Improving on league as an adc

“The stuff I need to focus on the most as of now as an adc main and in general. 


Improving on the basics: 


  • Map awareness
  • Laning phase
  • Back timers
  • Wave control 
  • Map pressure
  • Team fighting 
  • Mechanics
  • Attitude

They are all important factors that will help me improve greatly, and will if improved show drastic results on my ability to climb the ladder. Many things in this document will probably seem obvious, but they are also important because they can often be forgotten if you act on autopilot. 
I wrote most of this when I was hardstuck in silver 3. Im now half a year later hardstuck in plat instead, I’m still trying to get better and i update the docs from time to time when I learn something new or just feel like hanging something. 
Dm’s on twitter are open if you want to discuss a topic in the guide. 

Map awareness 

How do you react to what you see on the minimap? 

  • Look at map more often. Get it into muscle memory to see every time you last hit a creep or every 2-5 second.
  • Track the jungler, learn when to expect a gank and play accordingly. Take into consideration what the jungler is capable of doing in the early lvls
  • Example of this: 
  • Botlane show’s in lane lvl 1 without leashing, the jungler will prob either go mid or bot for an early gank 
  • They have a strong lvl 2 gank (Twtich and depending on meta, know the jungle routes) 


  • Predict jungle movements according to the map and the other lanes, if you are the only lane that is pushing in, the jungler is prob planning a gank on you
  • Be aware of the objectives around you, timers etc 
  • If you get a good push on the laner you have it’s the best time to get deeper wards. This can help so much as it gives you information earlier. Watch videos on how to ward aswell. PING THE SHIT OUT OF YOUR GARBAGE SUPPORT TO HELP WARD 
  • Be aware of the position of the waves on the map, see opportunities 
  • Apply pressure when you can, this enables your jungler and yourself to get opportunities 


Laning phase 

  • Understand your match-ups, is it best to push and poke under turret or freeze or maybe have the wave in the middle for an all in without slow pushing? 
  • poke lanes 
  • sustain lanes 
  • all in lanes 
  • Confidence in your champion, understand your strengths and power spikes, examples, first bf after back, lvl 3 Xayah is gucci for fighting, especially with a Rakan or another support with setup
  • Also understand when you are at a disadvantage, and play according to it
  • Get executioner/vamp scepter/cull if needed in a situation
  • Track all the cooldowns that are important to you. (this requires a lot of game knowledge and experience, but I will have a section in this document where I post general cd’s as of now). The cooldowns that have the most affect is ultimates that are a danger to you and flash, exhaust, heal, ignite and teleport (for the bot lane at least) Also cc abilities that completely fuck you is important to have an understanding of. Examples of strong ults you might meet in the botlane: Ashe ult, Braum ult, Varus ult ( unless your playing caitlyn, Varus will outrange you and get free hits on you if you get snared by him and that is most likely not gonna end well) Twitch ult, Nami, Leo, Rakan
  • Trade if the other laner goes for a cs. This is most effective if you pull off a good freeze ( more detail later in the document)
  • Zone away with you get an advantage in cd’s or a minion advantage
  • Play around range advantages if you have one
  • Never play the lane on autopilot.
  • Trade on ability cd’s and AA cd’s

Back timers 
After kill: 
-Look for reset into bounce and freeze 
-Or look for a back, staying without cashing in is just losing you pressure (specially if you have a spike, 1300 gold or 900 on Draven is enough for this often) 
-If ad/support stays you can prevent them from being able to get a good back, either by forcing them to stay with gold in inv or by getting turret dmg or be able to outmanage the waves 
– Specific example is forcing an ezreal to stay inlane without getting tear early
Back with wave pushing in: 
-If you don’t get the time to reset/shove, back with the wave pushing you in 
-Make it into a freeze, and try to get a gank (specially easy if you duo with a jungler) 
-Build a big wave and crash, if you do this well you might get first turret or a good dive 
-Back on cannon waves, good if you get the wave neutral or pushing towards you. The cannon will take more turret hits, saving the exp for other minions and gold that you can get 

