internship and this boss was nuts! Like, the frequency of his thinking matches exactly that of mine.

Along with that, I decided to work as a freelancer. I signed up on Freelancer. Waited a few days. No luck. Then I signed up on Truelancer. Wait a few days. Waited a few days more. No luck. And then I signed up on Fiverr and posted a gig. And then I totally forgot about it.

After some days, I decided to post some more gigs.

Literally, I got an order in the same week. I earned around $5 and another $5 as a tip from the buyer. I was on cloud nine. And then I posted a couple of more gigs, increased the prices and earned a decent amount of money. The situation was that I had to mark myself “out of office” because, I don’t know why, in this march, I was getting orders, like in every 2 or 3 days and on the other hand I had exams.

So, the point is:

  1. You can earn from “work from home” internships.
  2. You can earn from Freelancing.

These are the best options.

Please don’t believe on the emails or the flyers you receive for “work from home” jobs.

Things you should know:

  1. If the employer asks you for money on the name of registration, ID enrolling, etc. then it’s totally fake.
  2. If you are going to apply for an online internship, apply only through trusted websites like Internshala, etc.
  3. If the employer doesn’t take your serious interview, then he/she is not genuine. Because no actual employer will ever want to recruit bad elements.
  4. Please, for the god’s sake, don’t do an internship in data entry jobs. You will learn nothing but “how to complete work after the deadline”. You will be bored and that knowledge will never be used in your life. Choose a job in which you will have to put some mental efforts.
  5. If you are freelancing and your client doesn’t pay you, which is very less likely to happen on Fiverr, then there is a famous Quoran called “Barun Mohanty”. I read in his answer that he can talk to the client on your behalf and will charge a little amount from your income from that client.
  6. Be patience. You will not get the interview call the very next day you apply. You will also not get any orders for a few days or a month or two. Just be patient.

Believe me, I have not only made some money but also on a journey of making my career because I know, a mere degree of BCom or even MCom cannot take me anywhere. I learned from the internships that what I actually like to do.

Although I have never told anyone, no one from my old friend group would believe that I am a blogger, SEO analyst, Scriptwriter and a Growth Hacker. It is because I was never good in any of these. I never did my literature homework myself (Chocolate was the best bribe :-P). In fact, I was a nerd coder who used to code viruses in Batch programming (which is not even called a programming language now.) So, everyone thought I will be a coder or something. But you never know what is your destiny. I don’t know if I will be working as an actor or a chef in the next 10 years even though I have zero interest in both of them.

So, try in all the areas. Or intern in the industry you are studying for. It will make your CV look cool and your pocket cooler.

Hope that helps!

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Edit – I am so humbled to receive such a great response on this answer. Thank you all!

Update – I left my last company and now running my own content writing company which is completely based on Freelance model which means, I have 0 employees and many freelancers in my team. I will soon write an answer on this.

Many people, who came across this answer, had asked me for help to begin their freelancer journey, in personal messages. So, if your written English is good enough and you have some decent writing skills, please message me as I am looking for some freelance writers.

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