I'm a Spider So What? Summary


Introduction to this detailed summary

I made this detailed notes/summary mainly because I had a deep interest in the lore, world building and plot about this story. I was also partially motivated to create this ; with the feeling of having contributed or accomplished something - as well as having free time to do so. Whether it is for those who want to analyse the story, for those who simply want to recap, for those who wants to use this as a support for something greater, or even for those who want to obtain information from here to add to the wiki - I hope you do enjoy this detailed summary that I have made. If you do want to share this summary, it would be great to share it with my attribution as well! 🙂


-This document was created on 27/11/2020



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Volume 1



 -It is claimed that a battle between Hero and Demon Lord had caused a classroom to die and reincarnate due to an enormous space-time spell


1-1: Starting with a Bang 

-(Watashi) breaks through a spider egg and finds a spider-filled landscape and she is revealed to be reincarnated as a spider (taratect) (Pg 4)

-It is revealed that Taratects practice cannibalism (Pg 5)

-Debut of Mother and it is revealed/illustrated that she is extremely large (Pg 5/6)
-(Watashi) decides to run to another location (Pg 7)

-(Watashi)  acquires [Appraisal LV 1 ] through thinking about it and spending 100 skill points (All her skill points) and appraises herself (Pg 9)

-A voice is heard upon (Watashi) thinking about acquiring appraisal and is described as “A mechanical voice completely devoid of emotion” (Pg 9)
-[Appraisal LV 1] only shows Name and type (<Spider Nameless>) (Pg 9/10)
-(Watashi)  finds a path branching off a large cave and finds different creatures “(Deer, Bat, Wolf)”  and it is revealed that they’re more grotesque relative to Earth (Pg 11)

-(Watashi) goes inside a “10ft hole in the wall” and gets lost [Note: About 2.80 Metres] (Pg 12)

-(Watashi) discovers human footprints (Pg 12)

-It is suggested that her body is “at least 3ft tall” (Pg 12) [Note: About 0.91 Metres]

-It is estimated that Mother is about a 100ft long (Pg 13) [Note: About 30 Metres]

-(Watashi) discovers remains of a spider (Probably dissected by humans) (Pg 13)

-<Information about Small Lesser Taratect> (Pg 14)

(Current Appraisal For End Of This Chapter)


1-S1: The End of Normal Life 

-Kyouya Sasajima, Kanata Ooshima and the narrator was discussing games (Pg 15/16)

-Yuika Hasebe lent stationary to the narrator as the narrator had forgotten his pencil case (Pg 16)

-Mirei Shinohara and Kengo Natsume got caught using a smartphone by Ms Kanami Okazaki and Mirei Shinohara was called out to translate (Pg 17)

-Ms. Kanami Okazaki is described as “usually very kind and friendly” (Pg 17)

-It is shown that Issei Sakurazaki was Kengo Natsume’s best friend (Pg 17)

-The narrator stared at a classmate nicknamed “Rihoko” and is described as “super-creepy, all skin and bones, with a pale and permanently dour face” (Pg 18)

-A rift in the air was expanding in the middle of the classroom which split open – causing everyone in the classroom to die. (Pg 18)


1-2: A Rent-Free Home 

-(Watashi) decides to make a house in a suitable location while carrying the spider corpse (Pg 19/20)

-(Watashi) goes to a T-junction with no human footprints and produces a thread for the first time on instinct (Pg 21)

-(Watashi) creates a spiderweb at a three-way intersection with an escape route in case of an “emergency” (Pg 21)

-(Watashi) experiments on a spider thread’s strength, stickiness, thickness, and elasticity
Thicker = More Durable, Thinner = Fragile.
It was shown that (Watashi) could alter properties of a thread as long as it was connected to the butt

The use of sticky/non-sticky threads requires skill to handle [(Watashi) got stuck in her own threads]

Rubbery thread can potentially as part of a sling


-It is revealed that spinning thread drains energy which was the cause of (Watashi)’s hunger
-(Watashi) eats the spider corpse and gains the title [Kin Eater] and acquires [Taboo LV 1] [Heretic Magic LV 1]

-(Watashi) tries to use Heretic magic but fails

-(Watashi) finds a “frog” via vibrating thread

-It is shown that the frog is described as “eye-searingly bright, rainbow- coloured spots” and can spit poison

-(Watashi) gains [Acid Resistance LV 1] and [Poison Resistance LV 2] via contact of the Frogs poison

-(Watashi) kills the “frog” through biting and gains [Acid Resistance LV 2] through eating it

(Current Appraisal For The End of This Chapter)


1-S2: Reincarnation

-It is suggested that the Narrator in S1 is Shunsuke Yamada 

-It is confirmed that Shunsuke Yamada is reincarnated as Schlain Zagan Analet in the Kingdom of Analeit (living as the child of a concubine of the king and lived as the fourth prince)

-It is shown that only a few people possess Appraisal

-Obtaining appraisal requires a “thorough education on how to judge the values of things, powers of observation to figure out the composition of substances, and other such high-level skills”

-It is confirmed that Appraisal is difficult to level (due to the strong side effects of headache and drunk feeling) and does not use magical power or energy (MP/SP)

-It is described that an Appraisal Stone is a magic tool that allows the user to use Appraisal temporarily and the level of the skill varies with the quality

-It is revealed that the family owns a level 10 Appraisal stone which said stone is extremely rare

-Anna is present with Schlain (Maid of the royal family)

-The first appraisal of children is held as a ceremony in nobility (which Schlain/Sue participates)(with the appraisal results shown to the nobility)

-Sue is shown to be Schlain Zagan Analeit’s younger half-sister

-It is revealed that Schalin’s father’s name is Meiges Derra Analeit

-Schlain touches a black Appraisal Stone and his results are revealed. 

-It is revealed that the language of the appraisal results differed with Shun and the screen

-It is revealed that Schlain’s stats were abnormal (100,000 skill points, [Divine Protection], [n%l=w])

-It is shown that the voice from 1-1 Pg 9  is known as the “Word of God”

-It is confirmed that skill points are normally only obtainable through levelling up

-Schlain meets Karnatia Seri Anabald, the eldest daughter of Duke Anabald through a small reception

-It is revealed that Kanata Ooshima was reincarnated as Karnatia Seri Anabald after Schain dragged Karnatia into a private room during the small reception

-It is first implied that Sue is a yandere (attempts to attack Kanata caused by Schlain meeting Kanata)


1-3: The Egg

-(Watashi) finds an injured human carrying a “round object” attempting to burn (Watashi)’s spider threads

-The human runs away and leaves the object

-It is revealed that the round object is an egg via Appraisal

-(Watashi) attempts to break the egg and comes to a consensus wrap thread around the egg to open it

-(Watashi) appraises everything in sight to raise the level of [Appraisal] with the goal of reading her own skills and reaches [Appraisal LV 2]

-It is shown that [Appraisal LV 2] reveals the species <Small lesser taratect Nameless> and the setting of said object <Dungeon Wall>

-It is found that the Frog-like creature is an <Elroe Frog> 

-(Watashi) catches an <Elroe Frog> and injects poison via fangs. She gains [Poison Fang LV 2] and LV 2

-It is shown that levelling up causes molting, increases basic attributes, increases skill proficiency and a full physical recovery

-(Watashi) gains [Poison Resistance Lv 3] and [Spider Thread Lv 4]* (via level-up bonus)

-<Information about Elroe Frog>

 (Current Appraisal For The End Of The Chapter)


1-4: Leaving the Nest 

-(Watashi) captures and eats another Elroe Frog 

-(Watashi) gains the title [Foul Feeder] and acquires skills [Poison Resistance LV 1] [Rot Resistance LV 1]

-It is revealed that integration of duplicate skills is possible ({Poison Resistance LV 1] is integrated to [Poison Resistance LV 3])

-(Watashi) gains [Spider Thread Lv 5] through the creation of traps and gains [Spider Thread Lv 6] through meddling with thread and then creates balls of high-quality threads

-Due to hunger, (Watashi) captures monsters, kills them and gains [Poison Fang LV 4] [Poison Resistance LV 5] (defeats 3 Elroe randanels, 1 Elroe peckatot, 1 Elroe basilisk, 1 finjicote, 2 Elroe frogs) (descriptions are shown)

-It is described that the monsters mentioned are grotesque and chimaera-like

-It is shown that Elroe basilisk is able to petrify the enemy {Petrifies (Watashi)} 

-(Watashi) gains [Petrification Resistance LV 1] and she is now level 5

-A human burns (Watashi)’s home, takes the egg and balls of thread; and (Watashi) runs away from home

-It is confirmed that spider thread is vulnerable to fire

-It is revealed that the balls of thread are lucrative 

(Current Appraisal For The End Of This Chapter)


1-S3: The Hatchling

-A monster egg is gifted to Schlain in commemoration of the Appraisal Ceremony

-It is implied that (Watashi) is in the Great Elroe Labyrinth

-An earth dragon is hatched from the egg and is described as a “black lizard”

-It is revealed that Anna is a half-elf

-It is shown that adult earth dragons have the inability to fly

-Schlain names the dragon Feirune (Fei)

-<Information about Elroe Ferect>


1-5: My First Monster Battle

-(Watashi) decides to “aimlessly meander” in the labyrinth

-(Watashi) gains [Appraisal LV 3] by appraising the landscape

-It is shown that [Appraisal LV 3] reveals the level and further description about species/type <Small lesser taratect LV 5 Nameless> <Taratect: A spider-type monster species>

-It is shown that the Great Elroe Labyrinth is the largest labyrinth in the world, connecting continents of Daztrudia and Kasanagara underground

-Daztrudia is a continent populated by many human nations and Kasanagara is the world’s largest continent

-(Watashi) faces the Elroe Frog head-on and kills it (Barely)

-(Watashi) gains [Acid Resistance LV 3] upon contact with the frogs’ spit

-(Watashi) creates a nest due to the injuries and gains [Pain Resistance LV 1] due to the injuries

-(Watashi) catches an Elroe basilisk and kills it and becomes LV 6. [Poison Fang LV 5] [Petrification Resistance LV 2] are gained

-(Watashi) leaves the nest to “explore the labyrinth”

(Current Appraisal For The End Of This Chapter)


S4: Skills

-Karnatia visits Schlain and brings a skill encyclopedia

-It is shown that the Duke’s skill encyclopedia contains detailed explanations of skills (effects, conditions to learn, ways to improve)

-Basic status skills are described as skills that increase stats

-It is confirmed basic status skills evolve at level 10 (the effect is significant when evolved) 

-Shun/Katia decide to raise basic status skills to maximize stats 10{10{level-up} + base stats}

-Fortitude/Stronghold are mentioned

-It is confirmed that the evolution of skills can lead to the acquisition of other subskills

-It is shown that all known skills are combat-oriented


1-6: Bonus Stage?

-(Watashi) finds an Elroe ferect and stealthy skills it

-It is shown that the appraisal of other enemies can fail

-(Watashi) gains [Appraisal LV 4] by appraising the landscape 

-It is shown that [Appraisal LV 4] shows an HP, MP, SP (Stamina Points) {Green, blue, yellow and red lines}

-(Watashi) finds another Elroe ferect and stealthily kills it. Gains [Paralysis Resistance LV 1] upon consumption

-It is shown that the Elroe ferect can cause paralysis

-It is shown that the red gauge displays the total stored physical energy 

-It is shown that the yellow upper gauge is instantaneous stamina

-(Watashi) stealthy kills 6 monsters and gains LV 7, [Stealth LV 1], [Assassin] (Gives [Stealth LV 1] [Shadow Magic LV 1]) -Monster Slayer (Gives [Strength LV 1] [Solidarity LV 1]) [Note: Monster Slayer requires killing 20 monsters]

-(Watashi) gains [Overeating LV 1] from eating the monsters

-(Watashi)  explores around and gains [Paralysis Resistance LV 3] through eating and killing many Elroe ferects

-(Watashi) encounters a cliff, finds/appraises numerous Elroe ferect and reaches [Appraisal LV 5]

-(Watashi) runs away successfully after Elroe ferects started chasing her

(Current Appraisal For The End Of This Chapter)


S5: The Second Classmate

-Shun was alone with Fei

-It is revealed that the maids’ Anna and Klevea was a master of magic and a former knight respectively

-It is shown that the activation of magic requires [Magic Power Perception]*, [Magic Power Operation]*, and a magic skill

-It is revealed that learning a magic skill requires Skill Points or earning proficiency by using a tool with magical powers

-It is revealed that skills 

-Schlain heads to the sporting grounds for training with Feirune (raise stats)

-It is revealed that Feirune used to bully Wakaba (As she got rejected by the crush and the crush confessed to Wakaba instead) 

-It is revealed that Feirune is Mirei Shinohara via telepathy (acquired from reading the skill encyclopedia using skill points) from Feirune


1-7: I’m Evolving!