Wave control

  • Abuse the shit out of freezing to enable your jungler and disable the enemy jungler
  • Push into the turret if you can get a profitable siege, never without having control over the map (map awareness and vision) Works best if you have gotten a slow push with a great minion advantage, then you can often get a 2v3 if jungler comes
  • Set up waves before objectives(slow push lane on other side of map), force the enemy to either react or lose a turret or at least a huge chunk of damage on it.
  • anticipate how the game is gonna turn out a long time before it happens. What is your win condition? 
  • Always have a plan. 
  • Slow push and get map presence, but get the minions before they crash into your turret. 
  • Never underestimate wave’s importance


Map pressure 

This one is important af. Many people in silver tend to get a huge teamfight but never be able to actually get anything but gold from it. Gold is nice, but your objective is always to destroy the nexus. This is often due to poor wave control, but even without waves there is always something you can do. 

  • Snowball on everything you gain, understand when you are strong. 
  • If you get picks take the enemy jungle if no other objective is imminent
  • De-push lanes, and gain wave control 
  • Get vision, and deep vision 
  • Make the enemy use resources they can’t really be using on you 
  • Be aware and be in control of everything you can 
  • Track cooldowns, specially TP 
  • Set up for objectives, and also ping your team towards the objectives, aka spam them tbh cause everybody but you on the team is 3rash 
  • To have map pressure it helps to be able to lead the team towards the objectives, be the shotcaller
  •  See all the mistakes the enemy team makes and capitalize on it. 
  • your actions have consequences, every single one of them. If you blow your flash to aggro, and you only get a kill on a 1/13 teemo, you have actually lost map pressure on that
  • Be in the lane you can be most useful in, as an adc you want to be in fights or sieg turrets with the team, if you play toplaner or a mid lane assasin you want to split because you can 1v1. The same is if you play Draven, but its still useually better if you group with team and sige (atleast with your support)  This depends on advantages or disadvantages, how much you can actually do. 


Team fights 

This is more personal and meant for adc tbh because I tend to be too scared of everything, but generally speaking I think a lot of people struggle with some of the things I struggle with. 

  • Evaluate what threats you have that can kill you
  • Try to imagine a zone of control every enemy champion have. With this I mean that if you are up against a Malzahar, his zone of control is the range of his ultimate. When champions use the ability that gives them the zone of control their threat will decrease and this area will become smaller or even disappear. 
  • If you are dead you can deal no damage 
  • Kite off the ones engaging on you, if you can end up being one shot by for example a zed, you stay the fuck away from him until he A=has no spells to get to you or deal enough damage to kill you with. Or B=He has too low health to pose a threat to you. 
  • Know if you should orb walk ahead or backwards. 
  • Always spit out damage in team fights if it’s safe to do so, move with the team if the enemy tries to escape follow up with the above point. 
  • Evaluate the targets you kill easily, as an example Sion over a Zac that can get away. 
  • Always attack the enemy closest to you or if you are in safe range the highest priority target depending of whether or not you can attack aggressively or not. 
  • Position yourself according to the cooldowns used, and the members they have. 
  • Be aware of flanks, so if someone is missing be fucking prepared and ping your team to where the flank is coming from immediately. 
  • Don’t tunnel vision, it can be hella hard, but you need to evaluate everything. So don’t lock yourself onto one target, but rather be adaptable. 
  • Predict most of what’s gonna happen. 
  • Don’t join the team if they take a really bad fight. Rather try to get them away from the fight and to objectives or just split push. 
  • Play defensively rather than aggressively when enemy has baron/elder buff.
  • Be as aggressive as you can without dying. But don’t take an Uzi ezreal ‘e’ into the team 



This is something a lot of people, me as well struggle a lot with, and most of us if we look within know what we can do to avoid it.

