I’m a F1 student with multiple incomplete degrees and professional experience – what are my H1B chances?

Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer

You would need 3 years of experience in the specific specialty for the job, to substitute for each year of studies. If the position is something like “business manager”, then you would have a year of studies related to the position (no chance with the other study areas, as you don’t even have a year), and would need 9 years of relevant experience. Unfortunately, freelance is not accepted as relevant experience for any employment position, not to mention you haven’t got yet the 9 years required.
So really finishing
a 4 year degree is the fastest way for you to be able to get a work visa. Even if you had Mexican, Canadian, Chilean, Singaporean or Australian citizenship to consider H1B alternatives, you would need the education or substitute experience. There are some degrees where you can mix business and computer programming skills, maybe you could get to finish one in around 2 years, if you are a brilliant student.
I would add some other concern:
How have you been
a freelance over the 2 years you have studied in F-1?
That would be against your F-1 visa terms, so it would not be
a consistent story to apply for the H1B visa.

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