-(Watashi) creates a home after exhausting her stamina due to the run

-It is shown that [Appraisal LV 5] reveals the status <Smaller lesser taratect   LV7  Nameless  Status: Weak>

-(Watashi) encounters an Elroe baladorado and it gets tangled in threads, and (Watashi) kills it and gains LV 8 and 9

-(Watashi) gains [Pain Resistance LV 2] through LV 8 and gains [Poison Fang LV 6] [Night Vision LV 10] through LV 9

-(Watashi) acquires sub-skill [Vision Expansion LV 1] through [Night Vision LV 10]

-(Watashi) decides to stay in the nest to consume the Elroe baladorado (Peel scales)

-(Watashi) gains [Spider Thread LV 7] when rebuilding the home

-(Watashi) gains [Poison Resistance LV 6] upon eating Elroe baladorado

-(Watashi) captures a large number of monsters with the home

-(Watashi) captures Elroe randanel (3), kills them 

-It is confirmed that evolution occurs on a certain level

-(Watashi) gains LV 10 and evolves to Small taratect (other choice: Lesser taratect)

-It is shown that during evolution, a creature is forced to sleep

-(Watashi) gains [Taboo LV 2] [Heretic Magic LV 2] [Rot Resistance LV 2] [Skanda LV 2] due to the evolution

-It is shown that evolution siphons a large amount of total physical stamina (Red bar)

-Due to the lack of stamina, (Watashi) decides to eat Elroe baladorado and gains [Poison Resistance LV 7] (and also eats other monsters)

-(Watashi) decides to move out from the home

(Current Appraisal For The End Of This Chapter)


Interlude: An Adventurer’s Soliloquy

-It is shown that Great Elroe Labyrinth has a high amount of monsters relative to outside

-It is revealed that materials from monsters are lucrative

-It is shown that adventurers hunt in the Great Elroe Labyrinth to collect resources/levelling up

-It is revealed that taratects are considered “fundamentally weak monsters”

-It is implied that a group of adventurers finds (Watashi)s’ ex-home 

-Adventurers decides to hunt (Watashi) 

<Information about Finjicote>


1-8: The Fall

-(Watashi) gains LV 2 via killing monsters

-It is shown that the amount of experience per level is not cumulative and “resets” every evolution

-(Watashi) obtains [Thread Control LV 1] [Detection LV 1] via skill points (200?) obtained by levelling

-It is implied that [Thread Control] and [Detection] costs 100 skill points each

-It is shown that [Thread Control] enables the user to move thread via MP (blue bar) 

-It is shown that [Detection] causes migraines 

-(Watashi) acquires [Appraisal LV 6] 

-It is shown that [Appraisal LV 6] shows HP, SP, MP values & Average abilities

-(Watashi)’s appraisal results are shown

-(Watashi) encounters Elroe greym, kills it (Looks mouse-like) and gains [Poison Fang LV 7]

-(Watashi) sets up a home

-(Watashi) practices Thread Control and gains [Thread Control LV 4]

-It is shown that MP is able to recover over time and does not recover through food

-Adventurers finds (Watashi) and chases her

-(Watashi) runs away from the adventurers successfully but falls into a large pitfall

-It is shown that the large pitfall contains numerous Finjicotes

-(Watashi) is injured badly due to getting stabbed by a Finjicote and she constricts the Finjicote via Thread Control and hides in a rock

-(Watashi) sees that an Elroe baladorado (in an attempt to eat the constricted finjicote) gets shredded by Earth dragon Araba 

-(Watashi) gains [Stealth LV 2] in an attempt to hide from the Earth dragon

-It is shown that appraising has a distance limit

-(Watashi) starts planning to survive

(Current Appraisal For The End Of The Chapter)


Interlude: An Adventurer’s Withdrawal

-After a failure to capture (Watashi), the adventurers decide to report the information to the kingdom


1-9: Spider vs Bee

-(Watashi) drags the Finjicote via thread and kills/eats it

-(Watashi) decides to make a nest at the rock and decides to want to level up

-First day: (Watashi) creates the nest and goes to sleep and reaches [Pain Resistance LV 6] when sleeping

-Second day: (Watashi) expands the web and gains [Pain Resistance LV 8] while working and gains [Pain Resistance LV 9] when asleep

-It is shown that Pain Resistance allows (Watashi) to tolerate pain more

-Third day: (Watashi) plans to kill Finjicotes due to a lack of prey

(Watashi) gains [Pain Nullification] (Leveled from [Pain Resistance LV 9] and obtains the subskill [Pain Mitigation LV 1] through [Pain Nullification]

-It is shown that Finjicotes form a group of 5/6 and has a leader (High Finjicote)

-It is shown that once Finjicotes evolve to High Finjicotes, they become a leader

-It is described that High finjicotes are darker in colour compared to Finjicotes

-It is shown that Finjicotes hunts monsters in the passages below the pit

-It is shown that there are outcast Finjicotes which fly without a squad 

-Fourth day: (Watashi) pulls an outcast Finjicote with a hardened ball of sticky stickier thread attached to the end (Morning Spider), gains [Concentration LV 1] and kills the Finjicote. (Watashi) expands the nest upward

-(Watashi) gains [Pain Mitigation LV 3] suddenly. It is described that Pain Mitigation mitigates pain

-Fifth day: (Watashi) kills another Finjicote with Morning Spider and obtains LV 3

-Due to the level up, (Watashi) gains [Strength LV 2] [Solidarity LV 2] [Overeating LV 2] and then gains [HP Auto-Recovery LV 1]-It is stated that (Watashi) also gains [Throw LV 1] [Hit LV 1] (Somewhere)

-(Watashi) gains [Spider Thread LV 8] [Thread Control LV 5] [Pain Mitigation LV5] during making webs and hunting bees

-(Watashi)’s appraisal results are shown

-It is shown that HP, MP, SP, Attack and Defense increased 2 points, Magic and Resistance increased by 1 point and Speed increased by 21

-(Watashi) fights a Finjicote squad and gains [Spider Thread LV 8]

-(Watashi) attracts numerous Finjicotes and gains [Overeating LV 3] by eating them in the meanwhile

-Earth dragon Araba appears again and destroys (Watashi)’s nest through a roar

-(Watashi) gains [HP Auto-Recovery LV 2] [Stealth LV 5] [Fear Resistance LV 5] in midst of hiding from the dragon 

-(Watashi) successfully hides from the dragon and is saved


S6: Training

-Shun, Katia and Feirune are trying to increase skill levels

-It is revealed that Feirune is an Elroe kolift which has a lifespan of 10 years (Only prevention is evolution)

-It is shown that Katia’s family (Duke) has a level 9 Appraisal Stone

-It is shown that Shun is more talented than Katia/Feirune

-It is stated that only reincarnators receive skill points from birth

-It is revealed that skill points can also add to the proficiency values that the user has

-It is revealed that it took 100 skill points for telepathy (For Feirune)

-It is shown that Katia was born with 50,000 skill points

-It is shown that Katia used 1000 skill points for [Appraisal] on impulse 

-It is suggested that the number of skill points required to obtain said skill varies from person (based on compatibility)

- Shun decides to obtain [Appraisal] via skill points


1-10: Cleaning the Lower Stratum

-As (Watashi)’s home is destroyed, (Watashi) decides to go to the passage opposite of the Earth Dragon

-It is shown that [HP Auto-Recovery LV 2] can heal small injuries (HP)

-(Watashi) encounters an Elroe greshigard in the large passage and hides from it

-It is revealed that the labyrinth is made out of Upper Stratum, Middle Stratum, Lower Stratum and Bottom Stratum

-It is revealed that (Watashi) is located in the Lower Stratum 

-(Watashi) encounters a Greater taratect killing an Elroe greshigard (while hiding)

-It is shown that the “red stamina bar” somehow does not go down

-It is revealed that there are poisonous weak monsters in the Lower Stratum as stronger monsters avoid eating them due to the poison attribute

-(Watashi) encounters an Elroe gastruch (shaped as a flat black insect) while “scuttling”

-It is shown that Elroe gastruch frequently appears on the walls, tastes extremely bad and contains the [Rot Attribute]

-(Watashi) eats it and (Watashi) obtains [Rot Resistance LV 3]

-(Watashi) encounters and captures 3 Elroe randanels (via casting net made of sticky thread) 

-(Watashi) kills the trio with [Poison Fang] and gains the title [Poison User Technique]* and gains [Poison Fang LV 8]

-It is shown that [Poison User Technique] gives [Poison Synthesis LV 1] [Poison Magic LV 1]

-(Watashi) tries [Poison Synthesis] and a menu is shown

-It is shown that [Poison Synthesis LV 1] can synthesise <Weak Poison> <Spider Poison LV 8> which creates a Poison puddle

-It is revealed that [Poison Synthesis] requires MP to utilize


1-S7: The Second Prince

-Sue spars with Klevea (swords) and gets defeated

-It is shown that Sword Mastery is the evolution of Swordsmanship

-It is shown that Magic Warfare and Mental Warfare consumes MP and SP to raise base stats respectively

-Julius (Second prince, biological brother of Shun) appears. Shun spars with him and loses


Interlude: The Hero and the King

-Julius visits the king (father), brings wine and enjoys it with his father

-Julius discusses duty and relationships with his father

-It is revealed that Julius has the Hero title 

-It is shown that the Hero title had stat-enhancing effects


1-11: Still Cleaning the Lower Stratum

-(Watashi) finds a gigantic chamber after walking along the single passage

-It is described that the ceiling is 300ft up [Note: 91.4 meters]

-(Watashi) finds a Bagragratch (crocodile-monkey like) and egresses

-(Watashi) finds 3 Bargragratchs and scuttles away along the wall

-It is shown that Bagragratch usually form herds and attack prey in groups

-(Watashi) obtains [Appraisal LV 7] and appraises herself

-It is shown that [Appraisal LV 7] shows skills 

-Most skills shown are confirmed on their function via appraisal

-It is revealed that the “refusal of the red bar to move down” is due to [Overeating], the 2-stat jump (Atk/Def) is due to [Strength] [Solidarity] and the large values of speed is due to [Skanda]

-(Watashi) sees an Elroe daznatch while lurking

-(Watashi) encounters an Elroe kohokoro (pillbug-like) and kills it

-(Watashi) obtains the title [Thread User] which gives [Thread Control LV 1] [Cutting Thread LV 1]

-Due to the integration, (Watashi) gains [Thread Control lV 6]

-(Watashi) decides to raise the proficiency of [Cutting Thread] by striking the pillbug with cutting thread and gains [Cutting Thread LV 3]

-(Watashi) fights an Anogratch, obtains [Evasion LV 1] and gains LV 4

-(Watashi) gains [Concentration LV 2] [Throw LV 2] [Hit LV 2] via bonus proficiency

-<Information about Bagragratch>


1-S8: The Elf Maiden

-The King calls Feirune, Schlain and Karnatia and brings them to meet Potimas Harrifenas and Filimøs Harrifenas (Potimas leaves shortly)

-Feirune, Schlain and Karnatia talks with Filimøs Harrifenas

-It is revealed that Filimøs Harrifenas is Ms Kanami Okazaki

-It is shown that Ms Kanami Okazaki adopted the speech tic of her favourite manga

-It is revealed that normal monsters will only listen to the user if they have [Creature Training]

-It is revealed that Filimøs Harrifenas has brought 11 reincarnations (students) to the elf village, has contacted 6 others and located 2 more

-It is revealed that there are 25 students in the class

-It is revealed that Schlain and Karnatia are attending school soon


1-12: Battling Three Hundred Feet Up

-(Watashi) camps without a home in the chamber and decides to make one

-(Watashi) gains [Fear Resistance LV 6]

-(Watashi) makes a home at the corner ceiling of the chamber and gains [Cutting Thread LV 4] [Strength LV 3] [Instantaneous LV 1] [Persistent LV 1] (to use a rock to camouflage the home)

-It is confirmed that the yellow bar is called instantaneous stamina and the red bar is called persistent stamina

-It is shown that [Instantaneous] and [Persistent] adds SP (instantaneous) and (persistent) respectively by the number of skill level via appraisal

-While hiding in the nest, (Watashi) encounters/fights numerous Anogratch 

-(Watashi) uses [Thread Control] [Poison Synthesis], Sticky threads to fend off the climbing Anogratch

-It is shown that [Poison Synthesis] uses 1 MP point {in (Watashi)’s case}

-(Watashi) gains [Poison Synthesis LV 2] [Hit LV 3]

-It is inferred that Anogratch has higher intelligence than other monsters

-(Watashi) continues to fend off Anogratches from her nest and gains [Concentration LV 3] by spraying threads 

-(Watashi) gains LV 5 (gains [Concentration LV 4] [Hit LV 4] [Solidarity LV 3] via killing Anogratch with thread 

-(Watashi) then gains [Life LV 1] [Magic Mass LV 1] via injuries due to Anogratch

-(Watashi) gains LV 7 via killing Anogratches. She gains [Thread Control LV 7] [Overeating LV 4] - [Pain Mitigation LV 5] [Pain MItigation LV 6] [Stealth LV 6] [Evasion LV 2]

-(Watashi) encounters 3 Bagragratches in the midst of the fight

-(Watashi) kills one Bagraagratch and gains LV 8. Gains [Vision Expansion LV 2] [Acid Resistance LV 4]

-(Watashi) gains [Faint Resistance LV 1] as her right legs gets eaten

-(Watashi) kills another Bagragratch and gains Lv 9. Gains [HP Auto-Recovery LV 3] [LIfe LV 2] [Instantaneous LV 2] [Persistent LV 2])

-(Watashi) kills the rest of the Bagragratch/Anogratch and gains the title [Merciless] which gives [Heretic Magic LV 1] (Integrated into [Heretic Magic LV 2]) [Heresy Resistance LV 1]

-(Watashi) gains LV 10. Due to that, (Watashi) gains [Poison Synthesis LV 3] [Throw LV 3] [Magic Mass LV 2]

-It is shown that (Watashi) can now evolve to a Taratect/Small poison taratect

-(Watashi) ignores the evolution options and continues to kill the Anogratches and gains [Monster Slaughterer] which gives [Herculean Strength LV 1] [Sturdy LV 1]

-[Strength LV 3] and [Solidarity LV 3] is integrated to [Herculean Strength LV 1] and [Sturdy LV 1] respectively for (Watashi)

-(Watashi) is alive and basks in victory


1-13: The End

-Hero Julius and Labyrinth Guide Goyef goes into the Great Elroe Labyrinth to hunt a “unique” taratect  



Volume 2



2-1: Clearly, God Hates Spiders

(Watashi) finds an area sloping upward and goes there 

-It is shown that the Middle Stratum contains a sea of magma and has high temperatures which reduces (Watashi)’s HP

-(Watashi) encounters an Elroe gunerush (Seahorse) 

-It is confirmed that Elroe gunerush is a lesser wyrm-type monster

-It is confirmed that (Watashi) is in the Middle Stratum which consists of flowing magma and fire-resistant monsters inhabit the Middle Stratum via appraisal

- (Watashi) dodges the spit fireballs and  (Watashi) attempts to retaliate but the spider silk burns midair (only long-distance)

-It is shown that Elroe gunerush can spit fireballs

- (Watashi) retreats back to the Lower Stratum, decides to evolve to Small Poison Taratect (Other option: Taratect) after appraising and swiftly creates a nest and sleeps

-(Watashi) decides to appraise herself

-It is shown that [Appraisal LV 8] reveals total skill points; level gained per skill, new/evolved skills  and increase of average abilities/HP,SP,MP since the last appraisal

-It is revealed that Poison Attack is the evolution of Poison Fang

-It is shown that the species evolution now requires MP/SP

-It is shown that [Poison Synthesis LV 3] can allow the user to customize damage*/duration (Max 9)

-It is shown that Poison Attack adds poison attribute to attacks and [Poison Magic LV 2] has Poison Shot (fireball of poison) via appraisal

-(Watashi) plans to push into the Middle Stratum and find long-range attacks

<Information about Elroe Gunerush>


2-J1: Hero Party

-Julius goes into the Great Elroe Labyrinth with Goyef, Yaana, Hyrince, Jeskan and Hawkin

-It is revealed that Yaana is a saint and is proficient in Light/Recovery Magic

-It is shown that Hyrince (second son of Duke Quarto, Analeit Kingdom) is Julius’s childhood friend and a shield-bearer

-It is shown that Hawkin is a former thief that became a slave that got picked up by Jeskan

-It is shown that Jeskan is a former adventurer

-Julius and party fights 8 Elroe mowajitz and defeats it (Deer-like) (Danger Level C)