  • Don’t let anything affect you, if you get shitty teammates that feed don’t mind them. Play your best without thinking too much about your team being bad. 
  • Focus on your own mistakes rather than your teammates mistakes. Inspire improvement in yourself. The only one on your team you can do anything about is yourself. 
  • Everything has the potential of being won, but don’t let it get you down if you lose. Instead focus on what you can do better to not lose again in a similar 
  • situation. 
  • Stay positive- Lux 
  • Be a good leader for your team, rather than blaming them for their mistakes focus on the good things they do. 
  • Encourage smart decisions and compliment them for it without being naggy or do it in a way that can be downgrading. 
  • Only give critique if it is constructive to do so. 
  • Think about yourself rather than other people
  • Never blame anyone but yourself 
  • Always do the best out of every situation
  • Flaming makes you perform worse as it takes up memory space in your head, that you could have used to instead play better and think more about consequences

Positioning in the early game
Lower elo players usually forget this, but positioning is very important especially during the laning phase. You need to control the lane, by either putting on pressure, or freezing to make your jungler help. (LastShadow has plenty of reviews of Apdo and Faker gameplay, breaking down this and why this is important.)
Positioning in teamfights or before teamfights break off is also very important. In most cases you want to stay behind your team as an adc.
Damage Foresight
Know, at least some degree, how much damage a champion will deal at certain levels and/or item spikes. You wouldn’t push a lane vs a 2 item Twitch pre-20 minutes, for instance. That’s just asking to waste flash or worse.
Also know how much your champion does at every point of the game, this is one of the key things that makes one tricking a champion good.

Also often ignored in low elo. Warding, even as an adc, is important. It’s not just the support’s job to buy control wards, even if you really want to save money for your core items.
Where to ward is also important. Warding enemy jungle, or at least the tribrush, on either side, could prove vital for your survival during a siege.

Counting jungler’s cs
You can easily know which camps the enemy jungler has taken by looking at his cs. This makes it easier for you to not waste time scouting the enemy jungle. Jungler has 4 cs? He did blue and wolves. Jungles has 4 cs? Both buffs, Gromp and scuttle crab, etc. This also helps you to know where the jungler will go next and where he could potentially gank. This is why deep-warding enemy jungle early is important, as it gives you valuable information. 
(This got kinda fucked because of riot changing it so that every camp counts as 4 cs, but still works the same way but it isn’t as easy to do now) 

Orb walking

Always re-position after an auto attack. Even if you’re trying to back off, don’t just run. Attack, run, attack, run. This not only makes it more likely for the enemy to back off, but it also enables you or your team to get kills if they come to aid you.
Or on the other side of the scale, attack and move into the enemy if you’re ahead. It makes it a lot harder for the enemy to run to safety and you get a lot more damage done. Plus, overall it makes it harder to hit you with skillshots. If you do this well this can also attack animation cancel your basic attacks, making it more fluent, and also causing you to deal a lot more damage.

It can be hard to improve mechanics, but I would recommend going into practise tool and trying out combos with flash, flashing over walls and such or if your playing Draven, practice juggling axes in practise tool at least 5 minutes before your first game of the day. Also playing aram and have really high focus on dodging the stuff that gets thrown at you can also help you with your movement in teamfights. 
The points below can help you make flashy plays with higher success rate  

  • itemization – build before it happens, and builds are very situational even if you have a core build you may have to change the order of it to be able to do anything flashy. 
  • Track cooldowns to know when you have an advantage, even if it’s small 
  • Dodging/predicting, many skillshots can’t be only dodged, combine foresight with the actual movement 
  • Manipulate the enemy to your advantage 
  • Do not give up any information to your enemy that you can avoid giving up
  • Try using the element of surprise when you can, because it’s easier to win a fight if they are not aware of the engage before it happens. Example, control ward a bush and play the waiting game. This is especially helpful if you have a wave that the enemy wants to go for and you can just stomp them
  • Farming mechanics, aim for 10 cs per minute. To get this you have to manipulate waves well. 



Farming is not everything, but it does enable you to win games because of your ability to manipulate waves and to gain an edge by the gold you get from it. 10-15 minions=1kill
I’ll just post the video I learnt most of this and also the notes I took from rewatching it several times.
3 Laws 

  • 4 more full health minions will always push
  • The law of back up, the closer to the nexus the faster they will be giving back up to the rest of the minions
  • Canon minions are douchebags, they disobey the law of backup 




  • Tanking a big minion wave, worst way if you don’t have fucking sick sustain 
  • Hold, grouping the enemy minions up when there is equal waves coming to the lane. By doing this you set the enemy minions up to be able to deal the most damage. 
  • Drag, when the minions are close to the turret drag them away from it before they get the turret aggro 
  • Facetanking, to prevent them from bouncing on the turret only do this if you have enough sustain



  • If the enemy is away from lane (situational) 
  • You have vision and preferably can poke under turret 
  • If you kill them or they die in another lane 


Breaking a freeze 

  • Roam
  • Vision, you are prone to ganks while breaking a freeze
  • Never use aoe recklessly 
  • Last hit to your best effort while still being able to poke 


Super wave 

  • Minions spawn every 30 sec 
  • Exploit the law of back up, kill 2 casters (sometime more if there is little time) to create a number advantage to your minions for when the next wave spawns. 

