Industry All Access is a scam!

Industry All Access claims they have helped artists rise to fame! Let’s take a look at their “success” stories.

Artist – RAS KING

 This company claimed that they were able to get him on over one million combined playlists, that had, combined, over a million followers! Lets see how much that helped Ras in the end.

Take a look at how many monthly listeners Ras has. 134. Yes, his song gained 76,000, but they were fake listens. They are just numbers. He didn’t gain any real fans from them, because they were automated.

Let’s take a look at another:


Artist – Guru Dynamit


They claim he has been placed on playlists that have 225k+ followers!

And yet, Guru has only manages to have 60 listeners per month! Confirm it for yourself.

Artist – Trey Verse 

They claimed he was placed on playlists with 204k followers.

Yet he only manages to have 113 listens per month!

Let's take a look at Tonya Nolan

They claim that they helped Tanya by placing her on playlists. And if you check Tonya’s spotify, she does have 13,000 monthly listeners. But here is the catch! Tanya already had that much of a following before partnering with this company!

Check out this article that was written by Hype Magazine:

It says:

She is a seasoned veteran, who has been performing live in front of audiences all over the world since she was 15 years old.  Nolan has also graced the stage with numerous celebrities and according to her, she feels that she will surprise a lot of people with her latest album release.”

Since she was 15, Tanya has been gaining herself a fan base! She was  performing with celebrities long before industry all access came along! Don’t be tricked by this company trying to use this artist as a success story! She was already successful, and they are likely having to pay her a hefty fee to user her name in this way. But it is a good trick! It will fool many people! Don’t let it fool you. Look at the evidence! Trey, Guru, Ras, none of them have even 1,000 monthly listens! And they were placed on just as many playlists as Tonya was! Yet the results were completely different! The followers on those playlists are fake! The entire thing is a scam!

If a company wants money from the artists, it is because they can not make money from the fans! They are not a record label company, and have no fan base to offer you. Just fake plays, and follows, that will in the end provide you nothing as a musician, except embarrassment. 

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