-It is shown that Jeskan and Hawkin uses a sickle-and-chain and a throwing knife respectively

-It is shown that Julius had a master that was a mage (from another country)

-It is said that the unique taratect was spotted near the Middle Stratum

-It is shown that the Hero Party all have Auditory Enhancement

-The party had banter and continues the journey


2-2: Pride and Detection

-(Watashi) realises the process of using magic 

-It is shown that MPO and MPP costs 100 skill points each

-It is confirmed that [Detection] costs 100 skill points {for (Watashi)}

-(Watashi) faces a problem of the inability to use [Magic Power Perception] as it is tied to [Detection] and [Detection] causes massive migraines

-It is shown that Sturdy/Herculean strength raises respective skills by [(skill level)/level + 10(Skill level)]

-It is shown that [Appraisal LV 8] can allow the user to view a catalogue of skills obtainable with current skill points and finds Pride

-It is revealed that Pride greatly increases experience points, proficiency; and improves growth capacity for every ability via appraisal whilst giving n% of power to reach godhood and surpass the W system and interfere with the MA field (can’t be appraised)

-(Watashi) obtains [Pride] for 100 skill points and gains [Taboo LV 4], [Ruler of Pride] (gives [Abyss Magic LV 10] [Hades])

-(Watashi) appraises Abyss Magic and Hades and checks type of magics

-(Watashi) obtains [Prediction LV 1] via predicting and appraises it

-It is revealed that [Prediction] adds a bonus to thinking ability via predictions and costs 100 skill points

-It is revealed that [Vision Enhancement] enhances vision and costs 100 skill points

-(Watashi) gains [Auditory Enhancement LV 1] [Olfactory Enhancement LV 1] [Tactile Enhancement LV 1] [Vision Enhancement LV 1] by focusing on the said senses

-(Watashi) gains [Prediction LV 3] by thinking/predicting

-(Watashi) enables Detection again and shortly disables it and gains [Parallel Thinking LV 2] [Detection LV 5]*

-It is shown that [Arithmetic Processing] and [Memory] enhances mental processing ability and memory ability respectively

-(Watashi) gains [Arithmetic Processing LV 1] via mental sums

-(Watashi) decides to enable [Detection] again shortly and gains [Arithmetic Processing LV 2] [Parallel Thinking LV 3] [Detection LV 6] [Heresy Resistance LV 3]

-It is inferred that [Detection] harms/attack the soul

-(Watashi) gains [Arithmetic Processing LV 5] via thinking
-(Watashi) decides to hunt for food, go to the Middle Stratum occasionally to try level up [HP Auto-Recovery] [Fire Resistance] and raise [Parallel Thinking] [Arithmetic Processing] for [Detection]


2-S1: Academy

-It is shown that only the privileged can enrol into academies

-Sue, Katia and Shun were sent off to academy

-It is shown that the classes in the academy teach people how to fight

-It is said that other continents contain full of battles against demons/monsters

-Sue, Katia and Shun is at the academy entrance ceremony (Fei only can come to class sessions)

-Filimøs joins with the clique during the ceremony

-It is shown that the academy is a boarding school

-Filimøs brings Katia, Shun to the future saint and sword-king (ruler of Renxandt Empire)

-It is revealed the saint is a symbolic figure of the Holy Kingdom of Alleius (neighbor) and needs to work alongside the hero

-It is revealed that the religion Word of God is prominent in Holy Kingdom of Alleius

-It is shown that Renxandt Empire is near to the demon territory

-It is shown that the Saint and Sword-king is chosen on talent and bloodline respectively

-It is revealed that the Saint is Yuika Hasebe and the future Sword-king is Kengo Natsume (Hugo Baint Renxandt)


Interlude: The Duke’s Daughter and Her Teacher

-Katia talks with Oka

-It is shown that Oka is trying to gather reincarnators of high social status to the academy

-It is revealed that Kouta Hayashi, Hiiro Wakaba, Naofumi Kogure, and Issei Sakurazaki all died

-Oka is being secretive with the details of reincarnators and reasons to not train skills

-Katia is suspicious of Oka and her collusion with the elves (ulterior motive)


2-3: Middle Stratum Play-Through Start!

-(Watashi) appraises herself (YeeHee’s Note: Here is the difference between the chapters) after training skills for days

-It is implied that significant skill gain is due to [Pride]

-It is shown that [MP/SP Recovery Speed] (does not recovery SPR) and [MP/SP Lessened Consumption] quickens natural recovery and reduces amount used respectively for MP/SP (R & Y) and Spatial Maneuvering allows the user to move with less restraint

-It is confirmed that the UP markers reveal the changes since last appraisal

-It is now shown that doing exercises increases the respective average abilities (Pride)

-(Watashi) runs away successfully (dragon broke nest) from Earth dragon Kagna (unique) into the Middle Stratum 

-(Watashi) gains [Prediction LV 9] via predicting

-It is shown that HP-Auto Recovery cancels with the temperatures currently

-(Watashi) encounters an Elroe gunerush and kills it via deadly poison (claw)

-It is shown that once run out of MP (via fireballs), Elroe gunerush climbs out of magma and rushes to the enemy

-(Watashi) encounters 2 Elroe gunerushes, kills both via deadly poison (Claw) and gains LV 6

-(Watashi) gains [Poison Enhancement LV 3] (where’s 2?) [Evasion LV 4]

-It is shown that Cutting and Destruction Enhancement increases slashing and destructive power (attack) respectively

-(Watashi) encounters and kills other monsters

-It is shown that other monsters, after running out of MP, stay in the magma/run away or start out on land but retreat into the magma at an opportune time

-It is shown that [Threadsmanship] increases power of thread-related moves

-It is shown that the strength of the monsters are about the same as the Upper Stratum (has territorial advantage)

-(Watashi) yearns to use magic


2-J2: The Nightmare’s Vestige

-Julius’s party is in the reported spot of the taratect

-The party faces, fights 3 Greater Taratects and The Nightmare’s Vestige {(has scythes) (white) with Light/Enhancement magic and weapons. Julius fights the Greater Taratects and then joins the team into defeating The Nightmare’s Vestige

-It is shown that The Nightmare’s Vestige is fast, sprays poison and can use magic

-It is shown that The Nightmare of the Labyrinth that was extremely strong spawned The Nightmare’s Vestige (10 years ago)

-It is implied that The Nightmare of the Labyrinth defeated Julius

-It is shown that Light Magic spells can be canceled by Dark Magic spells

-It is revealed that Jeskan can utilise different weaponry (prefers ax)

-The party defeats the Nightmare’s Vestige upon it acting strangely with Holy Light Beam and heads back

-A person talks to the Demon Lord about (?)


2-4: Wyrm? Not Fish?

-It is shown that wyrms are a lesser species of dragon (can be comparable)

-(Watashi) encounters an Elroe guneseven (Catfish-like) (large mouth)

-It is shown that Elroe guneseven lives in the Middle Stratum and is an omnivorous creature (Dragon-like scales) 

-(Watashi) whilst trying to kill the Elroe guneseven, another one appears on land and (Watashi) is trapped

-(Watashi) kills the land Elroe guneseven via Poison Thread/Poison Synthesis of Deadly Spider Poison (in mouth) and the other retreats

-(Watashi) gains LV 7 and gains [Evasion LV 5]* [Life LV 8]* [Concentration LV 10] and [Thought Acceleration LV 1] (due to [Concentration]

-It is shown that Thought Acceleration slows down the users perception of time and it does not use MP/SP

-(Watashi) gains [Prediction LV 10] which evolves to [Foresight LV 1] and is shown to enable the user to have more effective predictions, ability to glimp possible futures

-(Watashi) gains [Appraisal LV 9], appraises herself and it is shown that appraisal displays titles/Excess stock (YeeHee’s note: Here are the differences)

-It is shown that titles can be obtained by satisfying conditions and a maximum of 2 skills can be obtained per title (some have special effects)

-(Watashi) appraises different skill titles and it is confirmed that the title [Ruler of Pride] is the culprit of the sharp gain of mental skills/basic stats (by 100)

-(Watashi) gains [Taste Enhancement LV 6] via eating Elroe guneseven (Tastes good)

-(Watashi) encounters 3 Elroe gunerushes and it is confirmed that [Fire Wyrm LV 1] has [Fireball Breath], and [Swimming] increases swimming ability and kills them via Poison Synthesis

-It is shown that the damage of ingestion damage > contact damage (seep into the body) of monsters in terms of poison

-(Watashi) encounters an Elroe guneseven

-Elroe guneseven skills are revealed and is shown that [Fire Wyrm LV 2] has Heat Wrap (Cover body with heat & increases body movement speed) and is shown that [Dragon Scales] has high defense and negate magic to a degree

-It is shown that Elroe guneseven’s fireballs are faster/larger than Elroe gunerush’s

-(Watashi) gets shot at with fireballs and then sucked by Elroe guneseven (little MP) but kills it via Poison Synthesis

-(Watashi) anticipates to eat Elroe guneseven

<Information about Elroe guneseven>


2-S2: Magic Lesson

-Shun is in a practical magic class 

-Professor Oriza distributes Water-magic-imbued staffs to students to try and it the targets

-It is shown it requires MPP and MPO to utilise the Magic Staff (Refer to 1-S5)

-It is said that overuse of MP can lead to passing out

-It is revealed that Shun’s aptitude towards Light and Water Magic (in order) is the highest. Katia/Hugo is Fire

-It is shown that a few appraisal stones can only identify affinity with attributes

-It is shown that the reincarnation present are the most proficient (only people who hit the targets)

-It is shown that Oka has an inconsistent appearance in class (free will)

-Hugo decides to use [Fire Magic LV 5] onto the targets but Shun cancels it with [Water Magic LV 1] (gains it)

-Hugo is now hostile to Shun and Prof. Oriza lectures Hugo


Interlude: The Duke’s Daughter and the Prince’s Sister

-Sue questions Katia about the relations between the future Sword-king/future Saint/Katia/Shun/Oka but Katia asks Sue to question Shun instead


2-5: Spider vs Fire Wyrm

-(Watashi) gains [Taste Enhancement LV 7] [Overeating LV 8] via eating Elroe guneseven

-(Watashi) tries to find more Elroe guneseven but encounters an Elroe gunerave (eel-like) and fights it

-It is revealed that an Elroe gunerave is an “average wyrm monster” that lives in the Middle Stratum and is Omnivorous

-It is shown that Elroe gunerave spits fireballs larger/faster than Elroe guneseven

-[Thought Acceleration] [Foresight] [Evasion] helps (Watashi) dodge fireballs

-It is shown that [Probability Correction] allows a better result to any power skills related to probability (includes accuracy)

-(Watashi) continues to dodge the fireballs and gains [Thought Acceleration LV 2] [Foresight LV 2]

-It is shown that [Fire Wyrm LV 4] allows user to use Flame Breath (AOE Flamethrower)

-(Watashi) barely dodges it and the post-breath fireballs and gains [Evasion LV 6] [Fire Resistance LV 2] [HP Auto-Recovery LV 6]

-It is shown that the MP consumption of Fireball and Flame Breath is 10 and 50, respectively

-It is revealed that [Energy Conferment] uses Persistent SP to strengthen things

-Another Flame Breath suffices and (Watashi) dodges it by thread and gains [Spatial Maneuvering LV 5] 

-(Watashi) enables Mental warfare, , dodges fireballs and Flame Breath and gains [Evasion LV 7]

-Elroe guneseven is out of MP and (Watashi) dodges the eels body and gains [Thought Acceleration LV 3] [Foresight LV 3]

-Elroe gunerave tries to eat (Watashi) but she uses Poison Synthesis (ingestion) and Elroe gunerave uses Life Exchange

-It is shown that [Fire Wyrm LV 3] allows user to use Life Exchange which recovers HP by consuming SP 

-(Watashi) uses thread and poison to kill the Elroe guneseven and gains LV 10

-(Watashi) gains [Parallel Thinking LV 5] [SP Recovery Speed LV 3] [Instantaneous LV 9] [Arithmetic Processing LV 7] [Vision Enhancement LV 9] [Life LV 9]

-(Watashi) can evolve with the options Poison taratect or Zoa Ele

-(Watashi) bathes in victory 

<Information about Elroe Gunerave>


2-S3: Fei’s Training Diary

-Feirune needs to evolve and leaves to hunt monsters with Anna and soldiers

-It is shown that Anna is one of the most talented magic users in the kingdom

-Feirune comes back evolved as a larger dragon (3ft) [Note: 3ft is 0.91 meters] and has a longer life expectancy

-It is revealed that monsters do not gain weight from [Overeating] but humans do

-It is revealed that monsters’ stats scale higher than humans but humans have more skills

-It is shown that Feirune averages 700 in stats


Interlude: The Duke’s Daughter and the Earth Wyrm

-It is first hinted that Katia has feelings for Shun and Fei realises it


2-6: Zoa Ele

-It is shown that the combination of [Fire Resistance LV 2] [HP Auto-Recovery LV 6] is able to heal (Watashi) in the Middle Stratum

-It is shown that the evolution requirements for Zoa Ele are a certain amount of stats/ [Assassin]. Zoa Ele specialises in high combat/stealth

-It is shown that the evolution requirements for Poison Taratect are to be a Small poison taratect LV 10. The rare Poison taratect has potent poison

-(Watashi) hides in the Elroe gunerave, evolves to Zoa Ele (Aiming for miniaturization) and loses consciousness

-(Watashi) appraises herself  {Supposed to be Stealth LV 8]*} [Here are the unrecorded differences before the evolution] (gains 220 skill points)

-It is shown that [Silence] can reduce creation of sound and it is also shown that Cutting Thread and Spider Thread combined together to form Utility Thread

-It is revealed that [Utility Thread LV 1] can customize Viscosity, Elasticity, Resilience, Texture, Strength, SIze/Cutting, Impact, Shock (Add Attribute/Attribute Resistance)

- (Watashi) gains [Overeating LV 9] via eating Elroe gunerave

-It is inferred that [Overeating] increases by 100SP per level

-It is shown that (Watashi) gets 20 skill points/per level with her previous species

-It is described that (Watashi) has a black body and scythe-like claws (She’s always dark)

-It is shown that [Poison Synthesis LV 8] adds a paralysis attribute

-(Watashi) enables [Detection] and gains [Arithmetic Processing LV 8] [Parallel Thinking LV 6] [Detection LV 7] [Heresy Resistance LV 4]

-(Watashi) wanders around the Middle Stratum

-(Watashi) looks through the catalogue and finds Perseverance (500Pts) which uses MP as HP when the user has 1HP left (Does the same as Pride with MA field, W, n%)

