Indie Power is a scam!

Indie Power does not offer its clients fake plays. But it is still just as much of a scam as the other promotion companies!


Their starter pack (


Offers 10,000 physical promotion flyers. The cost is $1500. That is a huge amount of money.


Their Advanced Worldwide pack..


Indie Power claims that they have connections with "leading Record Labels".. but if that is true, why don't they just state the record labels that they are connected to? 


Did you know, many record labels allow people to submit their music for free? You don't need any fancy connections!


They claim they have connections with distributors, but what do we need that for? Digital distribution is something artists can do on their own!


They claim they have connections with publishing companies & top music leaders in ALL countries! 



Those are some wild claims, and I find it suspicious that they have no proof to back these claims.


They claim that they will present your music at MIDEM in south france, and at POP KOMM in Berlin Germany.



But what is MIDEM?

" Midem launches the first global platform for artist and label services: the Midem Artist and Label Services Forum. It brings together leading services – production, funding, marketing, sales & promotion, rights management, and many others – from all around the world"




What is Popkomm?


" Originally, Popkomm was divided into three segments called Marketplace, Conference and Showcases. The marketplace targets professionals from the music business, creative business and emerging industries. At the conferences renowned speakers focus on key issues of the sector. During the showcase-section all sorts of live music are presented. "




Take note, that the music is supposed to be played live! So how are they going to present your music, if you do not physically come to play the song? Sounds like a scam to me!


MIDEM already has what is called the Midem Talent Exporter. They allow anyone the chance to come and be apart of the festival. All you have to do is send your music in for a chance to play live!




And for only $4500!!! You can get the All-Star Worldwide packet (this name alone should raise red flags).


Artist development, direction, and consulting! More in depth consulting to strengthen your career direction, album structuring, live show, packaging, promo planning, team and individual strengthening.. etc..


They have serious guts charging that much for their consulting services…And yet… they do not have a SINGLE artist that they can use as proof that their services work.


This is what they have:

A "credits" section, where they literally copied and pasted a BUNCH of popular artists names. Not a single detailed description on HOW they helped the artist. Just put a ton of names down.

These are ridiculous claims that they cannot prove. They do not even try to! They are still somehow making tons of money off of people who are easily fooled. Don't let it be you!

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