10 minions per minute is a lot easier by doing these tricks, and they also ruin your opponent’s cs and can be an easy set up for a gank. 

Minion behaviour 


  1. Enemy champions attacking an allied champion.
  2. Enemy minions attacking an allied champion.
  3. Enemy minions attacking an allied minion.
  4. Enemy turrets attacking an allied minion.
  5. Enemy champions attacking an allied minion.
  6. The closest enemy minion.
  7. The closest enemy champion.

Siege minion spawns every 3rd minion wave, which means every 1 min and 30 sek for the first 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, siege minions spawn every 2nd wave (1 minute), and after 35 minutes, they spawn every wave 
The first siege wave spawns at 2:15  (for all you relic shield supports). Try to abuse the enemy’s will to get siege minions or zone them off it.


Flash: 5 minutes cooldown
Teleport: 5 minutes or 300 seconds
Heal: 4,5 minutes or  270 seconds 
Exhaust: 3,5 minutes 210 seconds
Ignite:  3,5 minutes or 210 seconds 
To be able to track cd’s you should have timestamps on in chat, and always ping the summoner spell used in chat

Now being hardstuck plat, what to get better at

Farming is really something I gotta improve on. Currently sitting at 7,5 avg, it should at least be above 8. I can currently easily outmanage the waves, but I lose too many minions randomly. 
Not dying to ganks, and playing my advantages in lane more properly. Abusing slow pushes to siege turrets, trying to get jungler to gank bot more with freezing, but also push to get control for the jungler/vision if that’s a better strat in the current situation. 
Depending on summoner spell advantage or disadvantage you may need to think about this as well. 
Counting cd, counting the jungler’s camps and time when a gank will be coming. 
Abuse trading off minions even more, as well as zone them off cannons or punish them for going to aggro to get the cannon.
Play the map when you are looking to get farmed, got to the lane where you can look for an objective. Example: if infernal is up, you play either bot or mid.  But still try to get your cs. 
I can still get better in tf’s when it comes to knowing when to be aggro and when to play safer, I need to be more patient and play around ultimate cd’s more often. As well as having more map awareness in the mid/late game, warding more and playing around it. 
Be better at objective play, play around the objective you will most likely be going for next or contesting, know what objective is more valuable think about this every time you’re tempted to chase a kill 
Keep mental good, abuse /mute all. Don’t tilt from your support playing bad, every1 have bad games. Elo means nothing, becoming a better player is what you really want. 

In Depth laning phase: tips and tricks for Xayah 

Tbh just read this guide.

Youtubers and twitch streamers who has teached me alot – my fav pro player, he can be abit toxic, but he’s also very educational. My movement in game is kinda copied off his style of play. – complains a lot, but is also rather reflective of the game and that can teach you a ton – best educational streamer, he also has a youtube channel that I would recommend checking out – He does videos on the patches that come out, and he also has like beginner guides to adc/solo queue. Watch him if you are bronze/silver and need to get an understanding of the basics – They have in depth guides where they analyze different strategies that professional or high chally players use to win games. Great source of knowledge. I would recommend you watch their psychology videos as well, as it can grant you a better understanding of what is going on inside your head while playing league – I love this goofball. He makes memey educational videos, and also his wave management videos is prob the best one out there. – haven’t watched too much of him, but he has a good video on how to use the map properly – His adc guides are pretty good, it’s the only thing I have watched of him tho – this guy makes really indebth guides, mostly based around playing support, but watching him can help you understand the importance of macro and how to play around your support 
My own stream is – – If any of you wanna check me out and view my progress I would be happy to welcome you to the stream and have a chat. 
I also have a youtube channel, feel free to sub:

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