-(Watashi) acquires [Perseverance] and gains [Taboo LV 7] [Ruler of Perseverance] (gives [Heresy Nullification] [Conviction])  

-[Heresy Resistance LV 4] is integrated into [Heresy Nullification]

-Average Defense and Resistance Ability increases by 100 due to [Ruler of Perseverance]

-It is shown that [Ruler of Perseverance] Increases DEF and RES stats, lifts ban on Evil Eye skills, speeds up the gain of resistance skills, grants ruling-class privileges 

-It is shown that conviction deals non-resistible damage (scales with the amount of guilt)
<Information about Zoa Ele>


S4: School Life

-It is shown that Hugo has a following

-It is revealed that Yuri Haesabe is named Yurin Ullen (Church), was taken by the Church from the orphanage and is an extremely devout follower of Word of God (constantly indoctrinating Shun/Katia etc to join Word of God)

-It is shown that Word of God encourages skill level/levelling to hear “God”’s voice and prohibits the levelling of [Taboo]

-Katia talks to Shun about whether he should tell the truth to Sue (about the relationship of reincarnators)
-It is shown that Kyouya Sasajimi’s whereabouts are unknown (Oka is mysterious and does not speak about it)


Interlude: The Duke’s Daughter and the Future Saint

-Katia (Kanata Ooshima) changes clothes with girls and talks to Yurin Ullen about the changes of how she (he?) views compared to post-reincarnation (girls bodies/mannerisms)

-It is shown Katia now appears feminine 


2-7: The Administrator’s Shadow

-(Watashi) shorly turns on [Detection] upon obtaining [Heresy Nullification], and gains [Arithmetic Processing LV 9] [Parallel Thinking LV 7] [Detection LV 8] [Divinity Expansion LV 1] (Does not hurt anymore) and proceeds turn it on again and gains [Parallel Thinking LV 8] [Divinity Expansion LV 2]

-It is described that [Detection] significantly changes how the user senses the surroundings

-(Watashi) appraises Divinity Expansion and Divinity Field

-(Watashi) then gains [Arithmetic Processing LV 10] which evolves to [High-Speed Processing LV 1]. Also gains [Detection LV 10] and [Parallel Thinking LV 9] via [Detection]

-(Watashi) hears a sound but ignores it

-(Watashi) decides a power-levelling plan and gains [Thought Acceleration LV 4] [Foresight LV 4] in the meantime

-(Watashi) wipes out every monster she sees and gains [Silence LV 3] [Thought Acceleration LV 5] [Foresight LV 5] [Fire Resistance LV 3] [Parallel Thinking LV 10] (Which evolves to [Parallel Minds LV 1] 

-It is shown that [Parallel Minds] allows the user to gain another body of consciousness with thoughts

-(Watashi) calls the separate consciousness “body-brain” (in-charge of the body)and (Watashi) becomes “Information brain” (in-charge of processing information) (can talk to one another)

-(Watashi) decides to not use [Rot Attack LV 1] as [Rot Attack LV 1] can disintegrate the enemy (No food and destroys body part that uses it [Lose HP])

-(Watashi) gains [Vision Enhancement LV 10] which derives the sub-skill [Telescopic Sight LV 1] which can magnify the view of distant sights

- It is shown that (Watashi) can view normal vision and [Telescopic sight] due to having 8 eyes

-(Watashi) kills a monster via Poison Synthesis and gains LV 3 and in turn, she gains [Vision Expansion LV 3] [Life LV 10] (Evolves to [Longevity LV 1])

-It is shown that [Longevity] raises HP by {10 x Skill Level} and {Skill Level}/Level UP

-It is revealed that (Watashi) gains 50 skill points when she levels up (in Zoa Ele)

-(Watashi) appraises Evil Eyes via Skill catalogue as she has enough skill points for Evil Eyes

-(Watashi) comes to a consensus (Body/Information In-charge) and chooses Cursed Evil Eye

-It is revealed that Cursed Evil Eye weakens stat values and causes damage to HP, MP, SP

-(Watashi) encounters an Elroe Frog (From Upper Stratum) (Adapted to the Middle Stratum with [Heat Nullification]) and kills it via Cursed Evil Eye (Dead via lack of SP (red))

-It is shown that HP starts decreasing rapidly when SP (red) is 0

-It is revealed that the Elroe Frog spit attacks are due to [Poison Synthesis] + [Expel]

-It is shown that Cursed Evil Eye consumes 1MP/Sec and decreases stats 1 / 5seconds (LV 1)

-(Watashi) tries to use Telescopic Sight + Evil Eye but does not work but works with Vision Enhancement with Evil Eye. (Watashi) gains [Telescopic Sight LV 5] (Increase magnification/Distance) (Can use simultaneously) [Evil Eye LV 3]

-It is revealed that Evil Eye doesn’t affect vision

-Body Brain and Information Brain had an argument 

-(Watashi) gains [Appraisal LV 10], hears a sound and [Appraisal LV 10] [Detection LV 10] is integrated into [Wisdom]

-(Watashi) gains the title  [Ruler of Wisdom] which gives {[Height of Occultism]* [Celestial Power] (MP Recovery Speed LV 4/Mp Lessened Consumption LV 3 and Magic Mass LV 9/Protection LV 4 is integrated into [Height of Occultism] and [Celestial Power] respectively)

-It is revealed that (Upper) Administrators/D exists via the construction of [Wisdom] and (Watashi) is afraid of that


S5: Ruling Class

-Shun was selected to go to the exploration class and heads to a mountain

-It is shown that only weak monsters live in the mountain

-Shun is grouped with Hugo, Filimøs and Parton with Professor Oriza

-It is shown that Parton is a friend of Shun, has a father that is a former baron and specialises in physical-based skills

-After the establishment of the camp, Shun explores the surroundings alone

-Shun encounters, fights Hugo (starts a whole fight around camp) and appraises him

-It is shown that [Emperor] can instil fear onto the opponent (Heresy Attribute] and increases the effects of skills

-Oka intercepts Hugo and his plan, uses wind magic on Hugo and resets his stats to 30 (skills gone) via ruler’s authority.

-The exploration class is now suspended


2-8: Wisdom

-(Watashi) appraises [Wisdom] and it’s contents

-(Watashi) gains [Fire Resistance LV 4] [Paralysis Resistance LV 5] via “igniting thread” incident

-It is shown that [Wisdom] reveals Attack/Defense capability for parts of the body (scythe strongest atk). It also shows the types of speed Instantaneous/reflex/persistent speed as well as the specifics of magic stats and attributes resistances

-It is revealed that Magic/rune-related stats are 99,999 due to [Height of Occultism]

-It is revealed that (Watashi) is weakest to fire and weak in water/ice/light but resistant to Heresy (99,999)/poison resistance/dark (order)

-It is also shown that [Wisdom] can check proficiency quantities of all skills (to next LV), can view the complete catalogue of skills, unlocks all skills and shows a map of where (Watashi) has been (Can’t appraise mysterious skill)

-It is shown that [Immortality] costs 1,000,000 skill points

-(Watashi) can now appraise what she senses via [Detection] due to [Wisdom]

-It is revealed that The Great Elroe Labyrinth is far larger than Hokkaido 

-It is shown that maxed MP Recovery Speed stat can regenerate 2-3 MP/second (For Watashi)

-(Watashi) understands and proceeds to try different magic spells (Poison/Abyss)

-It is shown that [Poison Magic LV 3] can allow the user to use Poison Resist (increases resistance to poison) and [Poison Magic LV 1] can allow the user to user Poison Touch (Causes poison damage to user and touched object)

-(Watashi) gains [Parallel Minds LV 2], gains another consciousness and names it “magic brain”

-(Watashi) gains [Overeating LV 10] which evolves into [Satiation LV 1]*. It is revealed that [Satiation] can stock HP/MP/SP and user (humans) does not gain weight

-(Watashi) gains [Instantaneous LV 10] and [Persistent LV 10] which evolves to [Instant Body LV 1]* and [Endurance LV 1*], respectively

-(Watashi) is curious about the administrators

-It is revealed that [Wisdom] shows an evolution tree and aims to reach Arachne and obtain [Telepathy] to interact outside. (Watashi) plans to get out of the Middle Stratum first


S6: Earth Wyrm Attack

-An earth wyrm (2,000 stats) appears in the academy due to the plans of Hugo’s minions

-It is shown that summoners require the skill [Creature Training]

-It is revealed that [Creature Training] can only allow the user to control weaker monsters (Stronger needs contract/trust)

-It is revealed that Sue’s highest aptitude is water magic

-It is shown that [Imperial Scales] is the evolution of [Dragon Scales] 

-Shun gains [Light Attack] via skill points. The Wyrm suddenly halts it’s breath attack and (Shun) and decapitates the wyrm with the sword. Shun loses consciousness

-(Shun) wakes up to find that his injuries are getting treated

-(Shun) is not used to killing monsters

-It is revealed that Fei bit the wyrm’s neck to interrupt the breath attack and Fei gains [Kin Eater] (Implied Parent)


Interlude: Despair of the Defeated

-Hugo is angry about the lost skills due to Oka and gains [Desire LV 1] [Anger LV 1]* [Usurp LV 1] [Crude LV 1]


Interlude: The Duke’s Daughter and the Noisy Reincarnations

-Katia talks with Fei and Yuri and talks about Shun/Julius

-It is revealed that a new saint suffices when the Hero dies

-It is said that the Demon Lord has started to move

-It is said that there was a religious war between the Word of God and the Goddess when the reincarnator were babies as well as the appearance of The Nightmare of the Labyrinth.

-It is revealed that there is no [Humanification] skill (Humans knowledge)

-It is described that demons look similar to humans


2-9: Lord of the Fire Sea

-(Watashi) encounters a deep/large lake of magma that contains a lot of monsters that only has “islands” to hop/travel on 

-(Watashi) gained [Paralyzing Evil Eye] [Magic Warfare] (between chapters)

-It is shown that [Satiation] stocks automatic recovery

-(Watashi) hops around and encounters an Elroe gunesohka (Wyrm-like)

-It is stated that Imperial Scales has a higher degree of an effect than Dragon Scales

-It is shown that Coordination raises the ability to work together and Leadership makes underlings follow commands (Come from [Commander])

-It is shown that the title [Commander]* increases underlings stats

-(Watashi) is now surrounded by monsters and fights them with [Magic/Mental Warfare] 

-Fireballs come to (Watashi) and she uses Poison Shot to cancel out fireballs (has physical damage) and dodges them as well

-(Watashi) uses [Poison Magic LV 6]: Poison Fog (How did she obtain?) which generates a toxic cloud and proceeds to kill Elroe gunerushes with scythes

-(Watashi) gains LV 7 and then gains [Threadsmanship LV 4] due to killing monsters via using Poison Synthesis and Elroe gunerave’s fireball

-(Watashi) kills an Elroe gunerave/gunerush with a rot attack scythe and gains LV 10 and then gains [Mental Warfare LV 4] [Poison Magic LV 7] [Poison Enhancement LV 7]

-(Watashi) gains the title [Wyrm Slayer] and then gains [Life LV 1] (integrated into [Longevity LV 1]) [Wyrm Power LV 1]

-(Watashi) uses Curse/Paralyzing Evil Eye simultaneously to Elroe Gunsohka/Gunerave

-(Watashi) uses [Poison Magic LV 7]: Paralysis Shot (Paralyzes temporarily) on Elroe gunesohka

- (Watashi) kills Gunerave (paralysed) via Deadly Spider Poison and gains LV 12

-(Watashi) gains [Spatial Maneuvering LV 9] [Evasion LV 9] and the title [Fearbringer] (gives [Intimidation LV 1] [Heretic Attack LV 1]

-(Watashi) now kills the Elroeo gunesohka and gains LV 15 and due to that gains [Destruction Enhancement LV 4] [Rot Resistance LV 4] [Impact Resistance LV 3] [Demon Lord LV 1]

-(Watashi) appraises the received skills/titles

-(Watashi) obtains Spatial Magic (able to manipulate space) via 500 Skill Points 

-It is shown that [Spatial Magic LV 1] is Coordinate Designation (Resizable metaphysical green line cube appears)

-(Watashi) is descaling the monsters and basks herself in victory 

<Information about Elroe gunesohka>


Interlude: The Demon Lord’s Aide Sighs at a Meeting

-The narrator walks down with the petite Demon Lord and they enter a room with 10 women and men

-It is revealed that the narrator is named “Balto”

-It is implied that there is a divide between the opinions of the Demon Lord

-The meeting starts and calls the Army Commander in ascending order for reports

-First Army Commander Agner reports that The First Army is advancing to Renxandt Empire, Fort Kusorin

-Second Army Commander Sanatoria reports

-Third Army Commander Kogou does not want a war but the Demon Lord rebuts. Does not have anything to report

-Fourth Commander Merazophis, Fifth Commander Darad, Sixth Commander Huey states their reports

-Balto’s brother, Blow Seventh Army Commander is against the Demon Lord’s ruling and argues against The Fifth Army Commander. The Demon Lord puts a stop with spider threads

-Eighth Army Commander Wrath reports

-The Ninth Army Commander “Black” is described to be fully dark with red eyes and the Tenth “White” is described to be fully white

-The Demon Lord now officially starts the war


J3: And So the War Began

-Julius and the party awaits the demon army in the fortress

-It is revealed that Demons live longer than humans and have equal skills/intellect

-It is revealed that Julius’s memento of his mother (scarf) is made out of taratect thread (From Watashi) and is valuable (knitted slightly before Shun was born)

-It is revealed that Dragon eggs are rare and valuable 

-It is said that Shun/Julius’s mother died shortly after she gave birth to Shun

-The demon army is shown to be moving weirdly (dispersing troops to invade)


S7: The Voice That Announces Ruination

-A few years passes after S6 incident and Shun is in a class

-It is stated that Hugo disappeared from school (rumor is via spatial magic)

-It is revealed that Oka suddenly disappeared (Including Wyrm event)

-Fei is devoted to levelling up after S6 and Sue is more distant to Shun, Relationship between Katia/Shun is more awkward

-Shun suddenly gains the [Hero] title and acquires [Hero LV 1] [Holy Light Magic] (Julius is dead)


Interlude: Spider Demon Lord

-The Demon Lord talks to White about the reincarnation and Julius’s scarf


Final Act: God Love Spiders

-An Administrator has taken a liking/entertained to (Watashi) and continues to spectate her and her actions



Volume 3



3-1: I’m Going to Find the Outside!

-(Watashi) yearns to escape to the Upper Stratum and out of the Labyrinth and consume better food (and dilemma between telepathy & arachne)

-It is revealed that the Middle Stratum has straightforward passages while the Upper is like a complicated maze

-(Watashi) appraises herself (YeeHee’s note: Here are the differences) and she comments about it


3-S1: New Hero

-Shun leaves school,  returns to the royal castle, heads toward the King’s office, and is confirmed to be the Hero via appraisal

-Shun is distraught and Leston (Third Prince) comforts him

-Cylis, First Prince breaks the mood and now the princes and kings discuss about the status of the war 

-It is stated that the Demon army invasion is not known to the public

-A general knocks the door and comes in and discusses the status of the war

-It is revealed that the title [Hero] is given to a human with a “pure and honest spirit” (Human rumor)

-It is said that the battlefield is in mayhem with major casualties along with the collapse of several fortresses (Including large Fort Kusorion) via a large monster but the demon army now driven back

-The General leaves and the King decides to keep the transfer of the [Hero] title secret

-Shun is asked to withdraw from school and proceeds to leave the room


Interlude: The Teacher and the Third Prince

-Leston tells Oka that Shun has inherited the Hero title

-Oka reports it to Potimas and she decides to go back to the royal castle                   


3-2: Labyrinth’s Zenith, I Call Thee Mother

-(Watashi) is exploring in the labyrinth

-It is shown that all monsters run away from (Watashi) due to [Fearbringer] (No food/EXP) (worries)

-It is shown that the affect of [Fearbringer] supersedes the skill [Stealth] (Cancels)

-(Watashi) encounters a huge hole and sees Mother climbing down and (Watashi) is scared

-A fire dragon with many monsters fights Mother and gets obliterated by a breath attack

-It is hinted that Magma lakes are created by huge attacks (craters)

-Mother disappears, (Watashi) holds still for awhile and gains [Fear Resistance LV 8] [Stealth LV 9]


3-S2: Omen

-One month has passed since Shun left school and Shun is training

-It is said that the Demon army is also damaged and hasn’t attacked after the all-out war

-Shun uses [Fartalk] to talk to Sue, Katia etc

-It is stated that Yuri is called back to the Church and Hyrince is returning to the royal castle via [Fartalk]

-It is stated that the whole Hero party is killed except for Hyrince

-It is revealed there is only one person that’s capable of using Teleport in the Kingdom of Analeit

-It is revealed that human and demon both have forts; humans have 8 (half fallen)

-It is revealed that a Queen Taratect (legendary-class) that is rumored to be contracted by Demons destroyed Fort Kusrion 

-It is revealed that Fort Okun was destroyed via a swarm of anogratch (AKA vengeful monkey) that the demons released there

-It is said that surges of anogratch are found near the human-demon border

-It is stated that only Fort Dazarro which had Ronandt (strongest living human mage) killed a commander and had victory

-Shun cannot bear the pressure of being the Hero

-It is revealed that Shun contracted Fei before obtaining [Hero]

-It is revealed that Shun can call Fei anywhere via [Summoning]

-It is revealed that when Shun became a Hero, Fei was in a Wyrm Egg

-Shun continues to train


3-3: Spider vs Fire Dragon

-(Watashi) encounters the Fire Dragon (Rend) that survived from the breath attack and appraises it

-It is revealed that [Status Condition Resistance] increases the resistance of condition-inflicting attacks

-It is implied that the skill [Fire Wyrm] evolves to [Fire Dragon] 

-It is revealed that [Fire Wyrm LV 8] has Flame Wrap which increases the user’s physical ability (advanced version of [Heat Wrap])

-(Watashi) avoids fireballs via [Thought Acceleration] [Foresight] [Evasion], and Evil Eyes are ineffective (Also activated Magic & Mental Warfare and Wyrm Power)

-It is revealed that [Command] is the evolution of [Leadership]

-(Watashi) tries to use Magic but it is ineffective. Rend gains [Status Condition Resistance LV 2] via (Watashi)’s Evil Eye

-Rend jumps up and it uses [Inferno Breath] (from [Fire Wyrm LV 10]*) while (Watashi) uses Poison Synthesis for protection from the newly formed magma lake

-(Watashi) climbs up to ceiling via thread, synthesizes Deadly Spider Poison to Rend that’s going to eat her from below, Rend dodges it and (Watashi) falls down to a small island

-Rend uses [Inferno Breath] on the island and (Watashi) is perceived to be gone


S3: Julius

-Hyrince returns to the royal castle and meets Shun

-It is revealed that Hyrince was alive due to the Phoenix Feather that was given from Julius which can make a person temporarily invincible 

-It was revealed that while Julius was killing the demons, a white girl killed them (rumoured to be [Rot Attack])

-Hyrince gives Shun Julius’s scarf (Shown that his Mother made it)

-Shun recalls of Julius’s memories

-Shun agrees to Hyrince joining his Hero party and Hyrince joins


Interlude: The Hero’s Master

-Ronandt is trying to practice magic but his disciple interrupts him to do an administrative task but Ronandt refuses

-It is revealed that the narrator is the Renxandt Empire’s head court mage

-While talking the narrator remembers a certain powerful mage that exceeds him (Not human)

-It is stated that 16 years ago he met that powerful mage (“Master”) which destroyed his large ego 

-It is hinted that only saving the entire world is only possible for Gods

-The narrator continues on with his magic practice


3-4: Dragon Slayer

-(Watashi) synthesizes a strong poison above Rend, strikes down Rend with [Rot Attack] and pulls herself back up with thread

-It is revealed that (Watashi) used [Heretic Magic LV 6]: Phantasm which causes hallucinations on Rend while Rend had a panic with the synthesized poison {(Watashi) was on the ceiling the whole tim

-It is implied that the effectiveness of [Heretic Magic] mainly depends on the mental state of the target

-(Watashi) somehow feels that this dragon is irritating

-(Watashi) gains [Parallel Minds LV 3] somewhere in the fight and tries [Abyss Magic LV 1]: Hell Gate and almost kills Rend

-Rend uses a body slam but hits Utility Thread (Fire Resistance) which stops the Flame Wrap and (Watashi) kills Rend via [Rot Attack]

-(Watashi) gains LV 19 and gains [Spatial Maneuvering LV 10] which evolves into [Dimensional Maneuvering LV 1]. (Watashi) also gains [Rot Attack LV 2] [Evasion LV 10],  [Probability Correction LV 1] (a subskill from [Evasion LV 10]) [Hit LV 10], [Probability Correction LV 1] (a subskill from [Hit LV 10 and integrated into [Probability Correction LV 1]), [Utility Thread LV 2]

-(Watashi) also gains [Dragon Slayer] and obtains [Lifeblood LV 1]* [Dragon Power LV 1] ([Longevity LV 1] and [Wyrm Power LV 3] integrates into [Lifeblood LV 1] and [Dragon Power LV 1] respectively)

-It is revealed that Abyss Magic created a huge hole

-(Watashi) escapes, carries the Rend corpse and descales it

-It is revealed that acquisition of Dragon Slayer, is to defeat a Dragon monster and the effect is to increase damage against wyrm/dragon opponents. It is revealed that Lifeblood increases HP by {100(skill level) + (skill level)(10)/level up} and Dragon Power grants the power of a Dragon (ability boost)

-It is revealed that [Dimensional Maneuvering] allows user to move freely in any space

-An unknown man finds out a dragon is dead via a person with ruler titles through “administrator’s authority” and decides to investigate


3-S4: Fall

-Shun and Sue is summoned by his father while Word of God is going to reveal the identity of the Hero

-It was revealed that his father didn’t call for him

-Sue suddenly kills the king via Light Magic, the knights, Cylis came and Sue framed Shun for it

-Shun fights a knight and it is revealed that the knight is Hugo (worked with Cylis)

-It is revealed that Cylis wants to kill Shun to obtain the throne as the king does not want Shun to fight but instead obtain the throne

-It is shown that Sue is now [Brainwashed] [Hypnosis] [Charmed]

-While Shun is fighting Hugo, Sophia appears and Shun tries to appraise but it is blocked

-Filmos interferes and she knockbacks Hugo via [Wind Magic] (couldn’t do anything to Sophia)

-Hyrince suddenly appears along with Lestons’ forces. Shun, Hyrince and Oka escapes to a lone mansion

-It is revealed that the Church announces Hugo as the Hero

-It is inferred that Hugo has the skill Lust (Seven Deadly Sin-Class skills) which almost permanently brainwashes targets (brainwashes Church)

-It is shown that Seven Deadly Sin-Class skills cannot be acquired for even 100k skill points (Shuns POV)

-Anna and Klevea arrives but Anna is brainwashed (Shun knocks her out) and also uses [Healing Magic] on her

-Shun is handed a divine sword via Leston and accepts it

-Shun and the others are surrounded by forces and they decide to fight. Katia suddenly appears opposing Shun in front of the forces


3-5: First Encounter with an Administrator

-(Watashi) has 200 skill points and decides to spend 100 on [Heavy Evil Eye] (inflicts a downwards force on sight)

-(Watashi) aims to obtain [Sloth] via skill points

-(Watashi) decides to train herself with Heavy Evil Eye inflicted on herself

-A very dark person suddenly teleports in front of her and it cannot be appraised 

-The person speaks an alien language and (Watashi) doesn’t understand

-A smartphone suddenly appears and there is D’s voice from the speaker (Speaks in foreign language and JP)

-The man teleports back away after hearing D

-(Watashi) questions in her mind, D reads it and answers back

-It is revealed that D’s motivation for giving Wisdom etc is “amusement”. D’s smartphone then teleports away


3-K: A Man’s Final Stubbornness

-Katia is fighting Shun

-It is stated that Katia is slowly changing mentality (from male to women)

-Katia breaks through the brainwash as she still has her old spirit (Kanata Ooshima), fires magic at herself and loses consciousness
-It is revealed that after Shun left, Yuri stopped talking about Word of God and Sue started saying even less

-Katia suddenly comes back to life and flushes after Shun started carrying her and then passes out

-Leston and his troops launch a surprise attack against the surrounding enemy


3-6: Middle Stratum Cleared

-(Watashi) continues to explore/eat and gains [Taboo LV 9] in the meantime

-(Watashi) starts questioning the motive of the administrators and the system

-It is hinted that D is connected to Earth

-It is shown that [Dimensional Maneuvering] allows the user to perform double jumps midair and consumes SP {(Watashi) only has [DImensional Maneuvering LV 1])

-It is revealed that [Dragon Power] increases stats and consumes MP/SP. It also can obstruct magic and have breath attacks (not as powerful as the real one) and it is shown that when using breath, Dark Attribute attack is produced

-(Watashi) obtains [Shadow Magic LV 10] and gets [Dark Magic LV 1] as a subskill. Also gains [Poison Synthesis LV 10] and [Poison Magic LV 10] and gains [Medicine Synthesis LV 1] and [Healing Magic LV 1] respectively as a subskill

-(Watashi) also obtained [Heretic Magic LV 10] [Cursed Evil Eye LV 10] (evolves to Jinx Evil Eye) and [Paralyzing Evil Eye] (Gives [Inert Evil Eye]) and [Telescopic Sight LV 10] (which evolves to [Clairvoyance LV 1]

-It is revealed that [Taboo LV 1] is given when obtaining [Heretic Magic LV 10]

-It is revealed that Jinx Evil Eye siphons stats from the target to (Watashi) and has increased damage

-It is revealed that Inert Evil Eye inflicts an attribute to being frozen in time

-It is revealed that [Clairvoyance] can see through walls and has a better effect than [Telescopic Sight]

-(Watashi) finds the Upper Stratum via [Clairvoyance] and basks in victory


3-S5: Escape

-Shun continues to carry Katia while Hyrince holds Anna and a shield

-While fighting, Oka calls Sophia “Negi…” before Sophia stops her and throws Potimas’ severed head to Oka

-It is implied that Sophia is a reincarnator

-Oka tries to fight Sophia but it is futile (Sophia can’t injure Oka as her Master said)

-Shun senses something via [Presence Perception]* and avoids a chakram

-It is revealed that two ninjas join in and fight but Fei suddenly comes and interferes the whole battle

-It is described that Fei changed into a white wyrm from a black wyrm (can use Light Magic)

-Fei flies, uses a breath attack on the two ninjas; and escapes with Katia, Shun, Anna, Hyrince and Oka (Unconscious) while Klevea, Leston are left behind along with his forces to fight


Interlude: The Ruler and the Ninja

-It is revealed that the escape of Shun’s Party was intentional from the enemy

-Sophia and the Ninja talks about following the rules of “Master” in not injuring Shuns’ Party

-It is shown that a Ninja got “Badly injured” via the breath attack


Special Chapter: The Great Elroe Labyrinth Disaster Investigation Corps

-The labyrinth guide’s son (also a labyrinth guide) is explaining to the knights of Renxandt Empire in the Great Elroe Labyrinth the survival points

-It is revealed that the knights have been dispatched as monsters in the area somewhere of the labyrinth is dense there

-It is revealed that The Great Elroe Labyrinth is the shortest route from Daztrudia and Kasangara (Most Popular)

-It is stated that the ocean contains water dragons which are dangerous (hence too dangerous to sail)

-It is revealed that the Ohts Kingdom has the Great Elroe Labyrinth and facilitates the movement of it (profits from it)

-It is revealed that Ohts asked Renxandt Empire for help and it is stated that Ohts is a vassal nation of the Renxandt Empire

-It is stated that Ohts is a weak kingdom in terms of influence and military

-It is revealed that antidotes exist (for poison)

-It is revealed that there are items that store objects using spatial magic

-It is stated that taratect hunting is a common practice (especially when Queen Taratect lays eggs)

-It is implied that (Watashi) was born near the Daztrudia continent side

-It is stated that an entire army and a hero killed a Queen Taratect before (All died)

-After 15 days, there are no monsters seen and they decide to go to a larger passage

-The knights finds a spiderweb with a corpse of an earth wyrm and it is revealed that a Greater Taratect is B+ rank

-The knights encounter a small black taratect (Zoa Ele), got scared, ran away and decide to contact the kingdom

-It is shown that a knight recognizes the species as “Zoa Ele” (but mutated/different) (behavior?)


3-S6: Hiding

-It is revealed that 10 days passed after they left the kingdom and the party is now staying in a home of an old friend of Hyrince

-It was stated that Sue was acting strange and Katia stopped using Japanese during their “Fartalk” sessions

-Katia awakens and Shun appraises her. It is shown that she has [Divinity Expansion] [Divinity Field] [Parallel Minds]

-It is shown that Shun has [Parallel Minds]

-It is revealed that using parallel minds can make the user lose track of their real self

-Katia teases Shun (sexually)

-It is hinted that the duration of the Coma of Oka (15 days) (due to Sophia) was intentional/planned 

-It is shown that Shun has “Status Condition-Cancelling Magic” and tries to un-brainwash Anna

-It is revealed that the memories of the brainwashed are intact (feeling of vowing absolute loyalty) even after the brainwash wears off

-It is revealed that Fei became a Light Wyrm (Special Evolution) due to Shun turning into a Hero while both Fei and Shun are in a contract

-It is shown that Fei still retains her power as an Earth Wyrm and Fei gains [Light Wyrm LV 9] [Light Magic LV 1] [Flight LV 1] due to the evolution

-It is revealed that the true queen is Cylis/Sue’s mother while Leston’s mother is the second concubine and that Shun/Julius’s mother is from a weak noble family

-It is stated that the true queen did not like Shun as the true queen did not like Julius’ activities outside and hence tried to use Shun for political motives (also purposefully prevented Shun from entering politics)

-It is stated that Katia’s parents are also captured

-After an awkward misunderstanding, Hyrince reported that Katia’s parents/Leston are going to be executed and the party decides to save them


3-7: Encounter with Humans

-(Watashi) continues to explore and eat and gains [Satiation LV 3] [Divinity Expansion LV 5] in the meantime

-(Watashi) sets up her own home upon the arrival of the Upper Stratum (Between Upper and Middle)

-(Wataashi) is doing nothing and monsters don’t come. (Watashi) makes trips on a span of several days to find monsters 

-It is revealed that (Watashi) has at least [Spatial Magic LV 9]: Long-Distance Teleport so she can return to her home via teleportation after exploration

-(Watashi) encounters an Earth Wyrm (As strong as Elroe Gunerave) and kills it via restraining it and using Evil Eyes

-(Watashi) decides to teleport at the Earth Wyrm location whenever she gets hungry. (Watashi) encounters the knights one day but the knights ran away from fear

-After a few days, (Watashi) encounters 5 humans fighting the Elroe Baladorado and kills the Elroe Baladorado after a decision (2 Injured)

-It is revealed that Clairvoyance and Appraisal cannot work together

-(Watashi) gains LV 20, [Faint Resistance LV 4] and now can evolve to Ede Saine/Greater Taratect/Orthocadinaht

-(Watashi) decides to heal the two humans via [Healing Magic] (status recovery and HP recovery magic)

-It is stated that (Watashi) has a higher level of [Healing Magic] as she was using it while training [Fire Resistance]

-(Watashi) finds Krikta fruit, obtains it with the snake corpse and teleports away

-(Watashi) appraises it and it is shown that Krikta is a plant that grows much in Kasanagara which produces fruit (fruit has a sweet taste and restores MP). (Watashi) tries it and enjoys it

-(Watashi) rules out Greater Taratect and then appraises Ede Saine/Orthocadinaht

-(Watashi) evolves to Ede Saine (Orthocadinaht has no evolution) and gains [Taboo LV 10] (Some information is installed)

-It is hinted that the world is on the brink of collapse, the creation of the System has a “dark” motive, Guliedistodiez does not want the death of many humans and monsters and (Watashi) finds the reason why she has [n% I = W]

-It is revealed that the Dark person was Administrator Gyuiledistodiez and that the System grants skills/stats temporarily

-(Watashi) is determined to level up in order to reach a goal. (Watashi) is also mad and gains [Anger LV 1]*

-(Watashi) decides to go to the Lower Stratum to kill monsters and level up

<Information about Ede Saine>


3-S7: Battle in the Capital

-Fei and the party flies above the royal capital

-It is implied that the evolution of [Flight] is [High-Speed Flight]

-A magic attacks are targeted towards them, and it is revealed that via [Clairvoyance], Shun finds out that it is from a single mage

-Shun and Hyrince activates [Wyrm Barrier] and it is revealed that it can reduce the effects of magic/physical attacks and it requires MP  (only way to acquire it is killing a Wyrm and paying skill points) (Fei uses [Dragon Scales])

-Fei continues to dodge the attacks until Shun is close to the mage, Shun uses [Holy Light Magic]: Mirror Shield (reflect attack back and uses MP) but it only can bounce the magic away 

-Shun jumps from Fei’s back, tries to swing the sword against the mage bit the mage moves further from him suddenly

-Hyrince, Katia and Fei is getting ready to attack the mage while the mage continues to fire the magic against Shun but the mage suddenly teleports away

-It is revealed that the mage is Ronandt and that Ronandt was Julius’ instructor in magic (and strongest human mage alive)

-The party except for Fei heads inside the castle

<Information about Light Dragon Feirune>


Interlude: The Elderly Mage and the Ruler

-Ronandt meets with Sophia

-Sophia questions Ronandt about what he’s doing, teases him (threaten) and strolls away

-It is shown that Sophia is stronger than Ronandt

-Ronandt questions Sophia’s Master and decides to “lie low”


3-8: The Earth Dragons of the Lower Stratum

-(Watashi) continues to hunt monsters in the Lower Stratum and gains [Satiation LV 4] [Divinity Expansion LV 6] 

-(Watashi) encounters Kagna again, appraises it and laments about the stats (tanky)

-It is revealed that [Hard Armor] [Steel Body] are active skills that raises defense

-(Watashi) also encountered Gehre alone with Kagna, appraises it (offense/speed) and (Watashi) teleports away

-It is revealed that [Wisdom] allows the user to mark targets (marks Kagna/Genre, waiting for them to split)

-It is revealed that it is impossible to construct a spell fully and then teleport (magic falls apart)

-(Watashi) teleports into a large passage in the Lower Stratum near the pit she falls into in Volume 1 and sees an Elroe baraggish and appraises it (Implied evolution of Elroe Baladorado)

-(Watashi) watches a fight between Elroe baraggish and Araba. Elroe baraggish dies due to earth piercing it due to Araba’s skills and burns the image into her eyes

<Information about Earth Dragon Kagna>


3-S8: Mercy

-The party enters the castle and they head into the throne room (Shun’s [Presence Perception] picked up something)

-It is shown that Cylis and his soldiers are brainwashed

-It is revealed that Katia’s parents, Leston and Klevea are there and the soldiers decapitate them

-Shun uses [Mercy] on the 4 people and it is revealed that it can resurrect the dead(ineffective after a period of time or mangled bodies) (uses a lot of MP) (used it on Katia)

-Shun gains [Taboo LV 9] due to Mercy (1 level of taboo for every resurrection)

-It is implied that [Concealment] hides information when appraised (Shun has it due to [Ruler of Mercy])

-It is revealed that the Church executes everyone that has [Taboo]

-Shun checks on the teleport points but it’s broken (Teleport point teleports the user to another teleport point)

-The party along with Katia’s parents, Leston and Klevea flies away with Fei


Interlude: ???

-Two unknown people are talking about the intentions of the last chapter and talks about the future move to the Elf Village


3-9: Spider vs Spider

-Terror about the dragons etc sinks into (Watashi) and she laments about it and also (Watashi) goes ahead and kills some monsters in the Lower Stratum

-(Watashi) is now at her home and encounters an Arch Taratect, 3 Greater Taratects and other Taratects approaching her nest (appraises Greater and Arch Taratect

-It was revealed that Kumoko found out the reason why she thought stuff as “irritating” (due to Mother’s mind manipulation affecting her) via [Parallel Minds] (implied that Mother knows the location via connection)

-(Watashi) then decided to use all her [Parallel Minds] to travel through the mental path to mother to errode her soul (which is why Taratects are coming after (Watashi))

-(Watashi) fights the Arch Taratect and dodges the thread

-It is revealed that [Magic Warfare] evolved to [Magic Divinity] for (Watashi)

-(Watashi) enables Magic/Mental Warfare and [Dragon Power]

-It is revealed that [Anger LV 1] (Doesn’t consume SP/MP)  increases Phy stats as much as [Mental Warfare LV 9] 

-It is revealed that [Anger] mental effect of [Madness] can be cancelled out by [Heresy Nullification]

-It is revealed that (Watashi) has [Probability Super-Correction LV 2]

-(Watashi) decides to teleport the Arch Taratect and herself into the Middle Stratum (Arch Taratect too big to land on islands) and uses [Repellent Evil Eye] (Evolved form of Heavy Evil Eye) to push the Arch Taratect downward

-It is revealed that an Arch Taratect is about 15.2 Metres

-It is revealed that [Repellent Evil Eye] can apply forces in all directions to the target within the line of sight

-The Arch Taratect holds out with Dimensional Maneuvering and (Watashi) uses [Black Magic LV?]: Black Bullet (Evolved form of Dark Magic and step below Abyss and applies Shock Attribute)

-(Watashi) gains [Black Magic LV 3] and has Black Spear, decides to kill the Arch Taratect with it and gains 4 LVs

-(Watashi) then repeats same method with the Greater Taratects and kills the rest easily

<Information About Arch Taratect>


Special Chapter: The Nightmare of the Labyrinth

-The Narrator has a child born but he has an assignment (Asked to subjugate a monster in the Great Elroe Labyrinth from [Requested from the Ohts Kingdom]

-It is revealed that the Rendaxdt Prince has been born (Hugo)

-It is revealed that teleport points only can be used by wealthy/royalty

-It is described that the Narrator is a Monster Tamer and heard reports about the Spider

-It is shown that the Narrator is working with Ronandt, 30 warriors, four guides to subjugate the monster

-The party arrives at the large passage, sees an abandoned spiderweb and they search the area

-After a few days, the party encounters spiderweb when the guides got stuck in it and Ronandt burns it

-The party arrives at the entrance of the Middle Stratum and sees the corpses of the Taratect Monsters and the Narrator is scared

-(Watashi) suddenly teleports in-front of them and the party appraises it. Ronandt is dumbfounded about how powerful and proficient in magic the creature is and (Watashi) suddenly blocks  the appraisal

-(Watashi) kills 8 men suddenly and also uses [Earth Magic] without the skill to kill a soldier

-The Narrator uses [Summoning LV 4] and summons 4 monsters Kirekock(Bird) , Rock Turtle(Tortoise), Feveroot (Tiger), Suiten (Water Wyrm)

-Kirekock uses [Wind Magic] but it is futile and (Watashi) uses [Earth Magic] against Feveroot (Impales it) and Kirekock falls down hard. (Watashi) uses [Wind Magic] against Suiten and the turtle is paralyzed and dies due to no HP

-Ronandt activates large-scale teleport magic to teleport him and the troops but Earth/Wind magic flies randomly but kills all other soldiers (Narrator protects him with his familiars)

-It is revealed that MP Potions exist

-A black spear flies to Ronandt but the Narrator protects him with his body which barely saved Ronandt and they both teleport

-The Narrator’s consciousness fades as  they are back in the magic research lab


3-10: I Still Don’t know the Stupid Nickname of “Nighmare of the Labyrinth” That I got That Day

-(Watashi) plans to defeat Araba, and teleports to the bottom of the huge pit (In Volume 1) to kill all the bees to prevent bees from interfering the battle with Araba

-It is revealed that (Watashi) has [Pain Super-Mitigation]

-In the process of killing Finjicotes, (Watashi) encounters a General Fincjicote (inferred evolution of High Finjicote) and kills it

-(Watashi) finds a hive and destroys it via Black Magic and teleports away back to her home only to find her house burned

-The angry (Watashi) appraise the summoner,mage and the knights

-It is revealed that [Summoning] is the evolution of [Creature Training] (Can use Teleport limitedly/Summon trained monsters from a distance)

-(Watashi) gets appraised and blocks it via Ruler’s Authority (Uses Divinity Field)

-(Watashi) uses [Jinx Evil Eye]* and kills 8 warriors. (Watashi) uses [Terrain Magic]: Terrain Wall via memory (without magic skill)

-It is revealed that humans give high amounts of EXP (Hinted that killing lifeforms with many skills give a lot of exp)

-(Watashi) sees the summoner summoning a Bird/Turtle/Tiger/Dragon, let’s them hit but fails to get resistance skills, kills the tiger via Terrain Magic and gains [Earth Magic LV 1]

-It is revealed that using a higher form of magic (without skill) only gains proficiency for the lesser version

-(Watashi) remembers [Wind Magic] and uses it without the skill and kills the water dragon. (Watashi) also knocks down the bird via [Repellent Evil Eye] and kills the Turtle via [Jinx Evil Eye]

-(Watashi) kills the soldiers, tries to kill the Summoner and Mage (Using Black Spear) but fails as they teleport away

-It is revealed that (Watashi) marked 4 humans that managed to escape (running to labyrinth exit)

-It is stated that (Watashi) levelled up a lot and decides to fight Araba


3-S9: To the Home of the Elves

-It is stated that it’s been a few days since the last chapter, Anna’s brainwash is cured (Anna is distraught) and Oka is awake

-It is stated that Sue will be marrying Hugo

-After some deliberation, Shun and the party decides to defeat Hugo directly (Head to the elves village)

-It is revealed that Hugo is leading the invasion

-It is revealed that half-elves are cast out (Like Anna)

-After a dilemma, they decide to bring Anna to the Elf Village

-It is stated that the party cannot use teleport points as they are wanted and decide to go through the labyrinth (can’t fly because too tiring for Fei)

-Oka reveals in her perspective that the world was created as a game among gods


Interlude: The Ruler and the Younger Sister

-Sophia talks to Sue 

-It is revealed that during the dialogue, Sue was pretending to be brainwashed and that Sue follows Sophia’s master (Sue is in a conflict about justifying her actions)


3-11: Spider vs Earth Dragon Araba

-(Watashi) appraises herself, encounters Araba and appraises it

-It is revealed that [Sloth] is now her trump card

-It is hinted that stats/skill points increase by time

-It is hinted that monsters only kill to find food

-(Watashi) uses Black Magic on Araba but Araba evades them

-It is revealed that Divine Scales is the evolution of Imperial Scales (stronger effect)

-It is hinted that if Araba goes all out, he will be affected by “an invisible form of poison”

-Araba tries to use a breath attack but (Watashi) uses Black Magic to close his mouth (Araba takes damage from breath) via short-range teleportation

-Araba and (Watashi) fights with magic 

-It is revealed that [Annihilating Evil Eye] is obtained when (Watashi) evolves into Ede Saine and it carries the Death (Rot) Attribute, can give a headache and destroy the eye (suicide)

-(Watashi) and Araba fights and chases each other vertically up {(Watashi) uses Poison Synthesis/Spider threads/Black Magic} but Araba uses Breath Attack to blow away

-It is revealed that [Expel] is the evolution of [Throw]

-(Watashi) and Araba are in a stalemate (Continues to get higher in the pit). Araba gains [Dark Resistance LV 5] and (Watashi) gains [Thought Acceleration LV 10]  and [Foresight LV 10] which evolves to [Thought Hyper-Acceleration LV 1] and [Future Sight LV 1], respectively

-It is shown that [Thought Hyper-Acceleration LV 1] and [Future Sight LV 10] presents greater effects to their lesser versions and (Watashi) gains the upper hand due to that (Araba becomes desperate)

-(Watashi) uses [Heretic Magic LV 2]: Phantom Pain on Araba as it is desperate and wraps him up with thread

-It is revealed that the effect of [Detection] applies the [Phantom Pain] attribute to the user (Pain Mitigation does not work)

-Araba uses 41,000 skill points to gain [Fire Magic LV 10] [Flame Magic LV 10] [Inferno Magic LV 1] [Flame Enhancement LV 1] [Flame Resistance LV 1] [Black Resistance LV 1] [Concentration LV 1] [Prediction LV 1] [Parallel Thinking LV 2] [Arithmetic Processing LV 2] [Heresy Resistance LV 1] (revealed that Fire/Flame/Inferno are evolutions of Fire Magic) and burns the thread

-Araba uses [Inferno Magic LV 1]: Scorched Earth (revealed) and it is revealed that it covers the ground in flames

-Araba uses “Earth Magic Bridges” to chase (Watashi) along with Fire-related magic and (Watashi) almost dies but Araba slows down and runs out of SP

-It is revealed that [Sloth] multiplies the amount of decrease in stats (MP/SP/HP) excluding the user (And surpass W system/n% to reach godhood) 

-It is revealed that (Watashi) gains [Sloth] after she evolves into Ede Saine

-It is revealed that there is no SP recovery (SPR) skill in the System known

-(Watashi) kills Araba and Araba accepts it gracefully


Interlude: The Demon Lord’s Memories of the Earth Drago

-The Demon Lord asks Balto about Dragons

-It is stated that the Demon Lord has fought an earth dragon

-It is revealed that earth dragons are proud (Samurai spirit)

-The Demon Lord orders Balto to prepare the attack for the Elf Village

<Information about Earth Dragon Araba>


Final Chapter: I’m Going Outside!

-It has been revealed that it has been a few days since (Watashi) defeated Araba and she finds the entrance of the Great Elroe Labyrinth via marking four humans during the fight between the knights, ronandt,  summoner



Volume 4



4-1: Clear Blue Sky

-(Watashi) escapes from the Great Elroe Labyrinth, destroys a fortress blocking in her path , kills the soldiers and runs away

-(Watashi) is confident that Mother will not chase her 

-(Watashi) finds a human town via Dimensional Maneuvering, ignores it and decides to go the forests/mountains for food

-It is revealed that the Great Elroe Labyrinth’s entrance is quite inland

-It is revealed that beside (Watashi) are plans and beyond the plans are forests and mountains (respectively)


4-S1: To The Great Elroe Labyrinth

-It is revealed that the elf village is located in Kasanagara 

-Shun and the party decides to head to the entrance of the Great Elroe Labyrinth (Can’t go to Older Sister for Teleport Point as it has risk) and finds Empire soldiers (Shun's clairvoyance)

-It is revealed that Shun has an older sister that is married to another Kingdom

-It is revealed that the teleport point in the Kingdom of Analeit has been destroyed by Hugo

-It is revealed that Anna passed through The Great Elroe Labyrinth for travel

-The party decides to head to a small village (near labyrinth entrance) and arrives at Goyef’s house (Fei is outside as it stands out)

-It is revealed that the village sells antidote potions, Labyrinth essentials

-The party asks Goyef (Son) to guide them but is rejected (fear of the Empire); but Basgath (Father) comes in, accepts the request, and Shun tells Fei about the negotiations

-Fei calls for all the girls to her, without the boys

-It is revealed that Basgath can eavesdrop on telepathy

-Fei and the girls return with Fei looking like a human (with wings) and having prior-reincarnation facial features

-It is revealed that [Humanification] is one of the Light Wyrm Skills and the cause of the human-like appearance

-It is stated that every member can fit into the Great Labyrinth freely now


Interlude: The Demon Lord Aide SIghs at a Meeting Again

-The Demon Commanders and the Demon Lord have a meeting the Demon Lord calls for status reports

-It is revealed that 3 commanders are dead

-It is revealed that First Army Commander, Agner is dead via Queen Taratect while in a battle between humans in Fort Kusorion, along with demon/human armies

-It is revealed that Agner was colluding with the elves to avert the war with humans (assumed Demon Lord kill him on purpose)

-Second Army Commander Sanatoria reports that her army has no deaths

-It is revealed that the Anogratches now occupy Fort Okun

-It is revealed that the Second Army staying near Fort Okun was an excuse for Sanatoria to keep her army close at hand 

-Balto recalls Sanatoria’s offer of betraying the demon lord (Plan: Collude with Elves and coordinate a surprise attack against the Demon Lord) (Balto rejects)

-It is revealed that Bloe died whilst fighting the Hero Julius while White was watching 

-It is shown that the Commanders do not know the strength of the Demon Lord

-It is hinted that Third Army Commander Kogou is colluding with Sanatoria

-It is revealed that Kogou has high fighting abilities but low intelligence

-It is revealed that Huey is close to Sanatoria and is a child-like commander (Killed by Ronandt)

-It is stated that the Tenth Army is mysterious

-The Demon Lord commands the 4th, 8th, 10th Army to attack the Elf Village (Sanatoria/Kogou are pale now)


4-2: Spirit Battle vs Mother

-The parallel minds continues to fight Mother spiritually

-It is revealed that Mother uses [Kin Control] to control her offspring (cause of ‘irritation’)

-It is revealed that [Parallel Minds] creates copies of the user’s will and are soul fragments

-It is revealed that (Watashi) has [Heresy Nullification] which prevents damage of the parallel mind souls

-It is revealed the real stats is based on the strength of the soul (Revealed that Mother’s spiritual strength = real strength)

-It is revealed that the soul is the main source of power

-It is revealed that the spiritual strength is a percentage of a real body as they’re split into fragments via [Parallel Minds]

-A parallel mind looks through Mother’s eyes via eating a part of her body and sees that mother is not doing anything along with the spider army 

-It is hinted that Mother has human-like intelligence 

-Mother suddenly moves along with the spider army splitting into different directions (waited for the chance)

-Parallel minds cannot contract the main body (Inferred by Mother)

-Mother runs and blasts a hole in the ceiling via Breath (Dragon Power) and escapes out of the labyrinth, chasing (Watashi)


S2: Entering The Great Elroe Labyrinth

-The Party decides to jump off a cliff to head to the ocean floor to enter the Great Elroe Labyrinth

-It is revealed that Fei can barely swim

-It is revealed that Fei retains the weight of a dragon even during Humanification (Can use Heavy Magic)

-The Party jumps off the cliff and Fei does not feel heavy somehow

-Shun encounters a water dragon that is chasing him/Fei and the water dragon releases a breath attack while Fei releases hers (creates a force that made the whole party enter The Great Elroe Labyrinth forcefully)

-It is revealed that the party is slightly injured 


4-3: Mother Attack

-(Watashi) heads towards the mountains and appraises flora/fruits (eats fruit)

-It is revealed that there is only one sun

-(Watashi) senses an earthquake, perceives danger and runs away quickly whilst feeling a large amount of power directing at (Watashi)

-It is hinted that Mother’s breath contains the Dark attribute (shaves off mountain)

-(Watashi) appraises Mother at a large distance and laments about it

-It is hinted that (Watashi) is able to appraise so far as the Parallel Minds are connected to Mother

-It is revealed that it takes a few minutes to activate long-distance teleport (with Height of Occultism)

-It is shown that eating the soul, decreases their stat points

-Mother is chasing (Watashi) and (Watashi) dodges breath attacks

-It is revealed that Mother knows how to perform magic (Uses [Dark Magic LV 1]: Dark Bullet to slow down (Watashi))

-The injured (Watashi) teleports to the nest between the Middle/Upper stratum and faces a large army of spiders


4-S3: Navigating the Great Elroe Labyrinth

-Shun dreams about a women, melting into the space, only having the upper body behind; speaking like the System (also stating “It hurts.” and Shun suddenly wakes up

-It is revealed that the party is 2 days in the Great Elroe Labyrinth and it is uneventful

-It is revealed that “Labyrinth Sickness” happens in the Labyrinth (no sunlight/sense of time which causes mental/physical distress)

-Shun talks tells Oka and Basgath (current patrols) about the dream and they discuss about the Nightmare of the Labyrinth

-It is revealed that the Nightmare of the Labyrinth is a legendary-class monster that appeared ten years ago

-It is shown that the Nightmare of the Labyrinth is perceived as dead

-It is revealed that Basgath is the one that discovered the nightmare (Inferred that they are from Chapter 3-7)

-Shun and Basgath talks about “doing what you can”

-The Party has been in the Labyrinth for 5 days, they take a break and Anna is cannot keep up

-The Party has a dilemma about which passage to choose, votes, and eventually chooses the large passage (from long or sketchier route)

-It is revealed that the sketchier route might contain the Nightmares Vestige

-It is stated that B-class monsters are the limits on what the small party can handle

-It is stated that A-class monsters have high stats/number of skills and can utilise the skills well


4-4: A Brush with Death

-The injured (Watashi) failed to dodge the Arch Taratects’ attack, gets bitten [Deadly Poison Attack] and uses [Earth Magic] to fend off the Arch Taratect, successfully (Survives via perseverance)

-It is revealed that there are 5 Arch Taratects facing (Watashi)

-(Watashi) tries to go to the Middle Stratum but is blocked by a Puppet Taratect (looks like a mannequin and has 6 arms with weapons) (all stats exceed 10,000)

-(Watashi) sends a barrage of magic to the Puppet/Arch taratect on both sides and uses Jinx Evil Eye to obtain MP and continue the barrage (Puppet Taratect moves back to the entrance of Middle Stratum)

-The Arch Taratects eventually pins her down but (Watashi) uses [Annihilating Evil Eye] (Rot Attribute), kills the Arch Taratect and gains LV 30

-(Watashi) fights back with another Arch Taratects (other Arch Taratects hesitate due to fear of killing the fighting Arch Tartect)

-The Puppet Taratect realises what is happening and heads toward to interfere but (Watashi) uses Long-Distance Teleport (on her and Arch Taratect) just in time to the Middle Stratum (Charrs and kills the Arch Taratect)


4-S4: The Terror of the Great Elroe Labyrinth

-Shun dreams of Hyrince, Yaana and Goyef fighting and defeating a Nightmares Vestige then sees a girl only looks white and questions it

-(Narrative Skip); The party is entering the large passage, it is found that there are barely any monsters and they encounter Earth dragon Ekisa and appraises it (Dragons don’t usually appear in the passage)

-Katia uses [Flame Magic], Oka uses [Wind Magic], Anna uses [Lightning Magic] but it is futile

-Fei fights with Ekisa and she uses [Hard Armour] (Toughens Skin) [Steel Body] (Hardens body like metal){does not increase DEF stats}

-Oka uses [Gale Magic LV?]: Binding Wind, Anna uses [Wind Magic], Basgath uses [Dark Magic], Katia uses [Flame Magic] and Shun uses [Holy Light Magic LV 7]: Holy Light Beam which kills the dragon

-Shun gains LV 29 and the whole party gains [Dragon Slayer] and they gain [Lifeblood LV 1] [Dragon Power LV 1]; Shun gains [Lifeblood LV 7] via integration

-It is revealed that Dragon parts are extremely valuable (Basgath takes it with him)

-The party suddenly encounters numerous  Nightmare’s Vestige, and Shun speaks to them via telepathy and the Nightmare’s vestiges scuttle away

-Basgath is angry at Shun for speaking to the NIghtmare’s Vestiges

-It is hinted that a Nightmare’s Vestige is as strong as an Earth dragon

-The party is afraid/dumbfounded and Shun questions the event (Implied the Nightmare’s Vestige has appraisal skill)


4-5: Evolution

-(Watashi) is at a magma lake in the Middle Stratum

-It is revealed that Puppet Taratects are not part of the normal taratect line

-It is stated that Mother was interfering the communication of [Parallel Minds] and (Watashi) 

-It is revealed that now the connection with Mother is fading with (Watashi)

-It is revealed that Mother was using [Kin Control] to track (Watashi)

-(Watashi) decides to evolve to Zana Horowa (can evolve due to reading LV 30)

-it is revealed that Zana Horowa’s evolution species is the same tier as the Queen Taratect

-It is revealed that [Ruler of Sloth] gives [Exhaustion Nullification] 

-It is revealed that [Exhaustion Nullification] cancels sleep-attribute attacks, able to no longer sleep without negative effects and negate the effects of evolution

-(Watashi) evolves to Zana Horowa, obtains [Immorality]: User will no longer die in the System and appraises herself

-It is revealed that (Watashi) gained [Status Condition Nullification] via obtaining & mergin of  [Status Condition Resistance] [Exhaustion Nullfication] and Status-condition related skills 

-(Watashi) also gains the title [Champion] (Gives [Destruction Enhancement LV 1] [ Status Condition Resistance LV 1] and inflicts heresy-attribute: Fear on anyone who sees the holder)

-(Watashi) questions about the title and a smartphone suddenly appears (D)

-D talks to (Watashi) and congratulates her

-It is revealed that Zana Horowa is an undead monster (not intended to be evolved into)

-It is revealed that Zoa Ele is designed to make the monster die (via killing itself with Rot Attack but (Watashi) has [Rot Resistance])

-It is revealed that Ede Saine runs on a similar mechanic to Zoa Ele but on a higher degree ([Annihilating Evil Eye])

-It is revealed that there is no user that has evolved to Zana Horowa before

-It is hinted that the natives that received [Taboo LV 10] did not meet a “good end”

-It is revealed that (Watashi) is using portions of her divinity field to attack Mother (not in the System)

-It is stated that the Previous Hero and Demon Lord altered [Dimensional Magic] to create a magic that crosses borders between worlds (too used to the Support of the System and misfired; destroyed part of the MA field and exploded in a classroom)

-It is revealed that D is the System creator

-It is revealed that D caused the 25 earthlings to reincarnate and was each given a free skill based on the aptitude; and would be reborn into a species that has a similar wavelength to the original souls (and 1 teacher)

-It is revealed that [n% I - W] allows the user to keep the strength/memories etc of the souls

-It is revealed that (Watashi) was born 6 months earlier than the human reincarnators

-(Watashi) and D has a banter and D’s smartphone disappears

<Information about Zana Horowa>


4-S5: Escape from the Great Elroe Labyrinth

-Shun dreams about going into a classroom; and sees Kengo Natsume, Issei Sakurzaki, Kanata Ooshima, Kyouya Sasajima, Wakaba Hiiro. Shun also sees ‘Rihoko’ and her hand reaches toward him but Shun suddenly awakens

-It is revealed that it was an uneventful time in the labyrinth and the party reaches a pit

-It is revealed that the pit was created by a Queen Taratect (Due to Nightmare’s Vestige escaping)

-It is revealed that the pit is the habitats of FInjicotes (not used as an exist)

-The Party gets on Fei’s back, they fly; and Fei kills most of the Finjicotes via breath attack and they escape out of the Great Elroe Labyrinth


4-6: Guerrilla Warfare

-(Watashi) is in the Middle Stratum for several days now and decides to do a “Guerrilla Warfare”

-(Watashi) teleports to the Upper Stratum to find a large amount of spiders (not cannibalising due to [Kin Control])

-It is revealed that [Egg-Laying] skill allows monogenetic reproduction 

-(Watashi) kills numerous Small Lesser Taratects and Tartects before teleporting away outside the Labyrinth as she senses a Puppet Taratect

-(Watashi) increases the number of teleport locations by walking outside the Labyrinth and repeats the same process of killing for multiple days 

-(Watashi) walks around outside the Labyrinth for the time being and hopes for fishing port as well (Also can’t get in contact with the Parallel Minds)

-{Foreshadow of something worse to come}


4-S6: The Dark Secrets of the Other World

-Shun invites Basgath to join the Party but Basgath declines the offer and they part 

-The party arrives at a town at the edge of Sariella

-It is revealed that there are no beastfolk (Shun POV)
-It is revealed that the people in Sariella worship the goddess which has white wings

-It is revealed that Word of God has been in-charge of the Hero for generations (bed relations with Goddess religion)

-Oka finally tells Hyrince and Anna that Shun, Oka, Katia and Fei are reincarnations and explains their circumstances

-It is shown that Oka’s motive was to keep all the reincarnation safe

-It is stated that the Elves’ plan is to prevent administrators (Gods) to utilise reincarnators

-It is revealed that the status were created by a god

-It is stated that the administrators created this System to encourage people to fight (Humans & Demons) to gain more power for themselves (Information passed down by the elves from the ancient times)

-It is stated that the Elves do not want the powerful reincarnators to gain powers so that the administrators will not gain so much power

-It is revealed that Potimas the Elves’ chief  allowed the reincarnation to live (implied to have some motive)

-It is stated that the elves’ aim is to overthrow the administrators and build relations for the two races

-It is revealed that Oka was trying to avert war (reason for being missing in the Academy)

-It is stated that the administrators disposed of the demon that was colluding with the elves and was behind the killing of what Hugo allegedly did

-It is revealed that Hugo is likely being used 

-It is revealed that Sophia is Sophia Keren and was Shouko Negishi (Sided with the Administrators)


Interlude: God’s Hunting Dog

-Sophia Keren and the unknown narrator speaks to one another (Sophia is bored)

-It is stated that she looks mature but her mentality is childish

-It is revealed that they are traveling with Prince Hugo’s Imperial army (Soldiers with Beastmounts and most on foot)

-It is stated that Sir Wald is stationed at Price Hugo’s side, monitoring Hugo and it is revealed that Sir Wald is the ninja that got burnt by Fei’s attack

-It is revealed that Sir Wald has a crush on Sophia

-It is revealed that the unknown narrator is the second ninja from the fight

-Sophia talks to the ninja if she can beat Shun


4-7: Demon Lord Attack

-(Watashi) is in the ocean and it is revealed that her body is designed to make her only be able to float on water

-(Watashi) encounters many water wyrms and uses magic to kill them all and gains one LV

-A parallel mind suddenly tells (Watashi) to run as there is something worse than Mother (Mother restored the link and (Watashi)’s location is known)

-Something arrives at an insane speed and (Watashi) tries to appraise it but the appraisal is blocked

-(Watashi) manages to appraise it by force via using the power of [Wisdom]

-It is revealed that something is a girl that is a [Demon Lord] and talks to (Watashi) in an alien language (doesn’t understand) and is named  Ariel

-(Watashi) tries to respond with bodily actions but Ariel smashes and kills (Watashi)’s body

-The alive Parallel Minds panic and it is hinted that they are not dead as (Watashi) is not dead

-It is revealed that the Parallel Minds are getting stronger as they consume Mother’s spiritual body

-It is revealed that Mother contacted Ariel via a skill connection ( and  restored connection to find (Watashi))

-The parallel minds continue to eat away Mother’s soul


4-S7: Reincarnations

-The party walks around Sariella

-It is implied that the people in Sariella worship the administrator Sariel (goddess)

-It is pointed out that Sophia uses the word ‘Master’ (acting orders)

-It is revealed that by using [Skill Elimination] (Without any Skill Points), it deletes all skills permanently over the course of several days and the purpose is to transfer your power to the administrators (Oka’s knowledge)

-It is stated that Oka’s method to delete Hugo’s skills caused Oka to have lost some skills, deep sleep and can potentially kill the target and user

-It is revealed that another meaning of sacrificing skills is to bring one closer to godhood

-Oka is meeting her elves allies while Fei, Shun and Katia talk to reach other in a room

-Katia reveals to Fei and Shun that Kouta Hayashi, Naofumi Kogure, Issei Sakurazaki (Icchi) and Hiiro Wakaba and the both of them are dumbfounded

-It is revealed that Kanata Ooshima confessed to Hiiro Wakaba before but got rejected

-It is revealed that Naofumi Kogure is a ‘crybaby’

-Shun, Fei and Katia finds the elves and the explanation about administrators suspicious

-It is revealed that elves live longer than humans and are proficient in magic

-It is stated by Katia that Oka is hiding something (Rarely talks about the situations of other reincarnators)


4-8: Returning Monster of the Week Always Gets Killed Right Away

-(Watashi) is floating in the ocean with only a head and it is implied that [HP-Auto Recovery] put back her head together (Survived from [Immortality]) 

-(Watashi) complains about Ariel’s stats and it is stated that the Origin Taratect is the apex taratect

-(Watashi) decides to use [Healing Magic] to recover faster

-(Watashi) contacts the Parallel Minds and complains about the Demon Lord

-(Watashi) now decides to keep floating around in the ocean


4-S8: The Elf Village

-It is revealed that there is a teleport point that connects to the elf village in a secret room of a hidden cavern , deep in the mountains of the Sariella region 

-It is revealed that the elf barrier makes it only possible to use the teleport point

-The party travels to the teleport point and teleports to the elf village (in a circular building)

-The party encounters elves being hostile towards them and the captain interrogates them after being teleported

-It is revealed that Potimas is still alive (Filmos is surprised) and he interferes, allowing the party to go

-It is revealed that appraising someone without permission is considered rude

-Potimas brings the party to a reception and they follow him

-It is stated that the imperial army has yet to reach the outskirts of the barrier

-It is revealed that the forest is composed of very large trees (carved out to make homes)

-It is shown that the elves are not welcoming and hostile to other races

-It is revealed that the size of the imperial army is 80k

-It is revealed that there are 5 Queen Taratects in the world and one of them is in the Great Garam Forest (elf village)

-It is stated that the village and barrier are about the size of the special wards in Tokyo and that the Great Garam Forest is the of Hokkaido

-The party arrives at a circular desk with food and they eat it 

-Shun is suspicious of Potimas’ intentions


4-9: Water Spider

-(Watashi) is currently drifting for a few days and fought many water wyrms with [Dark Magic] (uses [Telekinesis] to move)

-It is revealed that water does not affect Dark attribute

-It is revealed that the water wyrms have [Dragon Scales]*

-While fighting (Watashi) encountered a water dragon and eventually kills it and gains a level-up (half a body)

-It is revealed that the recovery amount when levelling-up has a limit (once reaching a certain stat)

-It is revealed that there is the skill [Swim]

-(Watashi) encounters many water dragons and decide to run from them

-It is revealed that (Watashi) is far away from the Great Elroe Labyrinth

-(Watashi) drifts around for several days and came up on land (water dragons attacking her in swarms)

-It is revealed that (Watashi) gained [Odorless] when she reached [Silence LV 10] (reduces scent) and goes to a river and bathe

-It is revealed that she can mark a target using [Wisdom] and hence, can locate the Demon Lord

-It is confirmed that (Watashi) cannot teleport where the map has expanded (where the target has been) unless she has been there before

-It is revealed that the Demon Lord is trying to find (Watashi) and is now at where she died due to the Demon Lord

-It is revealed that a Puppet Taratect is a spider in the middle of a mannequin and uses Thread Control to move the mannequin

-(Watashi) decides to teleport back to the labyrinth and massacre the spiders


4-S9: The Reincarnations in the Elf Village

-The party goes to the place of the reincarnation (special protected area)

-It is revealed that the mechanics of the elf village barrier is a mystery

-It is revealed that the barrier is thousands of years old

-The party feels that Hugo might be able to break into the barrier somehow

-The party arrives at a farm where the reincarnation live

-A girl from the farm speaks to Oka in a hostile manner and it is revealed that the girl was Sachi Kudo the class rep (the party also introduces themselves

-Two more girls come (Revealed to be Ren Aikawa & Himiko Tonooka) and they suddenly socialize with each other

-Sachi Kudo brings the party except Oka to the building 

-Oka is distraught and is full of sorrow


4-10: Playing with Dolls

-(Watashi) is now reducing Mothers’ spider army and teleporting in-and-out of the Labyrinth to not get caught

-It is revealed that the Demon Lord added 10 more of the Puppet Taratects to catch (Watashi) (currently 11)

-(Watashi) is now in a room with 6 Puppet Taratects in a small dome-shaped room (traps them)

-(Watashi) uses Earth Magic to trap them and uses [Spatial Magic]: Spatial Storage to release a lot of seawater which fills the entire room and tries to drown them

-It is revealed that the Puppet Taratects cannot swim and are buoyant (can’t use [Thread Control] due to the dampening due to sea water) but still faces resistance from them due to them using some magic

-It is revealed that (Watashi) bought [Swim] via Skill Points

-(Watashi) uses Spatial Storage to suck in all the air for her and she eventually suffocates all 6 Puppet Taratects


4-S10: The Reincarnations Gather

-Sachi Kudo leads the party to the dining hall and it is shown that some of the reincarnation are here

-The party meets them and it is revealed that one of the boys is Kenichi Ogiwara

-It is revealed that the two of the reincarnation are adventurers/mercenaries working with each other (Kunihiko Tagawa & Asaka Kushitani)

-It is revealed that both of their parents were mercenaries but got wiped out in the demon war

-It is revealed that the adventurers came here as they were contacted by the elves

-All the reincarnators gather around the party and most of them are shocked by the gender change of Ooshima Kanata

-It is revealed that a lot of the reincarnators’ parents sold them for money (Temarikawa got kidnapped)

-It is revealed that the reincarnators live a self-sustaining life 

-Shun is even more suspicious of Oka

-It is stated that Oka refuses to tell Shun about Kyouya Sasajima and questions Kyouyas’ circumstances


Interlude: The Administrators’ Reincarnation Allies

-Sasajima Kyouya talks to Sophia Keren (inferred) about the circumstances of the elf village and talks about the strength of the adventurers etc

-Sasajima Kyouya cannot wait to meet Shun and Kanata

-It is revealed that ‘Master’ is coming to the elf village as well


4-11: Matricide

-The Demon Lord dispatches one Puppet Taratect to go after (Watashi) but it is killed with a variation of the trap

-(Watashi) is now exploring to increase her locations of teleportation and teleporting back and killing spiders when the Demon Lord gets too close

-It is now revealed that Mother does not have a single Arch or Greater Taratect and it is revealed that the Demon Lord stopped stationing puppets in the Great Elroe Labyrinth

-(Watashi) appraises Mother from a distance (marking feature) due to [Wisdom]

-It is revealed that (Watashi) is LV 24 and has 19k+ in (M?)DEF & MATK, 13k+ SPD, MP 20k+, 4.5k+ SP, 7.5k+ HP, PATK & PDEF 5k+, ??? at 10k+

-(Watashi) teleports to Mother at the Bottom Stratum

-It is revealed that the bottom stratum is one big dome-shaped area

-It is implied that you can check your PHY Attack, PHY Defense, Magic Attack, Magic Defense

-(Watashi) encounters and is about to attack Mother but is stuck to the ground due to Mothers [Divine Weaving Thread] and [Concealment]

-It is revealed that [Concealment] can camouflage objects and can conceal appraisal status

-(Watashi) is stepped on by Mother and is injured and uses [Dimensional Maneuvering] to avoid the thread but Mother uses [Satiation] to inhale large amounts of air (pull target)

-(Watashi) uses [Wind Magic] and [Repellent Evil Eye] to prevent getting sucked

-Mother uses [Expel] to release the compressed air and (Watashi) becomes slightly injured (despite avoiding)

-A ‘Floor’/’Ceiling’ made out of thread comes towards (Watashi) and is now trapped in between the threads

-(Watashi) uses [Rot Attack] and escapes from the thread (Magic doesn’t work) but Mother steps on her whole body except her head and (Watashi) uses [Telekinesis] to move

-It is revealed that [Dragon Barrier] produces a barrier with the same properties as [Dragon Scales] etc (Cancels magic)

-Mother charges up the breath attack, determines to fight and has a flashback about her life

-Parallel Minds comes back to (Watashi) and gains Mother’s lost stats and appraises herself (grows back her whole body via [Healing Magic] and nullifies the breath attack with ease)

-It is revealed that stats and skills are the souls power and hence, (Watashi) gains Mothers’ skills and stats 

-The heavily injured Mother is now killed by (Watashi)

-There is no connection from Mother now and it is revealed that former body brain went to travel to the Demon Lords’ soul when they had a connection between Mother and the Demon Lord

<Information about Queen Taratect>


Interlude: Demon Lord

-Ariel awakens from her nap on a carriage along with White, pulled by an Arch Taratect 

-The carriage arrives at the Great Garam Forest and it is revealed that the Demon Lord can’t wait to kill all the elves

-White is worried about Ariel

-Ariel is determined to kill Potimas Harrifenas


Interlude: Chief of the Elves

-It is revealed that Potimas is aware that the Demon Lord army and the Imperial Army are both approaching

-Potimas commands a full operation of the Gloria

-Potimas is ready to defeat the Demon Lord


Final Chapter: First Encounter

-(Watashi) wanders around outside while avoiding the Demon Lord and the four puppet spiders

-(Watashi) starts travelling on the main road  (avoids villages towns) and encounters a carriage and sees a robbery 

-(Watashi) sees 4 escorts and 6 robbers (Escorts are losing and one of the escorts went down) and (Watashi) decides to kill the robbers after a dilemma using Scythe, [Earth Magic] [Wind Magic] and Evil Eyes

-(Watashi) goes to the injured escort and uses [Healing Magic]. (Watashi) sees the women wanting to interact with her but ignores it and appraises the baby and it is revealed that the baby is the reincarnation of Shouko Negishi


Timeline Kingdom History


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